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  1. All done, PM'd blueskies and given a donation. Thanks for all your help Lateralus. Good luck to everyone else still at it. x
  2. Well done last in, its not quick or easy but it is soooooooo worth it. The bank paid up today, £812 straight into my account lovely. It has taken since november though so just be patient and if you have any probs these guys are fantastic! Good luck. Tracey
  3. DS I only added 8% statutory but netty is right, only add the 8% when you file at court. MONEY IN THE BANK TODAY £812.17 HURRAH HURRAH :D :D :D I've done it, they've paid sunny Mexico here I come (no thats another plan). I couldn't have done it without you guys, you're brilliant!!!!!!!!! Can someone tell me how to pm a mod and how to give a donation please. Big kisses to all of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. Got a letter from DG yesterday saying that they are pleased I have agreed to settle and that the money should be in the bank within 7 days (& if it's not to contact them). Also got a court letter saying that the hearing is set for the 27th March. I think I will hold off letting the court know until the money is actually in my account, just in case.
  5. You're right there Lattie, I had first rate advice from all yesterday. I have already sent my acceptance letter first class recorded yesterday afternoon, otherwise I might well have used your suggestion. Have a new contact name and numbers if it helps anyone: Rachel Tomlinson tel:0121 455 2701 Fax: 0121 455 2150 she's the one dealing with me. I just want to say a big thank you to all of you for helping me, I wouldn't have got a bean without you! Especially Lateralus & Bong you're both tops. Will let you know when the cash hits the account.
  6. Bong you are v clever at all this legal stuff are you a solicitor?
  7. I wonder if DG regret representing HSBC??? (laughs heartily)
  8. Nice one Micheal I am not sure Hsbc would consider it worth their while trying to buy my silence! But it's a nice thought.
  9. did any of you guys sign the confidentiality thing?
  10. Oh bugger looks like I will have to accept then. One last thing on the pre-written bit of paper I have to sign it accept it has a confidentiality bit on it saying that I promise to keep their payment a secret! I am really loathed to sign it, can I just write my own acceptance letter possibly with a bit about wanting the money within 14 days or else court?
  11. Bong if I sent my initial request letter in nov 06 am I not entitled to claim for nov 00?
  12. Just got home and found an offer letter on the mat. Not the full amonut though, they say that I claimed for 2 monthes too many which is not true I went back to october 2000 as that is when i sent the data protection letter, which I think is wrong but my initial request for payment was sent 14 nov but DG have said that I can not claim from before dec 00 is this right or are they taking the mick?? They also will not pay up for stopped cheques & spec presentation, so all in all they have dropped £117.80 off my claim. I don't know what to do, I am tempted to take it but am a bit annoyed about the nov 00 charges any advice????
  13. Just phoned DG and actually spoke to Kate Eaves. She wanted to know where I got her phone number from so I informed her it was from the very helpful people on this website HeeHee! She said that an offer letter was sent on thursday 1st feb HOOOOORAAAY only problem is I have not had it. She said she will look into it and if necessary send another. Fingers crossed I might get it today, just a shame that the postman doesn't get here until lunchtime. Will keep you posted.
  14. Thanks guys I will phone DG again today & my husband is going to fax the SOC twice a day so that they take some notice!
  15. Hi GPM you seem to be in the same place as me. My AQ deadline was thursday 1st feb which is the day I filed but DG has not filed theirs! I really don't understand why they get extra time, the clerk told me it would now be refered to the judge which could take up to another 2 weeks. This is sooooo frustrating. I am now goingto resort to faxing DG my schedule of charges twice a day in the hopes that they will get fed up and pay me off, just to get rid of me. best of luck.
  16. You too Crusher, there just doesn't seem to be any real pattern to any of it. Some people get results really quick while others seem to wait for ages it's bizarre! By the look of your tally though you're doing really well, good luck with number 3.
  17. Evening guys, DG have not filed their AQ they have not returned my phone messages and I still do not have an offer . I now have to wait another week or 2 for the judge to probobally give them another 14 days to file it??!! Does anyone think it's worth sending regular faxes containing my schedule of charges to try and get their attention? Beginning to lose heart now as this has been going on for soooooooooooo looooong.
  18. Flunky how far along are you? have you had an offer yet?
  19. Phoned the court this morning to find out if HSBC have entered their AQ and they haven't! The clerk said it will now be refered to the judge and he will either give them another 14 days or automatically pass judgement. One thing I don't understand is why DG get another 14 days to send in the AQ, what was the point in the first deadline? Does anyone know if I should phone DG again (not that they have ever returned any of my previous calls) it just seems that this is dragging on rather along time, I started this thing back in October!!! Any ideas anyone?
  20. Cheers Lattie I will ring the court on Monday and keep you posted.
  21. Hi Lateralus, filed my ag on thursday 1st Feb which was the deadline, and the clerk said that HSBC had not yet filed but she had not had that days post yet. So fingers crossed they won't have and I will win that way. What happens if they do not file? How do I get my money? I was planning to put in my acceptance letter (if they sent me an offer which they haven't) that I wanted payment within 14 days or I would still go to court, as I have heard that they drag out actually handing over the money. The court clerk thought this was perfectly acceptable. But DG or HSBC have not contacted me at all even though I left 3 messages on their answer phone????????????
  22. P.S. Congrats on the offer Slouhart hope mine comes soon. No exotic holiday though, Need to pay off a credit card! Ho Hum.
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