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  1. Upstate. I received a letter from Lowell today saying they have acknowledge my request for CCA. I sent this over a month ago. they say they are asking Cap one for the information and they aim to provide it within 12 working days. They go on to say they are not posting any information out by Royal Mail at the moment and I must send them my email details. If I do not provide these they will not send me anything out until COVID government restrictions are lifted. I am not keen providing them with my email as I don’t want to be bombarded with email. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. I had a credit card with cap one that I ran into difficulty with and they defaulted it. I was getting help through debt line and I had set up a payment plan. I got a letter in September from Lowell stating they had now bought the debt and I needed to pay them. they started texting and calling me but I refused to go through their security checks and asked them to write to me. I sent them a request for a true copy of my credit agreement and have heard nothing other than two more letters telling me to contact them to set up a payment plan. I checked my credit report in October and saw that the capital one account had been removed from my file. I have just checked it again today and the account has reappeared but now states that it is Lowell. What can I do? Lowell have not produced any documentation at all since my request in September.
  3. Hi I opened a capital one card in 2002 and I ran in to difficulties in March this year. i contacted national debt line and worked out a payment plan of £8 per month. the balance is £3500 capital one subsequently defaulted my card. today I started getting texts and calls from Lowell and tonight when I got home I received a letter from them stating they had now bought the debt from capital one and I needed t- contact them to work out a payment plan. please can I have advice please. is this debt enforceable? What should I be doing? Many thanks for looking at my post.
  4. Was thinking of sending another letter outlining the reason I do not acknowledge their claim. Account is in dispute for non compliance off cca request. No deed of assignment seen No default notice received. I am also wondering whether to send off a sar request to them. Thoughts anyone ?
  5. Not sure I really understand you there. I have written to capq stating that the stat demand was dismissed and I was awarded costs. They have said that the stat demand had nothing to do with their claim.
  6. If they issued a claim could I use the fact that they had already issued a stat demand and it had been dismissed 'after the judge had considered my evidence' regarding non compliance of cca request, defaults or the issuing of a notice of assignment?
  7. Put a post in the legal section... Let's hope someone can offer me some advice how to proceed with this.
  8. Hi, I have a link here in the Debt collectors forum but I wondered if anyong could offer me advice on how to proceed. Here is the link. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?343285-Capquest-started-contacting-me-again! I'm not sure how to respond to them on this one. I checked my credit file last month and the default they (Capquest) put on my account was in March 2006 but their letter states 'they bought the account in October 2007'. The default has now gone from my credit report.
  9. There is 13 months to go before it could be classed as statute barred... Can they pursue this even though it has been dismissed once by a judge. I know it was a stat demand but their witness statement was about agreements etc and my evidence that I presented was about lack of.... Agreement, default notices, letter of assignments etc, Thanks
  10. Hi I think that 6 years is the time for statute barred. This has been going on since 2007 so it is not stat barred until oct 2013... but it is in dispute etc.
  11. I wonder if anyone can help me and offer me some advice. I have had several dealings with Caapquest regarding a disputed skycard debt they claim to have purchased going back to Oct 2007. I have never acknowledged the debt, they failed to produce a legible agreement with t&c's etc so and the account has been in dispute. They pursued me with a Stat demand in 2009... which was dismissed: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?199097-capquest-stat-demand-***-WON-COSTS-***&p=2455539#post2455539 About 2 weeks ago I got a letter from them stating that they had continued to update their records and inform credit rating agencies and if they did'nt hear from me with in the next 14 days they would start court action which might include a charging order etc... but I could call their friendly people and start paying them.... I wrote back stating that I was surprised to receive the letter as the last letter I had received from them had a cheque in it to cover my court costs! I have now got a letter back stating that they purchased the debt from skycard and were acting in good faith as they were not aware of any dispute. The letter states that the money they paid me was in relation to the stat demand and has no bearing on the current outstanding balance and they are the legal owners of the debt. They have given me 14 days in which to respond before the account is passed back to collections which may include court action. Any advice on how to proceed? The paper from the court states that the case was dismissed after reading the evidence presented... This was to do with the lack of a properly executed agreement, no notice of default, letter of assignment etc.
  12. They threatened court action with me... They started court action. I got a specialist solicitor on a CFA basis. They conceded and the case was dismissed by the court... And they were left with hefty costs to pay.
  13. UPDATE Court date was set for two days in June... I appointed solicitor on a CFA basis. Case dismissed!!!!! and they are paying some HEFTY costs!!
  14. My line of thought was that it increases their cost and given the flimsy (imo) evidence or lack of it may make them take their foot of the accelerator.
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