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  1. Please help - something's gone wrong...! For this case, I've followed exactly the same steps I did for my HSBC claim (which was paid in full) and I used the same templates for interest charges, letters and the MCOL etc. The problem where this case seems to have fallen over is at the stage of submitting the AQ. The Nationwide made a part payment of the amount claimed for following the submission of the MCOL. I advised them that unless they paid the remainder, I would proceed with my claim. They did not pay the remainder. I submitted the AQ as per instructions and used the
  2. Yes - account closure notice served after they made a partial payment of the full amount claimed for. I'm still chasing the remainder and have submitted my AQ on Firday gone as I hadn't heard anything form them.
  3. it'll be in the post with Friday's date on it.... Fingers crossed they don't serve you with a 'close your account' letter too like they did to me...
  4. Once I submitted the MCOL they paid part of the requested amount in charges (some over x6 years), ALL of the interest requested including that calculated on ALL charges + costs of £120. They also gave notice on the account, to which I was a little shocked but was aware could happen. They quoted that I had not complied with the terms of the account as the reason for closure but I feel like arguing back "I am happy with the terms, just not the unlawful and outrageous charging structure!". I've now submitted the AQ stating what payments I've recieved and also sent a copy to Nationwide
  5. ...i take it then no one can help or has any ideas? I have sent of the AQ questionniare with cheque for £100 and will wait and see what happens next. I sent a copy to the Nationwide and also included a statment that advised they have paid me the following: 1) Costs to date (for MCOL) 2) Interest requested on full amount 3) Part of fully requested amount ...so if they don't want to refund me the whole amount requested, why did they pay me all of the interest as requested but not the charges - even if they are over x6 years old? I have in turn requested them to provide me with a br
  6. Letter arrived today from Nationwide advising that they now consider my action a sign of non-conformance to their flex account rules and therefore have given me notice that they are closing the account! I knew that it was a possibility but thought it wouldn't come to this, as HSBC have not reacted it the same way and paid in full. I'm assuming the answer is no but.. Is there anything I can do as I'm failing to adhere to the terms of the agreement but merely challanging the amount they charge under it? Any help or suggestions appreciated
  7. Partial acceptance letter went off on Saturday, they have until 20/1/07 to pay the rest or I'll press on with the claim.
  8. Time line of claim following submission of Prelim letter & LBA with no response on deadlines: Submitted MCOL on 20/11/06 Issued 21/11/06 Treated as served from 26/11/06 (Response in 14 days - 5/12/06) Acknowledged by HSBC (DG) 26/11/06 - (28 days to submit defence from date claim served) Faxed schedule to 01214552150 - FAO Deborah D'Audney @ DG Solicitors (result sent ok) Deadline for defence 24/12/06 Defence submitted - awaiting paper work… Offer received on 20/12/06 for full settlemet - crossed out non-disclosure part and added to be paid in 14 days - sent this 21/12/0
  9. Thanks for that bottumburp, just drafted and posted my partial acceptance on the basis that they pay the rest! The funny thing about the letter they sent is that it doesn't include anything about an offer or that they consider the claim settled etc... Nor does it instruct me to stop my claim with the court - so I'm guessing they're either incompetent (highly probable) or they a bunch of chancers!
  10. Just to confirm, even if the charges are over 6 years old, so long as I can provide evidence of them, I can claim them?
  11. Really weird thing happened.... A load of unexplained credits appearded on my account then a letter dropped on the mat advising that only the last x6 years worth of refunds have been applied, with their calculated (no sums included) interest and costs (£120 for the MCOL). In the letter is is telling me what they have done, not making an offer. Am I entitled to all I have requested, even charges over x6 years or should I just accept this and cancel the MCOL?
  12. Thanks to all that have helped me through this claim, I've made a donation (x1 of the charges recovered, £25) and have notified the bank and the court. I'll complete the questionnire shortly so that's about it! Take care & thanks !
  13. My AQ deadline is 7/1/07 (this Sunday) but in order to get in on time I would need to submit it tomorrow. I filled out the AQ and wrote out my cheque ready to post it tonight but what should land on my mat this morning...? A letter from DG confirming the monies would be paid in to my account within 7 days of their letter. I checked my account just now and the money is in there! Woohoo! I now need to stop my court action so should I contact the courts directly to advise? Also I would like to donate to the site, how to I go about doing this?
  14. Confirmation of issue of claim arrived yesterday (20/12/06). The claim will be deemed as served on 23/12/06
  15. Acceptance letter with the amended text sent off today. Also got my Notice of Transfer of Proceedings pack in the post this morning. Is this the AQ questionnaire? I think I should have this completed and ready to submit on the deadline of 7/1/07 (a Sunday so will have done by the preceeding Friday 5/1/07) if HSBC haven't paid me the money advised on by then. Is there anything I should be aware of while filling out the forms?
  16. Many thanks for that info - the letter has been amended, signed and now has a stamp on it ready to go! I'll update the thread if there is any further progress.
  17. Just wanted to make a quick post as when I got home just now there was a letter from DG on the mat.....It was a settlement in full for the amount I have claimed for! I have some questions about the wording on the acceptance etc and what, if at all, I should alter so as not to bugger myself up if I spread the good news about my victory!
  18. Thanks Claire78 - the name on the email address you provided is that on the MCOL acknowledgement. I'll send the schedule off asap. I did fax a copy of the schedule to D'Aubney @ DG a while ago but I guess sending another won't hurt.
  19. Many thanks for that. Just as you advised - I checked the MCOL site and there is a defence showing! I was sooo looking forward to sending in the baliffs I guess the papaer work is to follow...You say an offer may come in now that the defence has been filed? I'll keep the thread updated if anything does. Thanks again
  20. Have a question regarding my MCOL deadlines: My MCOL was logged online on 21/11/06; it was accepted on 22/11/06 with it being sent to HSBC, who acknowledge the claim on 24/11/06. Is the deadline for the defence to be submitted 28 days from HSBC acknowledging the claim or 28 days from the day the claim is deemed as being served (as decided by the court which was 26/11/06)? If it's the latter then my deadline is up on Sunday (ho ho ho) and I've not heard a bean.... I did send both HSBC (Service Quality Team) & DG a copy of the decline of offer as mentioned above. If I don’t receiv
  21. MCOL submitted just now (gonna update the mods to add it to the list)
  22. I've recently had a further x2 letter from Nationwide advising that they've looked further into my 'concerns over charges' and advise they aren't going to change their stance i.e. no refund. The deadline set in the LBA letter has now passed so I'm just about to submit my MCOL.
  23. Hi, My LBA deadline for Nationwide expires this Wednesday (x2 days away) - this morning I received a letter form Nationwide advising that they are refering my case to their 'Member Service Department' to review. Should I await for this response or go ahead and submit the MCOL once the deadline arrives? Thanks
  24. After a good nights kip I've decided not to take the offer and run but to stick it out and reclaim my full entitlement. It seems shoddy on thier part that they would take so long to respond to my LBA letter and even do so after they have acknowldged my MCOL. The letter to decline the offer has been drafted with a copy going to DG too and will be posted today. Any idea how long it will take form here until I hear anymore (or get a revised offer?) Also, would would I expect the offer from, DG or HSBC?
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