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  1. Thanks Uncle B, its a bit concerning that they have no processes in place to audit this, i work in IT (huge organisation) and we can check everything as we are audited on a very regular basis. I may just send them the SAR to give them something to do
  2. Hi all, Admiral have investigated this issue on my request, i asked them to provide me with certain information to prove that they had sent the email and letter they state were sent. I asked them to; 1 - Provide proof that the email was sent (screenshot of sent email time/date would suffice) 2 - Provide proof that the letter was sent (asked for date/time of batch process etc) Their final response to my questions were; 1 - They had spoken to their IT department and they stated that they have had no issues with their systems and that they could see no reason why their customers would not receive an email 2 - They send letters to their 'letter printing company' in huge batches (25,000) in one go, so cannot track what has been printed or sent and they cannot provide me with any batch process information. I did also ask for copies of the phantom email and letter, to which they have sent me their SAR form to complete, also requesting a utility bill and a copy of passport or driving license to 'validate' who i am!! surely they were already happy with this when they sent me the default notification!! They have also stated that if i am not happy with their investigation to contact the financial omdubsman On a brighter note, she stated that this would not have been reported to any credit reference agencies, this would only have happened if i had cancelled the policy and then not paid the premium after 3 months. So, should i complain to the ombudsman stating that they have not provided any proof that these communications were sent and their reluctance to provide me with this proof? Or do i complain to the ICO that they have sent my personal data to 'somewhere' but will not provide the evidence that would make me more comfortable that they they are processing my data correctly?? Thanks again
  3. Hi dacouc, That was the first place i checked. Because i get all my renewal emails and other guff all goes straight to my inbox i have never bothered checking for spam, however today i trawled through over 800 spam emails and not one from Admiral in there! i have however today received 2 from them, one inviting me to put my 7 year old son on my car insurance!? and another wishing me happy birthday an hour after they took £250 off me.....! Thanks
  4. Hi Uncle B Thanks for the reply. When i called customer service all they said was that the system says an email and letter had been sent to me on the 28/03/2014 informing me of the DD issue and i failed to respond. I have sent a complaint to them asking why i have received all other emails ( i listed them to cross reference) except this important one, i also explained that i found it really strange that i didnt get one or the other. I have asked them to look in to this and to check if there has either been a system error or a human process error. I will await their response before going further and asking for the email and letter contents. I'm more bothered about my credit rating as i know a default can cause a huge impact on it Thanks again
  5. Hi All I have car insurance with admiral and pay it monthly by direct debit. I received a default letter from Admiral this morning stating that they had communicated with me last month and that i have ignored this communication, so am in breach of my credit agreement and require full payment. I called their customer service and was advised that both an email and hard copy letter were sent to me the previous month stating the bank had rejected their direct debit. i advised them that i had not received either the email ( which i keep all of) or letter, the customer service rep basically said that their system says sent, so i MUST have received them. Now i find it strange that i never got one or the other about this and advised the customer service rep that had i known about this i would have contacted them straight away, he stated that it was not Admiral's problem. Now, after investigation it looks like the better half had cancelled the incorrect direct debit! I contacted them again and paid the outstanding balance as per their request. i have 2 questons here; 1 - what impact is this default going to have on my credit rating?? it was 999 last time i checked (not registered anymore) 2 - should i chase them to find out what happened with regards to the phantom email and letter....i have still received their sales emails no problem (this makes me suspicious of their claim they sent one to me) i even got one wishing me happy birthday this afternoon!! Sorry for the rambling post, just really annoyed at the moment Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Ladyinbarnet, You are not alone, your experience more or less mirrors mine, mine goes; 19th December - Heating and hot water goes off - phone call made to SP home care, appointment for 20th made 20th December - Engineer from Carillion turns up, says 3 parts needed, asked when the parts would arrive, engineer stated 'at the best 23rdDecember, but they wont be fitted before xmas'. I call SP, telephone monkey (Mary) states this is not right and she will contact Carillion and chase and contact me back. 21st December - Lunch time and no call from 'Mary', i call SP and speak to a nice gentleman who tells me he will email her and get her to contact me. 10 minutes later i get a call from the nice gentleman to state that he emailed Mary, but had an out of office notice stating on holiday until the new year!? he states he will chase for me. 23rd December - No calls from SP, so contact my home insurance emergency breakdown, they have an engineer out that afternoon who makes an emergency repair to boiler (i could have heating or hot water, not both), so with heating back on i call SP and ask when they are coming to fit the new parts, they state parts are in, would the 28th be ok! i tell them no and that there T&C state in an emergency (no heating or hot water) the will fix on a weekend or public holiday, i tell them i'm in all day xmas day, nervous chuckle from SP 28th December - After returning from a few hours out of the house, i find a card on my door mat stating enginner been, but your not in....I call the number on the card and have a heated chat with regards to the engineer turning up when i had said 28th not good, they say contact SP. I call SP and ask to be put through to the complaints dept, after being passed from piller to post for 40 minutes i speak to a very arrogant gentleman from the complaints dept, he asks what the issue is, i explain again for the 10th time (do they not record anything!?) he then states 'how do you know the engineer was there to fix your boiler?' i state 'because i called them before you' he then starts huffing and puffing down the phone, i then tell him that i have the heating working via my home insurance, but parts are still needed, he then states 'nobody told you to' i then let rip at him about how cold my 4 year old had been and that i shouldnt have to get someone else out to fix it when i pay SP. he then states 'i never meant it like that' really....Appointment is booked for the next day, engineer will call me to let me know time of visit 29th December - 16.00 hrs the engineer finally turns up, he goes in to the garage for around an hour, then knocks on my door stating, they cant repair my boiler as wrong parts have been ordered (can you see the pattern), i tell him in no uncertain terms he does not leave my property until the heating is in the same state he found it, i.e. heating on, he says he dont think he can, i pull my 4x4 across the drive so he cant move his van........another hour later my heating is back on. 4th January - a message on my answer machine from 'Mary' with a limp appology stating the parts have been order and blah blah blah 4th January - i get a call from my home insurance engineer asking if he can fit the parts! yes please 2 hours later i have heating and hot water on, thank you Coziwarm 8th December - i get a call from a lovely woman from SP who thought the best way to deal with a complaining customer like me is to constantly speak over me, that didnt work, i explain that i have wasted enough of my time on SP, if they want to fit these parts then they will have to do it in their own time and not mine, i gave them the choice of either saturday or sunday between 1900 - 2100 hrs, she states 'we cant do that, the stores will be closed' 'so what' says i, i tell her 'if you want to do it monday to friday i will invoice SP for my time' 'we wont accept that' she states, 'goodbye' says i. To date i still have not had any contact, i have told them as far as i am conerned they are in breach of contract. I now also cannot enter any online info, like meter readings etc as it looks like my acount has been restricted, although i do have nearly £700 in credit. I have an open complaint with SP although it states that it was last updated on the 22nd December, so all the calls etc have not been added to it Ladyinbarnet have a check of your insurance to see if you have cover, not good i know but if it gets you back up and running...
  7. Hi, As already said in the post above, BMW will not admit anything, you could have a look at some BMW forums, E46 and bimmer to name a few and see what some say about it, it has been known for BMW to offer something if the car has full BMW service history etc and under a certain mileage...cant remember what it is though..good luck with your problem and sorry i cant be of anymore help Dom
  8. Hi HB, We are going ahead with the agreement now to bring closure to this, its costing them a lot more than she would have got if they had paid at the beginning and i also got a reference from them, so although we never had our day in court to humiliate these idiots, we are still looking at it as a win..... Also, speaking with another staff member employed by these people, she stated 'we have been told that we don't get any paid holidays'! so these bottom dwellers have not learnt!! i told her if she wanted me to write a letter i would, although she wants to keep her job, but will use it if needed in the future.......some people just don't learn.
  9. Ive just spoken with ACAS as i have had 2 letters from the tribunal that puts us in a very good position over the respondent, ACAS have said that because i have accepted their offer, although nothing is in writing or signed that we now cannot pul out of this, is this correct? She emailed me a draft of what she was going to put in the COT3 but i rejected part of it. Any help greatly apreciated
  10. Well, it seems after the respondent took 'advice' the deal is back on, so much so as they are being very negotiable! must have been told they don't stand a chance at ET, although they are trying to negotiate things like 'claimant is not allowed to speak to anyone about no employment contract being supplied' and 'not allowed in to any of their venues', i told them she will talk to whoever about whatever she wants and they will not restrict where she goes, if they want to bar her, they can do it verbally, they don't need a contract........idiots!
  11. Ah well, it was good while it lasted, ACAS have just told me they have pulled the offer and put a new offer of £175, he states that they have taken advice about the holiday pay and that a court would only offer the last years holiday pay and not the 16 months i was chasing, i told him to tell them that i have also taken advice and that because they failed to provide a contract of employment then we may also get a months wage for that, i told him to tell them that it was £450 or tribunal, no more dialogue would be entered in to. I have also sent an email to the tribunal asking for the cctv dvd to be struck out as they have still not supplied one after the judge asked them gor an explanation 4 weeks ago
  12. This is what we did, not only did they withhold wages, but unpaid holidays were dug up as well, what should have been wages of £70, has changed into an offer of £457, so it is worth setting a benchmark with the ET1
  13. Thanks for that sidewinder and a big thank you to all who have helped over the past few months, hopefully with all i have learnt i can pass on through these boards
  14. Just an update, i have had an offer from the respondent and my family friend has accepted this, it's for £451, she says that she wants to draw a line under this now and move on:| she has started a new job a couple of weeks ago, so wants this over..........it's a pity she has not had her day in court because i think we would have wiped the floor with them, but if she's happy, then so am i. Now to rock the boat with regards to the SAR...
  15. I've just checked my paperwork and they are coming up to the 40 days since i sent the SAR with the postal order, im not expecting anything from them to be honest; but i have a couple of questions, if they fail within the 40 days i will send a reminder to them, but if they have cashed the postal order but don't send what is requested have they committed an offence? And should it be reported?
  16. Just been told by a reliable source that the respondent has got all other employees to Sign contracts and all other bits they should have done in the first place! I am taking that as a bit of a result for the employees
  17. Hi, Thanks to both replies, i have spoken to her and asked what she was doing in going there in the first place, she said she has been on numerous occasions after she was sacked, i've told her to forget about the episode and to concentrate on the ET, i'm sure any pay out will feel better later on. I have submitted our second offer to ACAS, the rejected the first and made a counter offer of what the owe her and nothing else, i'm sure they will only offer the same as a second offer.......
  18. Things have taken a nasty twist here....last night my family friend and her partner (female) and 2 others went to a pub which is owned by the family who own the place she was sacked from, she stated that she had to walk past the place she was sacked from in order to get to this other place, when they arrived, the owner and manager were waiting and demanded to know who which one was my family friend, when asked why, a load of abuse was launched from these two, loads of swearing and calling her a dyke (yes she is gay) and accusing her of theft, she was very shook up by this and is now quite worried about how things are going to pan out now, she's worried there may be some fall out after the ET. I have all the statements with regards to last night, should i inform the Judge with regards to this as she is worried about intimidation at the ET? Thanks again
  19. Hi dreadpiratesteve, No they are not a national nightclub, just a local one that takes liberties with young students by the looks of it. With regards to the contract of employment, they have provided a 'blank' one with their documents list! my friend never signed one.. They have not mentioned any stock take info, cash info or anything else with regards to this, they are relying on the CCTV only.. I will certainly be using what you have said at the ET, i'm due to put in another offer to ACAS, although i know they will reject this.. Cheers Dom
  20. Hi dreadpiratesteve, Thanks again for your input, i totally missed the stock take, till issue!! thanks for that:clap2:...i cant wait to tackle these idiots. What they have basically said in their statement was that they were monitoring the £1 coins, my friend said she paid in change so the £1 coins wouldn't have changed. The missing half hour CCTV would apparently show the manager checking the till, my friend said it would also show her laughing and joking with my friend, so maybe they don't want to show that! The judge has asked them to explain why they sent a DVD that cannot be viewed (although i got some software to do this), i honestly don't think they know how to do it, i hope not as ive asked the judge to throw this out if i cannot see it. I think i would have an easy time convincing the judge that if they cant be bothered to configure the till time correctly, then why should we believe the rest of the till is configured correctly. Plus we have it in writing from them that they sacked her 2 hours prior to what the CCTV footage shows her still working! you couldn't make it up!
  21. Hi and thanks for the reply. my overall impression is exactly that, very poor employers. they are relying solely on the cctv footage, if they are relying on anything else they haven't declared it. i have managed to view the footage (although they don't know this) it clearly shows money being put.in to the till, they have also removed 30 minutes of footage although in their statement they state something specific happened during that missing 30 minutes!? The footage also shows every time a sale is made wither the cost and change to be given etc, i don't know.if the till are configured correctly as the date and time compared.tks.the cctv date and time are totally different, if they can't set the times correctly his do we know the prices etc are configured correctly as well!?
  22. Hi, Thanks for the reply, I've already complained to the tribunal and i gother cc'd to the tribunal letter to them, the have been asked to explain themselves. the only offer they have made is to pay what she is legally entitled.to anyway, i will be amazed if they budge from it. I've also received their witness statement, to say there are three people involved in this they have only submitted one statement and this does not state who its from, it also does not have the paragraphs numbered as requested by the tribunal, totally different to mine.
  23. My first offer has been rejected just over 2k they offered what she should have been paid anyway Acas fella keeps telling me negotiate, negotiate! I've also received their witness statements which im surprised with as there's only one? They state in this statement that 3 people were present at the sacking? Plus it's not in the format requested by the judge
  24. This is turning in to a joke now!! they have provided me with their 'pack' of documents that they are going to use at the ET, including a blank contract of employment!? another document signed by them, but not by the employee!? some health and safety document with very iffy initials!? and a copy of the CCTV footage with a .DVR extension, which seems to be only compatible with CCTV equipment, so i cant view it! does this mean that they have failed to provide the DVD in a format that can be viewed?? how are they going to show this at a tribunal!?? can i complain to the ET about this as this is what they are basing their (very flimsy) case on? Thanks again
  25. Thanks for that hhh, i have sent a letter to the tribunal stating that a responsible employer should know the law with regards to data processing and that they have not kept to the timetable set by the tribunal
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