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  1. Thanks T4FF. I PM'd a mod yesterday so hopefully that will be of help. Many thanks
  2. Thanks anyway my friend. Just finding it so frustrating that the info will probably be there on the site somewhere but I cant find it. I have decided to send the court bundle and hope for the best. Got everything to hand except perhaps actually setting out my case properly at the beginning. I once saw somebodys case set out when I first came on the site which could be adapted to suit but cant for the life of me find it now. Thanks again
  3. Just bumping this up. Dont know whether to send a court bundle and hope Cobbets cave in or wait until the Court hearing but what do I take to that? Help anybody???
  4. Thanks anyway my friend. Has anybody had this kind of directive from the court or perhaps understands it?
  5. Got a letter from the Court today saying that the judge has considered the statements of case and allocation questionnaires and has allocated the claim to the small claims track. However, the letter states that the judge has ordered that a prelimiminary hearing should take place because:- " Special directions are needed in this claim to prepare for the final hearing which the judge would prefer to explain to you in person." This will take place on the 3rd May at 14:00. Is everything ok does anybody think? I have prepared a court bundle but do you think I should send this off a
  6. Just a quick one folks. This present thread I am doing is for my daughter and at the minute it is all quiet after AQ, Part 18 stuff etc. and now waiting for a court date. What I wanted to say was last week Abbey took £50 out of my own account for going overdrawn , direct debit default. It has never happened to me before and I suppose if I hadnt have found this site I would have just stood for it and fumed. So, I sent them a letter, which they would have received this morning, asking for my money back quoting all the usual stuff but a much shorter version. Lo and behold, I h
  7. Many thanks to all of you for your comments , feedback and help; it is so much appreciated. Thanks also for the link shastie. I guess eventually I will have to suck it for the insurance company but I will take all the advice offered and also make sure I refuse the first offer. Many thanks again
  8. Thank you both so much for taking the trouble to reply. I think I knew deep down that they could take the full years premium but I was just hoping that perhaps I was wrong. The car was a Rover 420 SDLi Turbo; absolutely mint condition and my pride and joy. Mileage was 76000. It had my lifetime collection of music in it too. Irreplaceable,,,boo hoo. Anyway, thats my little winge over with. Many thanks again to you both for replying.
  9. I just need a little advice if possible. The story so far. I was woken at 4.30 am on Tuesday to find my car had been set alight by vandals, in fact they did this to another car round the corner. The car is a complete right off and the police had it towed into an official compound. The insurance company were in touch with me by phone and almost immediately were trying to get me to forget about a claim because the car wasnt worth much more than £500. I was amazed. They say that after my £135 excess payment and the loss af a no claims bonus it just wouldnt be worth it. All they see
  10. I thought I would update this and hopefully grab any advice going out there. I re-sent all previous information to Cobbets, schedule of charges, reply to request for further information Part 18 etc along with proof of delivery for when I sent it all last time. Some of this stuff I have sent to Cobbets three times. Took the precaution of faxing everything as well. Also sent a copy of everything to the Court with a letter mentioning that Cobbets are either very inefficient with mislaying all this information or they are trying to use delaying tactics. Its now two weeks and since then all ha
  11. Thanks for the reply Yes, I filed my AQ a few days ago. I have supplied the Courts and Cobbets with everything necessary I think so I might just ring Cobbets and then make the Courts aware of what is going on. What do you think?
  12. Just remembered that I sent the reply to Cobbets, Request for Further Information by recorded delivery. I went on the Royal Mail website and lo and behold, an electronic proof of delivery and a copy of signature. So Cobbets are either incompetent or are telling porkys. Any ideas how to handle this?
  13. Just bumping this up to see if anybody else has had such a reply from Cobbets. I dont know whether they are just playing for time or have genuinely not received my reply to their Request for Further Information.
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