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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I'm not sure if my ex will have kept the accounts open after I asked for my name to be removed. I did find out last year that he was still using it and they hadn't removed my name, I found this out when I went to my own branch to change my name after re-marrying and tried to open a joint account with my new hubby and the questioned me opening "another" joint account! I kicked up a fuss until they got it sorted as the last thing I wnated was for them to try to chase me up for any debt my ex may have run up on the account. I think ex is in America now so the accounts may be closed completely now. I doubt if he would try to get the charges back himself, too much like hard work as far as he would be concerned! Unless I do all of the hard work and then he gets half.
  2. Hi, Thanks Happyolddog the accounts are all with the Bank of Scotland.
  3. I held a joint bank account with my ex for 10 years, which was frequently overdrawen. When we seperated 3 years ago, I signed paperwork at the bank to have my anme removed from both the join accounts and opened new ones in my own name. I have no contact details for my ex now so i don't know it he has done anything about trying to claim charges back. Does anyone know:- Can I make a claim for my half of the joint account? Does it matter that The account in not an acctive account to me know? Do I need to contact my ex, can it only be a joint claim when it was a joint account. So many questions, so confused!! Thanks in advance MrsM
  4. Thought I'd post a hello and try to get me head around what i need to do to claim bank my bank charges. I have a few questions regarding that so i will try to find the right forum to post on. MrsM
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