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  1. Well, I have asked for every statement since I started my account with the Halifax, around 20 years ago. I can't really understand a lot of the legalese surrounding the issue (and it may be different in N. Ireland), but I may go for a free consultation with a friendly lawyer, and see what his opinions are. Thanks all, and please keep the responses/success stories (if there are any over 6 years!) coming! P
  2. I am curious as to what this refers to. Understand that it means that I can apparently only claim back bank charges from the last 6 years. But is it a limitation because the bank only have to hold records for 6 years, or because the Data Protection Act only allows 6 years, or another reason? I'd love to claim back 20 years of overdrawn charges, P.
  3. I'll be following this thread closely Stephany, as I am also in NI! I'm going to try and break my claims up into £2k chunks, as advised. I really want to bite them, get every single penny back and then give the fingers out the car window each time I drive past a Halifleece branch, haha!
  4. From what I have read, they will say they are going to defend the claim but they never will - they will always pay up before the court date. I have done a LOT of reading on this site, and as far as I know the Halifax have never proceeded as far as court! I'm interested to see that they haven't mentioned your 12 year thing! If I could claim back to when I was a student 12 years ago (constant overdraft charges!) I could probably afford a brand new car!
  5. Thanks to both of you, I read the F&S thing as wel. Livelylad what do you think are the chances they would close my account? I've read of so many success stories here but I've not found much about the halifax closing accounts. Do you think there is a major chance they will do it, or a tiny one, or even a guess would be cool! I know the chances of going to court are tiny, but I don't want to be that "tiny"! Lol! Do you know if they have ever done it over plain overdraft/dd/cheque charges?
  6. I'm sorry to you all for posting again, but I am sitting here on my own woried sick about this! I know the bank owe me money, but if they close my account then I am broken both financially and mentally! PLEASE, has anyone heard that the halifax would do this "close my account", on just a normal bank account? I have read and read and read the forums, but there is so much to take in!
  7. A cheque is valid anywhere - as long as it doesn't bounce!
  8. Hi there, first post! Site makes for great reading, and I want my money back! I have a normal Halifax account, no mortgage with them (it is with another bank, never defaulted) and no "loans". I do though have an "agreed overdraft", and I have regularly accidentally exceeded it in the past through cheques bouncing and Direct debits with no funds available. So I have a LOT of £30 a time charges I would like to claim back. However, I rely on my overdraft (like a lot of you I suspect, in fact I live in my overdraft for about 2 weeks of every month once payday has been and gone - too much m
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