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  1. Mini update : Robins on its way have now decided to remove me from their files.
  2. I have been doing a short term P/T temp job over the last 6 weeks via a recruitment agency. The approx rate : my contract is to do 21 hrs per week @ £8.00 = £ 5 - 7 in tax and NIC a week. My line manager signed one of my time sheet late, so it was processed 2 weeks later with the week I had just worked. The problem I have is the agency processed 2 time sheets which represented 2 weeks as 1 week. So 42hrs x£8, and charged around £60 in tax and NIC tax code 810l. when I received this payslip I immediately thought this was incorrect and stated that they had incorrectly processed a 2 week
  3. Not surprised with Robinways response, the agent basically lied that she never turned up on a Sunday, that they never received my text message to their mobile phone, and they never called back my Mobile phone on a Sunday. And have requested I write to them within the next 14 days to offer a payment proposal. ETA : I just going to pay slightly under the amount excluding charges directly to the OC, and dispute the rest of charges. I don't have the time to prepare a case based on 'she said vs you said argument".
  4. Yes, this is on my CRA file, I'm surprised to as the amount is around £300, and around £200 of that are charges. Can DCA do doorsteps on Saturdays/ Sundays? particularly Bank Hoildays, not like I can run down to the bank when every thing is closed.
  5. I made a formal complaint by email yesterday to robinway, due to receiving a doorstep collector from Robinway Way on Bank Holiday, as I was not in the doorstep collector disclosed full details of the account to a third party in the house. Also she brought her young kid 6-8 yr with her?? I sent a formal complaint by email yesterday. I going to prepare a revised complaint. Today, Bank Holiday Sunday the same person knocked on the door again. I did not open, but she made a bit of a scene my swearing her head off as she walked to her car door. I sent her a quick text message quoting t
  6. OP, are there any update? how did Lowell respond to your complaint? I've received a reconstituted CCA from Lowell for a the dollar financial old debt as well today, and still Dollar refuse to provide a true breakdown of the debt they claim is owned. I will be making a complaint as well.
  7. This happened quite a number of years ago, and from what I remember Lloyds did refund my money as a charge back, and H&T did nothing to dispute the charge back.
  8. I was thinking that also - I can't see the banks having enough legal representatives to attend small claim cases for X amount of claims that have been put on hold. Hopefully people will continue and get their money back .
  9. I got the same letter many months ago and put in a complaint to FOS http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payday-loans/185004-la2006-wonga.html#post2031328 It might be worth sending a formal complaint to WONGA by recorded delivery asking for a breakdown statement of account, disputing the debt and if their in breach any OFT Debt collection guidelines make a complaint about that.
  10. Hi, I was also looking to an answers/thoughts to the above question too: X can be a signature
  11. Power of Attorney ACT 1971: For the purpose of enabling H&T to recover payment of the Secured Sums, the Customer hereby by way of security irrevocably in accordance with Section 4 of the Power of Attorney Act 1971: a)appoints H&T as his or her agent and attorney in his or her name or otherwise to execute such documents and take such steps to secure or recover such payment as H&T may think appropriate: and b) authorises and request H&T to pay any cheque presented to the customer into any bank account mainted and nominate by H&T; and c) authorise h&t
  12. Delete -just need to create a revoke of power of attorney letter
  13. Lloyd's sent me a copy of everything that H&T has passed to their bank Include was a second page of conditions. I'm sure this was meant to be 'just sign to confirm all the personal information given on the top half of the page is correct" - didn't pay much attention to these conditions and was not given a copy of this. This is the first time reading this more closely. The only page they gave me was the customer copy of 'credit agreement' I thought was the whole terms and conditions. Power of Attorney ACT 1971: For the purpose of enabling H&T to recover payment of
  14. Well finally I got the FOS assessment on my complaints regarding the extra £400 plus charges WONGA tried to get from. Basically, FOS agreed that WONGA was in breach of OFT DC guidelines instructing third parties to collect the debt after I offered a repayment plan, and disputed their charges and not providing a breakdown of charges or a statement of account. FOS said that I didn't provide them with enough evidence regarding my unemployment ( so if you offer a payment plan, send a copy confirming your recieving benefits letter ( in my case JSA), and by recorded delivery so you have pr
  15. This may help someone: I have no idea if other banks will do this the same as Lloyds tsb. I had a small debt with H&T payday loan of less than 200 (with charges). The terms and conditions have no terms saying they can do what they did( that is retain any card details used to make payments) (outline below) In mid August 2009, I called to make a token payment for £5.00 with my new debit card from a different bank account, I also stated I was on Jobseekers allowance, this was all I could afford to each creditor, this was agreed and a transaction for £5.00 was completed over the p
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