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  1. A few years ago now I went through the hoops of claiming compensation for a mis-sold endowment mortgage. What I forgot at the time was that we had taken out a children's gift plan (endowment based) shortly after our kids were born that promised them a reasonable lump sum when they were 21. Just looking at the annual report it is going to produce a sum not much more than the premiums put in. Clearly suffering from the same malaise as the endowment that supported my mortgage:-x. Has anyone heard of claims relating to mis-sold children's gift plans of this nature? Thanks for any advice people!
  2. Hi As I was not sure which one to use I have actually filled out both just to see hpw they worked. I am planning ahead a bit as I am only just sending the prelim letter so not yet at the stage where I need the sheet.
  3. Thanks j2b, I think I have been reading the forums TOO deeply. Keep it simple and I should be OK.......... Cheers H
  4. Finally got around to sitting down and drawing up the first claim latter and something struck me about the maths in the spreadsheet. All my charges were incurred in 2004 so the interest is a good deal. However the account was suspended in 2005 and I agreed a payment plan to clear the debt at £50 a month. Since then they have not charged interest. If I use the spreadsheet figures they will calculate right up to date. This will effectively mean that I would be claiming more than they have actually charged and give them a flaw in my case that they could exploit in court. Anyone come across this b
  5. Statements came yesterday. £1120 in a year. Now it is back to the library and FAQ's to make sure I get the next steps right.
  6. S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) request sent 15MAR07 so it was due on 24APR by my calculations. Nothing has arrived yet but the cheque was cashed on 18APR so it should be in the pipeline. I will be calling them on Monday to chase. I am testing the waters with Halifax and confidence building. After that I go for the big one. Barclays have charged me a small fortune over the last 6 years by my estimates. As per the forum advice, I have opened a parachute account to cover me if they get grouchy!;-)
  7. Hi All, Joined a few days ago and been reading the material. I am starting to get all the paperwork together and to write the preliminary letters to join battle with Halifax and Barclays (for a start at least!) It has occurred to me that the legislation that we are using could possibly be used in other related fields. I am thinking specifically of things that are run on a monthly account basis under the normal Consumer Credit regs like mobile phone accounts? My wife ran in to trouble with her O2 account when she went into hospital for an extended stay and they eventually closed the a
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