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  1. Thanks, I only have a payg mobile, I have no credit cards and I certainly do not use brighthouse et al. I work quite a distance from home and have to travel up to 50 miles a day and don't get mileage allowance, but it's still better than having no job. Time to sit down and do my sums again.
  2. Thanks, I will have got bill reminder letters but nothing legal, just saying I owe money. I know, it's been very tough for me the past few years, but like you say, my own doing. I really need to learn how to juggle very little. All I want to know is if what they've done is legit. Does it not matter if the owner of the property is not in? If they had made an appointment with me I would have gladly let them change the meter. I'm actually relieved there's a meter, hopefully the household will stop playing fast and loose with the heating. I don't know what charis trust is?
  3. I don't believe what's happened. Firstly, times have been hard for a while and the bills have been mounting up. I've been trying to clear it but each month the new bills bring the bills back up again, so I have been struggling for a while. I got back from work tonight to discover that a locksmith and two Scottish Gas guys broke into my house to change the gas meter to a pay as you go one. My 14 year old son was in at the time, he had no classes this afternoon. No ID was shown, they asked if he owned the house, then asked how old he was, when he told them he was 14 they told him to leave the house or they would call the police. I assume they are not allowed to be in a property with a child. He opted to run away, leaving the house with 3 strangers in it! They broke in before to change the electricity meter above head height. Are they really allowed to do what they like?
  4. Oh Amigo are the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Nasty threatening emails and text which, when I reply, they never respond to. Don't even talk to them on the telephone, they demand to know all my business and talk to down to me like a naughty child. I'm 46! Steer clear of this lot.
  5. I've just received a letter from these cretins, claiming I owe HM Revenue & Customs. Now my dilemma is thus: 1. Do I file it in the fire, or 2. Do I file it in the shredder
  6. If you type in 'nintendo ds broken hinge' into youtube, you will find thousands of people with the same problem. Mine is with Nintendo just now, under warranty, which they say I have to pay £55 to repair it, but I now realise I can repair it myself for £3.99 with an new hinge from ebay! Nintendo had so better not hold me to ransom like they have done with you Sheish, they can just dam well send my console back to me! Good luck to all you ds users
  7. My Meriva has started to loose the power steering which is quite worrying, I need to take it to Vauxhall to have a diagnostics done and take it from there. I have no claim on the independant garage as I bought it over a year ago, and I don't hold out much hope with Vauxhall either, so looks like I'm in for a pretty hefty bill!!
  8. I'm sorry Martin to you and everyone here for using bad language and for upsetting anyone and for not thinking,
  9. Phew, thanks guys, what a pickle. So, I will be fine then, they just questioned me in my house and nothing else happened after that, because obviously the edit making the allogations against me knew he would look a edit in court telling lies. But just goes to show you that anyone can make up stories about you and cause you a lot of grief, But I feel a lot better now I have talked it over with you, thanks again:)
  10. Following on from my question about being questioned under caution... I am applying for a childcare job and when looking into Disclosure Checks it appears that police cautions will show up and now I am thinking my whole career has been ruined because of a chav who has been stalking me for four years has been able to tell the police an outright lie and turn th tables on me. The employersare lovely but I just can't bring myself to say anything at the moment cos I'm so embarrassed and they might think there's more to it. Do you know what I mean. I just don't know what to do.
  11. Quick update, moved away fro six months, relaxed, came back and he's stalking me, police wont help, off to hang myself:(
  12. What would you think of the following. Please give an example of what you think represents each of them? Goth Keep themselves to themselves, listen to EMO type music, sad and depressing, black black and more black Chav Poor council estate dirty unwashed and uneducated, thick and find it difficult to comunicate with people outwith their groups. Arrogant, violant, (prbably due to the paranoia due to all the dope smoking), ugly, spotty, scruffy, hugely unaware at how stupid the are and how they dress, trakkies, ponytails, that stupid block hair dying, just complete waste of spaces, sponging off tax payers, lazy, hundreds of kids, criminal behaviour.....need i go on? Townie A more up market Chav Skater Keep themselves to themselves, artistic, casual, happy, fun seekers Do you think people judge teenagers by the way they look without knowing what they are really like? YES
  13. Whats the point in new for old on our policies if they don't pay out what we paid for them??? Are we just as well not to bother paying the extra premium for this???
  14. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/insurance-assurance-companies/129925-morethan-lessthan.html Simialr situation here, I am following your thread too and I hope you get somewhere with them soon. It seems to me that some, if not all, insurance companies like to take our premiums, but don't seem to want to pay us when we are in crisis????????????????? Does anyone know how to use the legal cover???????????
  15. Phone call this morning at 8.20 frm More Than, saying they have received the go ahead from Crawfords and that they have gone ahead and credited hubbies account, the one the dd come out of. Let you know when it clears.(if anyone's interested)
  16. UPDATE...Called More Than today, apparantly they have had no report from Crawfords. So they have lied to me, grrrr:mad:
  17. FOS helped me a great deal, Crapital One tried to get away without paying the contractual interest and FOS made them pay back everythin they owed me, yes it took a while, but no longer than it would have taken had I gone to court with it. I was very pleased with how they dealt with my case. I am aware however of the other arguments against them, just thought I would let you know about my experience.
  18. 14/01/08-Claim Made 23/01/08-Assesor Arrived From Crawfords, asked questions and took photos 30/01/08-Phoned Crawfords To Ask What's Taking So Long, no return phone call 04/02/08-Phoned Crawfords Again this time stating that I shall be seeking Adivice from Consumer Advice....Phoned me back and offered £800, I accepted as I can't be bothered with the hastle and we are moving. They said I would have cheque within 7-10 days? 12/02/08-Still no cheque!! Phoned again, and said they would get in touch with More Than and call me back, No return phone call. I'm getting really hacked off with this lot!! Who is at fault here and who do I report them to? Thank You
  19. Okay, thanks for that, I will do and I will let the forum know how this goes.
  20. We have recently made a claim for our sofa which our son got paint on and our policy with morethan is New for Old, however, after 3weeks of waiting and an assessor been out, I had to get angry with them on the phone for taking so long, they then offerred me £800 because they reakon it could be recovered, 3seater+2seater, however, the sofas origionally cost £1200. So, where do we go from here? Does anyone know where I can get a quote for recovering, or know roughly how much it will cost?
  21. I know, and fortunately for me I, I did opt out when I stumbled accross the tiny box obscured by all the other writing on the form. But still, we should really have to give written consent for them to do this, how many times have we been refused information about our spouses by the banks et al because of the 'data protection act', bla bl***y bla' Surely this applies? Loughing ou Very Loudly:p
  22. Just watching Watchdog tonight and see that the local councils can sell MY details off the electoral register to companies or indeed anyone who asks for a list. Am I entitled to a percentage of what they make as it is my name they are using? I'm beginning to think that I can do what I like in this country, if there are crooks like this profiting out of the privilaged position they are in. If councils can do s**t like this then so can we all...
  23. For a start, I don't care what country you come from, you just don't waltz into a shop and start re-arranging the price tags, and second, you are in our country, therefore you should abide by our laws, if you don't want to be arrested for commiting a minor offence, then don't do it, it doesn't matter where you come from, it's not racism, it's the law, so stop trying to blame it on your race. You are obviously very articulate, so don't take us all for fools and claim that you were unaware of what you were doing. And finally, you played the dumb card this time and got away with it, don't expect to get away with it again. Next time you are unsure of a price in a shop, ask the assistants, that's what they are there for.
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