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  1. Hi all,


    Following earlier success with Lloyds have just received the full amount from A&L but only after we filed in court. They said the usual 'no admission of liability', 'no sign of weakness', 'charges are fair' etc etc but coughed up anyway!

    Subsequently, however, they have now followed up with another letter saying the account is to be closed because we 'clearly do not accept certain aspects of their terms and conditions' and threatening default status being registered with a credit refererence bureau if we can't immediately repay any outstanding balance and have to make repayment proposals! Talk about bad losers or what!

    I am not one to lie down easily and now intend to take the petulant b*stards to the Financial Services Ombudsman because this is nothing short of retaliation and a thinly veiled threat for them being found out! Can anyone point me in the right direction?






    Keep up the fight, remember it's your money!

  2. Dear All,


    Success today! Lloyds TSB agreed to repay £210 of the £214.62 I reclaimed! They were rather grudging about it (but they would be wouldn't they) and say they still don't agree the charges are unfair etc etc and they are only making the payment because it's cheaper than contesting the claim any further! The word 'whatever' springs immediately to mind but the important thing is; the cheque's on its way! It wasn't all bad though, my account remains open, they offered advice on how to avoid going over my overdraft and they also suggested I speak with them about raising my limit!


    The process went as follows:


    26 Oct 06 First letter from me requesting refund.

    08 Nov 06 Refusal letter from Lloyds TSB.

    20 Nov 06 2nd letter from me informing them of intended Court action.

    22 Dec 06 Settlement letter from Lloyds.


    All pretty snagless really, a couple of hours preparation, 2 letters and hey-presto the cash is inbound!! Alliance & Leicester next!


    Keep up the good work everyone and good luck!



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