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  1. my god im in the same boat!!! my date is also the 30th july!! i havent got anything together!! do i send the info that i submitted to moneyclaim before with the total charges on, do i also add the court charges? what court bundle do i send and to i need to add anything to it?? Im gonna call barclays now. - also - just looked at my notice of hearing , just gives the date that i should attend and the time,it dosent say anythng about paperwork being submitted?????? have i done it through moneyclaim? Lyndsey
  2. im just puzzled how to add the 8% to my total , not sure how to do it on the form, i have completed everything on the simple version but not sure of the total.
  3. I wonder if anyone can help me, im about to do a moneyclaim for barclays bank as still havent heard from them! th charges amount over 6 years is £2343.03 but i havent a clue about the intrest part!! apparently i need to add 8% each year and then the daily rate??? does anyone know what this will be or how to work it out?? im stuck!!!!!!
  4. i have received all statements from barclays and added them up and sent off the amount i wanted back as suggested, i receiced a letter back saying they would refund back half of the amount , as suggested i sent back the reply and suggested that i would accept it only as partial payment. This was about 3 weeks ago and i havent heard back since, what do i do now, im confused, have i blown getting any money back at all? what letter do i send now??
  5. I sent my letter to barclays detailing the amount of money in charges that i would like back , they had untill the 22nd december to reply. On the 22nd december i had a letter back saying that they will refund half of the money - £1000 as a final settlement fee. What next? Do i send letter 3 as there 14 days is up or what? Stuck and need advice, obviously im going for the full amount and not accepting the lower amount but unsure what steps to take. Thanks,
  6. Sorry its Barclays Bank. I will wait until the 14 days are up and go from there. Anyone able to help me with the dreaded council and bailiff matters!!! - from parking fines!! what a nightmare! The Crooks (sorry bailiffs!!!) are newlyn and are all unreasonable gits! the council is camden council and didnt even give me a chance to go to court - they just passed it to the bullying bailiffs!!
  7. I sent my letter asking for the 6 years worth of charges back and recieved a reply today saying that they will try to responde to me within this timescale but it may take 4 weeks. Do i just wait untill the 14 days are up and send the next letter??? Thanks,
  8. I have recieved all my 6 years worth of statements back now, after adding them up the total is £2330., the letter suggests that i add a schedule of charges?? whats this and how do i do it, can anyone help? the bank i am fighting at the moment is barclays bank. i also have an ongoing complaint with them as a member of there staff opened me a seperate account and transfered £24.000 from my account to the new one!!!!! - without my permission.
  9. Hi, im new to all this and got the info off of a friend who is doing the same. I posted off my data protection letter and have just recieved statements back from the bank from the last 6 years. where do i go now? do i add them up and then write to the bank? where do i find the template letters that i can look at to get ideas? Sorry for all the questions but finding it hard to navigate around the website. The bank i am using is barclays bank - complete rip off merchants!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for helping,
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