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  1. Sorry folks it has been a long time since I have logged in to the site. Can anybody quickly let me know why Capstones are now talking about Eurosail applying for repossession?? I seem to recall there was some discussion a year or so ago about possible fraud when mortgages were originally taken out, due to SPML not disclosing that Eurosail were party to the original agreement? Maybe I got confused or maybe something significant has happened that I have missed. Anyone save me from reading through a years worth of thread! Regards to all
  2. I no longer have a mortgage with SPML but they owe me money for charges and an enormous ERC of £20k+. I want this money back so please count me in GR. Dangermouse
  3. l am convinced the unfair terms in consumer contracts more than cover our case. Posted by Gustavius Rex I agree, I am sure this is what we need to concentrate on, I have raised this with the FOS re: Capstone about 10 months ago. Dangermouse Dangermouse
  4. My darling Crapstone, l think you just nailed it all down in a few beutiful sentences. Better to stay cool and not like me, right now, flaring up in anger. l've stated time after time that there was never any intention of the lender to fullfill his contractual agreement. But, you went around that and formulated the intention better, i.e, intention for the contract to be fullfilled. This is where the entire case rests, if we can prove and we should be able to do so, then we were led to believe we had a straight forward mortgage contract agreement, why, in reality we had a short term loan agreement with the sole intention of either having us to re-mortgage or lose our homes. ln other words, we are the victims of fraud. Super, super Crappis. Gustavius YES YES, You are there now
  5. Hi Correct, it is not that there is 'nothing to show', the fact is that SPML is not in administration. Dangermouse
  6. No probs...Sue's link is the first document I have seen mentioning Mable (other than my own) Dangermouse
  7. SPML is owned by Mable Commercial Funding Ltd which is part of Lehman. Mable is in receivership. Dangermouse
  8. I wonder if the lawyers who handled the Ameriquest class action are an international firm with offices in London? Dangermouse
  9. Hi Guys I took out an igroup lsecured oan of £30k in 2004 through London & Scottish. I settled it in 2006. Does anyone have any idea whether it is worth sending SAR? Dangermouse
  10. Thanks Spam I feel very happy, the barrister on the other side was very dejected having been quite snotty before we went in. To make me even happier, the solicitors acting for the other side sent me the account for their costs of today's hearing (received when I got home). Presumably they were expecting that I was going to have to pay their £3.5k! Dangermouse
  11. I won Thanks for the advice tx20. Dangermouse
  12. I just had a look at the Ministry of Justice website regarding set aside. It states in section 12.3 Conditions to be satisfied " Rule 6.17 provides that where the claim form is served by the Claimant, the Claimant may not obtain default judgment unless a certificate of service has been filed" When I said that the court may have erred, it was because the court itself served the claim form on the defendant & the defendant received it. When I applied for default judgment, the court office stated that I needed to supply a certificate of service. I explained that the court had served the claim & eventually I was given the judgment. Dangermouse
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