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  1. Where would I get the addresses of where to send letters re: the banking code and also fos (whatever that is, sorry for being a bit dim).
  2. Do I contact 1st credit or LCS or should I just send a a letter to the bank?
  3. I had a credit card account with Lloyds TSB which I deem to be settled, I paid the credit limit balance, and recieved a statement with this balance as being credited to my account and also shown as a credit was a refund of interest credited to my account which left a remasining balance of nil, available to spend nil and also a credit limit of nil,in feb 06. I then recieved another statement in May 06 with a new balance of the amount of what the refund of interest was. I have disputed this and had no joy with the usual rubbish and contradictory letters, as i have asked for an explanation of h
  4. Thank you for that. They get you so worked up especially when you know your rights and they wont move, when they will only be proved they are in the wrong and have to refun or replace anyway, they could cut out alot of wasted time and frustation, by sticking to the law. Hopefully this matter will be resolved soon.
  5. my sister is actually in curry's as we speak, her tumble dryer is just under 12 months old, and is now broke, she called curry's who sent an engineer out, to fix the problem as soon as he left it was exactly the same, (she has also been messed around over times and engineer not turning up). She rang curry' to inform them the problem had not been fixed and was told they would send another engineer in the new year. She decided this wasnt good enough and has taken the dryer back to curry's quoting the sale of goods act, the person in curry's has said you can quote what you like you will nbot ge
  6. Thank you I did not realise you could do the same as with bank charges, I will get sar printed up and sent off right away. I will have great pleasure with this one. Thanks for your help
  7. CLOSE MOTOR FINANCE (Formerley Singer and Friedlander) Has anyone had any problems with this company? Fortunately I do not deal with them now, but have had had real problems in the past and would like to know if anyone has claimed for unlawful charges and defaults etc.
  8. Never posted before, been reading through site over and over as I want to get it right. I sent off subject access request to lloyds for current account and credit card, they replied within two weeks with list of charges and also statements. I was horrified to see how much I have paid them in charges. I have already quoted harrasment laws to them due to being telephoned in work at least 3 times a day, which has worked. I am now doing the same with abbey national and then I have a whole list to go through with store cards and Close Motor Finance (formerley Singer and Friedlander:x :x ). I
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