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  1. Hi I'm claiming from 2 hsbc accounts. Here's wht's happened so far : Sent prelim letters Received 2 "we are looking into your complaint" letters I ignored these and sent a letter before action for each acc. The 14 days are up now and had no further response In light of this announcement should I carry on? What next? send a letter threatening court action? Surely they will ignore this? I'm getting scared now! If I go to court is there a chance I could be one of the test cases ? Sorry if that's a stupid question:oops: any advice greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks I do have Excel installed already so I'm not sure why the google spreadsheets didn't work. I'll have a look for the thread about spreadsheets:-)
  3. Do I HAVE to use a spreadsheet? Or can I do my own spreadsheet. I'm not too bad with excel.
  4. Thanks cadencealex Those are the ones I tried unfortunatley. I registered with google and then clicked on the spreadsheet but just got a blank page.
  5. Hello (first post here:) ) I intend to claim back my bank charges which I'm guessing will be in the region of £1000-1500 but I'm having problems accessing the spreadsheet. I've read the step by step guide and followed the link but for some reason the spreadsheet won't show up. I'm using an oldish iMac so that maybe why:? Is there any other way I can access a spreadsheet? Thanks in advance
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