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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I checked my a/c today and guess what... mine was there too...!!! Still can't believe it!
  2. Interesting to see that you haven't had a payment either... I faxed back my settlement letter on 18th, and like you as of today still no money in account... I phoned SCM on 18th to confirm receipt, and likewise was told money would be credited to a/c within 7 - 10 days. Thought I'd leave it until end of this week, before hasseling as waited so long already anyway...!!! Will be watching with interest! Good luck!
  3. Hi Rachel, My AQ was due in by 18th - I sent it in, however on Sat 15th I received a settlement letter totally out of blue for full amount. I hadn't contacted the solicitors or anybody else come to that... I faxed the letter back on the 18th to SCM, and was told the money would take 7 - 10 days to be paid into my account. It's not there yet so watch this space... Good luck - I bet you'll hear soon!!
  4. Can't believe it - just got in to find letter from SCM offering full settlement of my claim. Just realised I've started new thread in my excitement - sorry... Could a mod merge them for me and change title... Knew I'd win in the end but never in a million years thought it would be this soon!!! Still can't believe it...
  5. Thanks for that Gary - a bit of reassurance works wonders!! I did phone the court this morning to check, and they said that they work 5 days in arrears and that Lloyds probably do to, so if I haven't heard by say Wed next week, to give them a ring and they'd look into for me...
  6. My AQ is supposed to be in by Mon 18th. I sent mine last week to the court with a cheque to cover the £100 fee. As of today the cheque hasn't been paid in yet and I haven't had a copy of the bank's AQ... Should I be worried...?? Reading other posts, most people seem to get the bank's AQ quite early on.
  7. Hi Rachel, We seem to be at about the same stage - I posted back my AQ on Thursday night, even though it doesn't have to be filed until 18th. Guess it's just wait to hear now... Good luck!
  8. Just to keep up to date, have completed AQ and sent 2 copies of it, as well as 2 copies of the schedule of charges to the county court by registered post. Also copies sent and faxed to SC&M... Think I'll leave it a couple of days, and try ringing SC&M to see what they have to say... Guess it's the court bundle i should be looking at next, just to be prepared!! By the way, anybody else in Carmarthen court???
  9. Thanks for that Barty!! I'll get filling in my AQ then, and keep my fingers crossed...
  10. I too received a defence this week and have to return the AQ by the 18th also. In the Templates library there's a good guide to completing the AQ - it suggests using this in Section G: "Quote: Section G - Other Information In the space below, set out any other information you consider will help the judge to manage or clarify the claim, including any other information you consider should be supplied by the other party. Give details of any other information that you consider will help the judge to manage the claim, referring as necessary to any documents you might have attached. B
  11. Anybody agree with joesweetslim - I'm getting very nervous all of a sudden...???
  12. Received mine this morning as well Neil. You will need to pay another £100 to submit the Allocation Questionnaire, from what I've read elsewhere on the site, if your claiming more than £1500, but again this can be claimed back. In the Bank Templates Library there's a really good guide to completing the AQ - try having a look at that if you haven't already...
  13. I have received a Notice of Transfer of Proceedings and a copy of their defence this morning, together with an AQ which needs to be returned by 18th December. I think their defence sounds pretty much the same as many others on here, but I don't recognise one bit... "... The customer is notified of the charges in plain intelligible language at the conclusion of the contract, and on each monthly statement. The charge are terms which relate to the price payable by the customer for a service provided by the Bank, and pursuant to Regualtion 6 of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Reg
  14. I work in a GP surgery, and I know that even if you were to change surgeries, your records would still be available on the computer system in your old surgery. (Well they would on the computer system that we use anyway - I don't know whether they're all the same??) Just something to think about...
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