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  1. RESULT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last, I recieved a cheque today from Abbey for the full amount ********even though it is only £96.00 insignificant really to other claimants on the site It feels so good to have beaten them at last it has taken since last oct all this time for such an amount,but the amount to me was greater because it represented almost 2 weeks of my incapacity benefit and caused me unneccessary hardship and stress. As time goes on the amount seems almost unimportant and i'ts the the injustice of it all that matters most. I would like to THANK everyone for your Help Advice and Support throughout this ordeal {GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE} Keep at it cause if I can do it you can !!!!!!!!!! BEST OF LUCK SHAZZEY THANKS THANKS THANKS ps I will be back when cheque clears
  2. Hi I Have got my court date through,when I sent in my spreadsheet the 8% interest was calculated up to that date what about the months it has taken to get to court ?????? should this not be added if yes how do I do this? PLEASE HELP ME THANKS SHAZZEY
  3. shazbaz

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    Hi kjreils I also have a court date for 6th june, I am so s c a r e d you would'nt believe were do I start ????HELP THANKS SHAZZEY
  4. Hi !!!!!!! Recieved court date today for 6th june all for £96 any Help appreciated please! thanks shazzey:confused:
  5. update!!!!!! My son decided to accept the offer off RBS,even though I advised him not to but what can you do. I would have gone all the way which is what I am doing for £96 from abbey as I am on benefits and this has caused me hardship so even though I am scared I am waiting for a court date at present,and this has been going on since october. He recieved his cheque this morning so when it clears could you let me know how and how much I should donate,As It is all down to you all on this site for all the support and advice given.without this it would not have happened. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL shazzey ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND ...SETTLED £325.0.0
  6. Hi Just received the Allocation questionaire today,do I still write the letter or fill In the form or both? THANKS SHAZZY:confused:
  7. Hi I've just been paid out Today bynat west credit card althouth I did not have to send for statements as I already had them, I have been dealing with MIKE BAILEY SENIOR CUSTOMER ADVISOR CARDS CUSTOMER SERVIES CUSTOMER CONTACT CENTRE PO BOX 5747 SOUTHEND-ON-SEA SS1 9AJ shazzy
  8. Paid up in Full !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Received the cheque today for the FULL amount,£204.00 I have written to them asking them to address any default issues I will let you know what happens. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND ADVICE WITHOUT IT IT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED I'M STILL CHASING NAT WEST ... HUSBAND - At court stage RBS ... SON ABBEY... MYSELF - At court stage XX SHAZZY XX
  9. HI Received A reply today from RBS. This is it Sorry you feel you cannot accept this offer,we have validated your claim and discounted any charges that do not relate to unarranged borrowing, I can assure you that it represents all administration charges that were applied. As we are making a good will gesture by offering you an amount equivalent to these charges,we are unwilling to consider additional payments in respect of any consequential interest you may have calculated similary,we will not refund any legal or other costs you may have incurred in pursuing your claim. It then goes on to say if your not happy refer it to the financial ombudsman services. I have calculated my charges from the statements they sent, only adding the interest charged for going overdrawn. NOT THE 8% what do you think I should do now? THANKS SHAZZY
  10. Any One Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks for your reply, I don't owe them any money,I have just sent them another letter stating that I will only accept If 1. Payment by cheque 2. Default issue addressed No I Did'nt claim any interest as these charges were only incurred recently. thanks again shazzy
  12. HI UPDATE!!!!!!! Received another letter from nat west,once again saying they cannot do anything about defaults,and ignoring my request for payment by cheque saying they will credit it to my credit card, I want it paying to me by cheque, so I will write again Where do we stand on the default issues? THANKS SHAZZY
  13. Hi update!!!!!!!! Received Defence today from Abbey. Also a letter it goes like this!!! Top of letter states "without prejudice" The next stage in the process will be for the court to send to each of us an allocation questionaire,which asks for certain information relating to the case before it proceeds to to trial.In the interim, we are writing to you to ascertain whether you would be prepared to agree to a settlement of your claim now in order to bring the matter to a close,limiting further expense to both of us and also avoiding the necessity of taking the further procedural steps such as the filing of Allocation questionaire. IT GOES ON TO SAY Regarding the charges,you willsee from the defence that abbey takes issue with your claim on a number of points,For the purpose of this letter though,we should like to mention in particular that your claim seems to be based on an argument that you should not pay any charges at all,It cannot be correct that Abbey cannot charge anything anything at all if you become overdrawn or do not meet direct debits as Abbey must remedy the issues with the account and this incurs expense.This is in line with Banking Industry practice and Terms and conditions under which you opened your account.Abbey would still be entitled to charge you something for the expenses,Further.you will see the charges are liquidated damages,and not penalty charges and are therefore valid pre-estimates of loss. As a matter of goodwill and without any liability on abbey's part we will offer you half your claim , Full and Final settlement Of claim. CLAIM IS FOR £96.64 THE OFFER IS £48.32 Any help appreciated thanks shazzy:confused:
  14. Hi update !!!!!!!! RESULT I THINK !!!!!!!!!!! My son Received a letter from R.B.S today,it reads like this! We do not agree with the basis of your complaint. We believe that the charges we levy are for providing services and that they are not penalties,or charges for default. Furthermore we believe these charges are fair,reasonable and transparent, However after reviewing your case and as a gesture of good will and without admission of liability or error,in this instance we are prepared to offer xxxx paid directly into your account.The gwg is approx 3/4 of the amount claimed. (No mention of defaults) I will accept the amount offered as part payment,asking for a cheque because I CLOSED THIS ACCOUNT 3 YEARS AGO. What happens about the defaults as they have ignored this part. What do you think? shazzy:)
  15. Hi Thanks for your advice!!!!!! In answer to your question, yes letter stated removal of defaults. and as he will be going for a mortgage this year he is worried that any defaults may hinder him. Also he doesn't owe them any money at present, These charges for late payments were only in the last year. THANKS X SHAZZY X
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