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  1. Thanks again, will sleep on it and make a decision in the morrow.
  2. Thanks, the LBA deadline is next wednesday so I'll update once that's passed - hopefully I will have had a response by then as re-reading my HSBC letter, it's a response to my LBA dated 2 weeks after I submitted my MCOL and had it acknowledged!
  3. I should add that the chain off events goes as follows: Premlim Letter LBA MCOL Claim issued Claim acknowledged (by DG) Response to LBA by HSBC
  4. Thanks for your comments - I've just re-read the letter (dated 5/12/06) which states that it is in response to my letter dated 3/11/06!!! ...so it was a response to my LBA as Lateralus suggested. Now that I've submitted my MCOL and had it acknowledged by DG (who intend to defend the claim in full), who should I now respond to with my intent to collect the full amount I have submitted my MCOL for? Thanks for your advice.
  5. If just had an offer for settlement from HSBC for another claim I have running, which had taken about 8 weeks to get that far - I was wondering how long it takes on average or how far you have to push nationwide to get an offer?
  6. A letter plopped onto my door mat this morning from a member of HSBC Bank's Service Quality Team. It seems strange that they have only responded to me following my MCOL submission but couldn't find the energy within them to lift a pen to respond to my Prelim & LBA letters (the blighters...) - anyways, they have made me an offer of £2250.00 as full and final settlement for representing the charges applied. I have a a question in my head before I decide what to do: If I persue for the full amount, will I get it (the offer is £513.72 less than I asked, plus they haven't included th
  7. AQ meaing Allocation Questionnaire? Was hoping to have the £ in time for xmas but news year is just as good i guess
  8. Received my Notice of Issue via the MCOL peeps on 22/11/06 - it was isued on 21/11/06. I hadn't received any kind of response form HSBC regarding my prelim and LBA letters but already received a Notice of Acknowledgement of Service (dated 26/11/06) for which the box 'I intend to defend all of this claim' s ticked. The Notice advised that HSBC has 28 days to file their defence, any advice as to wha I should expect?
  9. Hi there, I've just submitted my prelim letter and had a response already...but they advise that they won't refund the charges and that if I'm not happy with their response to 'take the complaint to the next step' via the ombudsmun etc... Should I ignore this letter/response and wait until the deadline given in the prelim letter then sent the LBA letter as planned (should I acknowledge their letter?) Thanks
  10. Hello there! I've just submitted my OLMC (yesterday) after receiving no response at all to my LBA and initial letter. They were both sent recorded and I have checked the delivery slips which confirm they arrived. I guess just need to sit tight now... Has anyone heard of these companies who offer a 'no win no fee. get your charges back' service? My partner is going to reclaim her charges soon from Nationwide and I wondered if it's worth getting these guys to do it all for us rather than have the hassel? They advise they charge their fees to the banks (making it more expensive for
  11. Hi guys, Just submitted my OLMC after no response from my first x2 letters, and now waiting for a response...
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