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  1. Thanks for the advice and pointers much appreciated, letter will come from daughter in law but I would type it her up and print it off for her. The officer told her he could not guarantee it would not happen again like you say I am astounded the Police have time to be stopping a driver who has proved 5 times now that she is legal to be on the road none of it makes sense.
  2. Update Daughter in Law had a motability vehicle as the gear box went on her previous vehicle she had this around 7 weeks, Police stopped her in it last week stating her paper work might not be in order, Daughter in law said it must be because it was a motability vehicle officer was very nice he said they had received a call from someone to state paper work might not be in order. Daughter in Law feels this is her neighbour who as made various offensive comments when he as seen her getting in the vehicle, referring to her not working and he has to to afford a car. Daughter in Law told the Police officer of the 4 other stops she had in the previous vehicle he has recommended she write a complaint to the Police as he said it is amounting to harassment. Any advice on who she should address the letter to and what to mention in it would be appreciated, my son as mental health and it is having a detrimental affect on his health keep being stopped, surely now they know it is a motability and that it has all the required insurance and tax and Daughter in Laws licence is fine there should be no reason to keep stopping them, we did wonder if there was a marker on the vehicle? if there is no idea why.
  3. Just that I thought with log book might not being in her name she might not have been able to tax it anyway the log book was sorted out Friday so hopefully all is good now
  4. They said enquiries to DVLA and the Police have taken time it was like a bolt out the blue to get that letter I have been so upset since I feel humiliated that in 60 years I have done everything by the book and not had so much as a parking ticket to end up being addressed like a criminal
  5. Yes it is a hard lesson learnt you cannot start to understand how I feel an unblemished reputation in tatters, I cannot believe I have ended up in this mess more concerned about my good name than any money I will have to pay. Right or wrong a lot of parents who little understand the internet let children do things for them but as you say it is a hard lesson learned most definitely in my case I could not feel any worse than I already do
  6. I never knew this my daughter asked me if I could add her to my insurance she said it would keep the cost down, this is why I could not understand why they kept speaking to me about things, I think it should have been the other way round my daughter insure and add me this was done wrong but not intentionally I had no idea there was two ways of doing it, I told the truth that the vehicle was my daughters and parked at her home why did someone not pull me up on anything, surely if you have not intentionally done anything this is not still fraud?
  7. I know nothing at all about insurance I have not had my own vehicle to insure in around 10 years I initially took out insurance for my daughter, her vehicle needed lots of repairs she swapped it and just swapped the details of the vehicle she had gifted to her. I apologise if I seem a bit ignorant of things but I am, I am nearly pension age I am not up on legal things, insurance or anything similar my daughter has dealt with lots for me in the past. I was not aware of anything that you have now clearly explained to me, especially what this financial interest thing meant, I never knew you had to purchase the car to be classed as owning a vehicle to insure it, I assumed like my daughter did that she did own this vehicle even though she never purchased it, ( If someone buys you something would you not declare to be the owner?) my daughter gave her former partners details to the insurers to see if the vehicle was in his name though he is a non driver, we gave them lots of information and assumed we had done everything right hence why I have not heard a thing in 2 years. No one was was more shocked than me to receive a letter out of the blue about this insurance. I did not intentionally do anything wrong but you have revealed to me how insurance works so I know now I have done wrong. I suppose I have to accept this and learn from it, I have never had a claim for car insurance or knowingly ever done anything wrong not even a speeding ticket so of course this as really affected me, I have to accept the findings and learn to live with my error of Judgement, I am so frustrated with myself for finding myself in this position. Thank you for your advice Uncle Bulgaria and others who have responded to this thread at the moment I feel humiliated and very low about all this I never thought at my time of life to be in this position, I have always tried hard to do things right I really have messed up big time and have only myself to blame.
  8. It was taken from outside my daughters home it is explained above it was involved in an accident I believe and wrote off I simply do not fully know as I was told very little about anything
  9. I appreciate the response my daughter as always sorted the insurance out online I have no idea what was filled in but I have requested a Sars I assume this will show me what was put down. Yes I do have depression so does my daughter but I can hardly use that as an excuse when it wasn`t me gave the details to the insurance my daughter has been with this company a long while. I agreed to adding her to the insurance as she said it made it cheaper for her but I wish I had never agreed to this, it is not her good name in question it is mine. Looks like I have no choice but to pay this then, like I said previously it is not so much as the sum I have to pay but my good name put into question. I just wish I could get someone legally minded to try and explain things to the insurers on my behalf. Things have become quite strained in my relationship with my daughter through no fault of my own I now have this hanging over me. It is strange that I never had to sign anything and have never seen any insurance documents all I know it was fully comprehensive. The car was gifted to my daughter by a former partner a few weeks later the partner left my daughter and he has ignored all contact since, daughter assumed paper work would arrive in her name it never has.
  10. Oddly she has had no trouble taxing it she is disabled
  11. 2 Years ago I added my daughter to my policy, the car was at my daughter`s and had it`s driver side window smashed one evening, my daughter who suffers with depression was afraid to stay at home due to a controlling ex partner finding out her new address so suspected him of the damage, I was going away so she went to stay with friends. A claim was not made for this as her insurance was already expensive. We taped the window up for a temporary measure, whilst I was away a neighbour a friend of mine contacted me to say the cover was off and the car was wet inside, I let my daughter know and she came back to the house and taped it up again, she forgot her handbag with her phone and a small amount of cash when she left again, she could not get a lift back till a few days later, her car had gone and the house had been entered but not broke into the catch on the conservatory had been messed with so whoever had got in could go in and out, my daughter discovered a mans jacket on the back of a dining chair. Her handbag and it`s contents had gone and her car keys off the key board. I rang 101 numerous times and was in a long queue, then when I did eventually get through I was told I could not report the car as taken it had to be my daughter, I contacted our local PC told him everything he said he would make sure it was recorded, daughters ex partner gave her the car but nothing relating to ownership was in my daughters name. I was contacted by my daughters friend about everything, as soon as I got home I had got an answer phone message off the Police stating the car had been abandoned on a side street in town with the window down. (This puzzled me as the window was totally out not down) I met with the Police officer who had left me an answer phone message she stated that the car had been involved in an incident, the insurance also asked me what had gone off neither myself or my daughter could state much other than we suspected her ex partner might have been the culprit. My daughter did not ring the Police I did she rarely engages with anyone, despite requesting a crime reference number none was forth coming. The insurers sent someone to interview me and my daughter. The insurers kept mentioning a different date to the Police I assumed one or the other had the date wrong, fast forward to last month which is over 2 years since this incident and I received a letter from the insurers stating neither me or my daughter had a financial interest in the vehicle and that in their opinion I misled them to get them to pay out on the claim, they said any insurances I may be included in within their group would be cancelled, we never made a claim as neither of us owned the car we don`t know who the registered keeper is. The insurers stated that the Police have no knowledge of the incident being reported to them. I contacted my local PC recently he said he would send daughter the incident number (I assume this is the crime reference number?) and he stated it was not marked down as a theft but an incident. He said the confusion is that there were 2 incidents involving the car which were a day apart, the incident I received an answer phone message about from the Police is incident number 2 the incident the insurers are on about is incident number 1 which took place in a different County to where we live I have no idea what this incident was, how could I have reported incident number 1 when I had no knowledge about it, I just assumed the Police & Insurers had their dates conflicted. I inquired as to if I could make a claim from the legal cover the insurers stated under the circumstances I cannot do this. I told the insurers I refuted their findings and told them to look at things again a few days later they said they stand by their decision and because they had to pay out storage and other things they want just over a £1,000 off me. Now they have changed their standing that I never reported the incident to the Police to that of I never mentioned no theft. I would like some advice as to what I can do I object most strongly to paying this and to be labelled a liar as such, I have drove for over 30 + years not claimed and never been in trouble for anything the insurers are labelling me and it is very unfair. It is not so much that the payment they are requesting is upsetting me but they are make accusations about my good name. I cannot afford a solicitor I contacted my local Law Centre they stated they do not deal with this kind of thing, I am bitter about it all especially with this bill they are requesting I am disabled and do not work, yet if I do not pay it I assume I will then have my details passed to a debt collector and I have an excellent credit record. Any advice would be much appreciated, I wondered if contacting the Ombudsman would help matters? as the insurers said they have said the last word on the matter I have made a Sars request from the insurers.
  12. Sorry I have not responded to anyone just back off holiday, and this very thought came to mind and it appears that DVLA never put the log book in daughter in laws name. Today the log book was updated thanks very much for the input
  13. She is quite a gutsy lady they are pushing her to the limit she told them in no uncertain terms to leave her alone I will pass the information on to her thanks for the support and advice
  14. Appreciate the response I would be shocked if an Inspector agreed to a meeting the majority of dealings I have had with our Police they are arrogant and ignore any complaints or anything, I have witnessed so many poor failings within our force they never seem to accept any responsibility. I will drop the inspector a line it is wearing my daughter in law down she is losing all confidence and only passed her test a month ago she been assured twice now that a marker on the vehicle would be removed, the officers last night were pretty arrogant and upset my grandaughter too she asked when is it they are going to leave her Mum alone. The officers said they do not need a reason to stop someone and they can do it when they please.
  15. Thanks for reply much appreciated daughter in law been trying all afternoon to get through to DVLA without success she will try again Monday
  16. My grandsons girlfriend had a vehicle she was stopped in it for driving without a passed driver with her, we understand because of other issues she then became a banned driver they split up about a year ago and have had no contact from her since. Grandsons mother had the ownership of the vehicle transferred to her, she took driving lessons and passed not long ago. On 4 separate occasions Police have stopped her when driving, and stated different things ranging from "Your a banned driver" "You have no full licence" "Why are you not displaying your L plates" then today it was "You have no insurance" When the car was stopped on the 3rd occasion they said the car had a marker on it so daughter-in-law said it needs taking off each time she has been stopped she has told them she has insurance, a full driving licence etc. She broke down crying today stating this is harassment, the Police over took her today and were at her home when she got back, they told her they are not from the area and the Police can stop her as many times as they like. The local Police officer who has stopped her 3 times knows the situation and knows the previous registered keeper does not even live in the area he even congratulated my daughter in law on passing her test, what can she do to have this stopped.
  17. My nephew is autistic he will never work he as received his parents pension for life instead of it ending at 21 if he was in education, training or working. He is fully dependent on others. He pays no tax or insurance on anything
  18. Thanks for the advice, info going to ring Dial not had chance today will report back about what I learn it is so frustrating nephew had only had his Esa a few months before had to give it up and he was dealt with by paper assessment he did not have a face to face
  19. Thanks will contact dial yes DWP are incredibly incompetent they are causing so much misery to vulnerable people who are already stressed
  20. So sorry if it came across that I want too much from CAG I can assure you that is not the case just wanted accurate advice/information and have always got it off CAG, I speak to so many different organisations none sing from the same hymn sheet I am quite unsure where to access correct information. DWP never tell you the same thing twice whenever you contact them. UC rolls out fully in November 2018 however for single Job Seekers they are being put on UC I am my nephews appointee and Guardian as he is autistic, I have just realised we have a Law Centre close to where I live they might deal with benefits so I will give them a call.
  21. Yes we have a Dial about 7 miles away I think will look it up
  22. Thank you I know anything over £6,000 means deductions just unsure who can give accurate advice always had it off CAG
  23. My nephew was on Esa in the support group I declared he was to receive an inheritance from his parents once he reached 21 in December 2015, hence his benefit stopped due to it being over £16,000. The savings as now dropped to £10,000 which is in an ISA held by my daughter when would he be able to go back on Esa? and would it be a fresh claim? and has the Severe Disablement Premium stopped? He does receive a pension each month belonging to his parents of £503.75 a month he also receives DLA HRC/LRM
  24. Thanks for the response yes it is 40 calendar days done a Sars before never had anyone ignore it just wondering how many days more I should give them if I write to them?
  25. £10 cheque sent to Eon for the Sars on 3-7-17 it was signed for on 5-7-17 but it has never been cashed
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