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  1. Thanks guapa. Unfortunately already sent LBA. 'Itchy feet' Im my worst enemy. Thanks for ur input though. Hope it goes well for u. Nah!! It will go well for u.
  2. Cheeky name. Well done so far. Looking forward to see how u get on. AM at the same stage as u really. Have sent prelim letter and am waiting to send LBA, but im waiting on some info from someone. Made a mistake on my interest calcs and want to know if it will make a difference or if I will have to recalculate and send of prelim letter again.
  3. Can anyone help please. I have sent my prelim letter to halifax, got a reply which i have posted but when i've checked my spreadsheet today before i send off my lba, i have noticed that it has worked out the interest correctly but i put the wrong year on the 31-Jan-2005 should be 2006. E.g Charges as Notified 28.00 30-Nov-2005 3.62 interest Charges as Notified 39.00 02-Dec-2005 5.01 interest Charges as notified 28.00 30-Dec-2005 3.28 interest Charges as Notified 28.00 31-Jan-2005 7.23 interest Charges as Notified 30.00 0
  4. Sorry to be bother. Have filled out spreadsheet from vampiress to work out interest but not sure on what to youse as the rate. HAve done it with the overdraft rate which was like 13.9% . Is that right. Can anyone help. Have dived into this head first cause im fed up and angry with the way i've been treated .
  5. Hi am making a claim against halifax. Started my claim on 2nd October 06 as my girlfriend works in a bank and she told me about what was going on. Started by asking for the difference between the 38 pound charges and the 12 pound that the oft report stated was fair. Halifax `replied that the oft statement was only for credit cards and did not apply to bank accounts. Was put on to this website by one of my girlfriends mums who's daughter had successfully claimed 4300 pound. After reading all necesary threads etc i sent of my prelim letter on the 4th November and recievd a reply on t
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