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  1. bookmarking.... its a really interesting thread... i am on benefits never claimed my bank charges due to marriage breaking down etc...
  2. you will be ok I hope someone from this forum will give you the support... i live in N.ireland so its not possible for me to make the journey
  3. No i was not in arrears ... my marriage broke down and my ex hubby didnt pay his credit card bills (with halifax) didnt pay the mortgage (with halifax) the house was sold ... the first thing i got was my overdraft was being taken off me .... the next was my credit card wont be renewed! i never missed a payment .. maybe one or two in the last two years... the house wasnt repossed I managed to get it sold before that happened!
  4. bookmarking... halifax told me they are not renewing my credit card but continue to charge me interest
  5. the negative thing about static caravn ..(well i dont know if its the same in england as it is in N.I) if you want to sell it you have to sell it to the caravan site owner and he gives you rubbish money on it... I bought a 23K caravan three years ago and had to sell it for the matromonial settlement and he offered me 6K for it i was furious!!!! cos no way it is worth 6K but i was not allowed to sell it privately
  6. thank you so much for the link! i was on champax and protac went crazy... came off both tablets and hit self self destruct button and lost my four kids was thinking am i mad??
  7. I got a visit from the child tax credit saying I owe them £7,000!!! because i never filled in the forms in 2003! and now they are threatening me with court! i am a single mother on benefits what should i do?
  8. Does anyone know if N.I courts are staying claims?
  9. wow!! congratulations!! i fell by one of the ones that fell by the wayside got my statements never went any further after reading that you won it is giving me a kick up the Back**** to send my LBA tomorrow! I am really pleased for you! :D :D
  10. At this stage just the late payment charges and over limit charges.... interest is only added on at the court stage... good luck!
  11. You leave out the interest until you get to court stage
  12. I had a tesco visa and cleared it 4 years ago, I dont have their address to send the DPA but I do have the account number can anyone help?
  13. Have you sent off the DPA letter along with a £10 fee?
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