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  1. Thanks Uncle B, its a bit concerning that they have no processes in place to audit this, i work in IT (huge organisation) and we can check everything as we are audited on a very regular basis. I may just send them the SAR to give them something to do
  2. Hi all, Admiral have investigated this issue on my request, i asked them to provide me with certain information to prove that they had sent the email and letter they state were sent. I asked them to; 1 - Provide proof that the email was sent (screenshot of sent email time/date would suffice) 2 - Provide proof that the letter was sent (asked for date/time of batch process etc) Their final response to my questions were; 1 - They had spoken to their IT department and they stated that they have had no issues with their systems and that they could see no reason why their custo
  3. Hi dacouc, That was the first place i checked. Because i get all my renewal emails and other guff all goes straight to my inbox i have never bothered checking for spam, however today i trawled through over 800 spam emails and not one from Admiral in there! i have however today received 2 from them, one inviting me to put my 7 year old son on my car insurance!? and another wishing me happy birthday an hour after they took £250 off me.....! Thanks
  4. Hi Uncle B Thanks for the reply. When i called customer service all they said was that the system says an email and letter had been sent to me on the 28/03/2014 informing me of the DD issue and i failed to respond. I have sent a complaint to them asking why i have received all other emails ( i listed them to cross reference) except this important one, i also explained that i found it really strange that i didnt get one or the other. I have asked them to look in to this and to check if there has either been a system error or a human process error. I will await their response before go
  5. Hi All I have car insurance with admiral and pay it monthly by direct debit. I received a default letter from Admiral this morning stating that they had communicated with me last month and that i have ignored this communication, so am in breach of my credit agreement and require full payment. I called their customer service and was advised that both an email and hard copy letter were sent to me the previous month stating the bank had rejected their direct debit. i advised them that i had not received either the email ( which i keep all of) or letter, the customer service rep basic
  6. Hi Ladyinbarnet, You are not alone, your experience more or less mirrors mine, mine goes; 19th December - Heating and hot water goes off - phone call made to SP home care, appointment for 20th made 20th December - Engineer from Carillion turns up, says 3 parts needed, asked when the parts would arrive, engineer stated 'at the best 23rdDecember, but they wont be fitted before xmas'. I call SP, telephone monkey (Mary) states this is not right and she will contact Carillion and chase and contact me back. 21st December - Lunch time and no call from 'Mary', i call SP and speak to a ni
  7. Hi, As already said in the post above, BMW will not admit anything, you could have a look at some BMW forums, E46 and bimmer to name a few and see what some say about it, it has been known for BMW to offer something if the car has full BMW service history etc and under a certain mileage...cant remember what it is though..good luck with your problem and sorry i cant be of anymore help Dom
  8. Hi HB, We are going ahead with the agreement now to bring closure to this, its costing them a lot more than she would have got if they had paid at the beginning and i also got a reference from them, so although we never had our day in court to humiliate these idiots, we are still looking at it as a win..... Also, speaking with another staff member employed by these people, she stated 'we have been told that we don't get any paid holidays'! so these bottom dwellers have not learnt!! i told her if she wanted me to write a letter i would, although she wants to keep her job, but will use
  9. Ive just spoken with ACAS as i have had 2 letters from the tribunal that puts us in a very good position over the respondent, ACAS have said that because i have accepted their offer, although nothing is in writing or signed that we now cannot pul out of this, is this correct? She emailed me a draft of what she was going to put in the COT3 but i rejected part of it. Any help greatly apreciated
  10. Well, it seems after the respondent took 'advice' the deal is back on, so much so as they are being very negotiable! must have been told they don't stand a chance at ET, although they are trying to negotiate things like 'claimant is not allowed to speak to anyone about no employment contract being supplied' and 'not allowed in to any of their venues', i told them she will talk to whoever about whatever she wants and they will not restrict where she goes, if they want to bar her, they can do it verbally, they don't need a contract........idiots!
  11. Ah well, it was good while it lasted, ACAS have just told me they have pulled the offer and put a new offer of £175, he states that they have taken advice about the holiday pay and that a court would only offer the last years holiday pay and not the 16 months i was chasing, i told him to tell them that i have also taken advice and that because they failed to provide a contract of employment then we may also get a months wage for that, i told him to tell them that it was £450 or tribunal, no more dialogue would be entered in to. I have also sent an email to the tribunal asking for the cctv dv
  12. This is what we did, not only did they withhold wages, but unpaid holidays were dug up as well, what should have been wages of £70, has changed into an offer of £457, so it is worth setting a benchmark with the ET1
  13. Thanks for that sidewinder and a big thank you to all who have helped over the past few months, hopefully with all i have learnt i can pass on through these boards
  14. Just an update, i have had an offer from the respondent and my family friend has accepted this, it's for £451, she says that she wants to draw a line under this now and move on:| she has started a new job a couple of weeks ago, so wants this over..........it's a pity she has not had her day in court because i think we would have wiped the floor with them, but if she's happy, then so am i. Now to rock the boat with regards to the SAR...
  15. I've just checked my paperwork and they are coming up to the 40 days since i sent the SAR with the postal order, im not expecting anything from them to be honest; but i have a couple of questions, if they fail within the 40 days i will send a reminder to them, but if they have cashed the postal order but don't send what is requested have they committed an offence? And should it be reported?
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