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  1. URL to the PCN notice: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/mrpenguin/File/PCN.jpg Thanks
  2. On 14/05/08 my wife was adjudged to have been in breach of Code 82 - “one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of an urban road other than a carriage way (footway parking)” The area on which she parked was on the near side of a road ‘after’ the entrance to a cul-de-sac on a main road, with the near side front wheel up on the kerb/verge. There was no path or path entrance being blocked, in fact, the nearest path and entrance is situated several meters away with access unrestricted by her parking (the access for the pathway is gain from a driveway at a 90 degree angle from her
  3. Hi Gyzmo, The exact wordage is "Now that we have inspected your carpet we can confirm that it is flattening in the areas where is receives the heaviest use. This is perfectly normal and we are pleased to say that the carpet is not faulty. Carpets will always flatten after use and this will show where the carpet gets used more in some areas than in others. Flattening is not wear and is not a defect." I can honestly say that I did not expect this to occur and also that I have never seen this happen to anyone else's carpet I have known.
  4. Carpet Right - pattern flattened! In September 2007 I purchased carpets from Carpet Right for my stairway, landing and x2 bedrooms. The carpet was all the same type & colour and we also purchased underlay from them. Carpet Right arranged for a contracted fitter to lay the underlay & carpet. After x4 months we noted that the ‘waffle’ effect on the carpet was beginning to become depressed and flatten. Within x6 months we contacted Carpet Right and they sent someone to take a look. Carpet Right have now advised that the carpet is not faulty and so not covered by any guaran
  5. Can anyone tell me why sparky0071 would post a reply and then delete it? See the below email from the CAG webmaster... Dear mrpenguin, sparky0071 has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Can I return my TV ? - in the Currys/Dixons forum of The Consumer Forums. This thread is located at: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/currys-dixons/128621-can-i-return-my-new-post.html Here is the message that has just been posted: *************** *hi i am a currys dsgi employee * *if you purchased your tv from a store the we offer a 28 day money b
  6. It now transpires that HR never actually issued an offer when the old one expired but instead created one, following my requesting a copy. They have not answered my demand to know why they did not issue the offer when the old one expired.
  7. Not too keen to give dates (u never know who's watching).
  8. I have copies of others details and my previous offers but nothing realting to this one. I have spoken to my line manager but it seems to rest with HR.
  9. The company I worked for was ‘merged’ with another company and as a result a lot of people were notified that their positions were redundant. Shortly before the end of the notice period I was made an offer to stay on for a set period of time and in return I would receive a bonus (I also would continue to continue to receive all benefits inc holiday etc). I accepted this. At the end of the extension I was made a further offer to stay with the business until another set date, and again a bonus was offered (I also would continue to continue to receive all benefits inc holiday etc). I
  10. When I took the TV back I had a debate (firm but fair) with a senior employee that the feeds in the store on the display TV's are not the same as that I have at home. As such I felt 'tricked' that I purchased the TV on the belief that I would be receive the same picture quality. The response that eventually came was that I should 'buy better connectors', 'get Sky to come out and check my feed'. Stupidly I did actually buy a better scart cable yesterday but no improvement! When I purchased the TV no one asked me if it was suitbale for my needs, not that I would nnecessarily expect them
  11. "...The product has not been used or installed..." Trouble there is that I did install the TV.
  12. Four days ago I went into my local Curry's store and after having a look around I bought an LCD TV on HP. Once I got the TV I set it up in my living room but was really disappointed with the quality of the picture. I tried changing settings but I just wasn't happy with the purchase. I called Curry's customer line and explained the situation and asked if they would take it back - the lady who I spoke to called the store and advised if the TV is not damaged then they can take it back. I boxed everything back up exactly as it came and took the TV to the store. While there it was
  13. I purchased a TV last year from Ebuyer using Edgecard and there Able2Buy scheme. The TV was returned to Ebuyer recently due to a suspected fault, to which Ebuyer confirmed the goods were faulty. As the TV was no longer in stock or not supplied any more, Ebuyer initiated a refund which they advised would go to the Edgecard - thus paying off the balance and setting the amount of finiance outstanding to zero. I called Ebuyer three working days after I received notifcation that the refund would be actioned as I could not see a refund entry on my 'ledger' with them. Ebuyer advised me th
  14. were all of the charges you claimed for, within the 6 year window when you first made your claim for the charges to be refunded?
  15. Has anyone succesfully claimed charges over 6yrs old with the Nationwide? Part of the charges in my claim exceed the 6yr rule and it looks like the claim will go to a hearing. The nationwide have partially paid the claim but are advising they are not paying the remainder. I wanted to see if they have paid for charges over 6yrs in the past so I could see how likey I was to be succesful.
  16. This post has been deleted. We do not condone fraud in any form on this site. Rooster-UK.
  17. After all that, the court say they never received my substituted POC and as a result, struck out my claim, despite me calling them to confirm if they received it and them telling me they had.... I resbmitted the POC using a form they sent me and had to pay an additional £65 for the pleaseure. This time though I delivered it by hand! Now I await the hearing date. Does anyone know if it is likely they will show up at hearing or settle the remainder in full before any date set?
  18. It has been a while since I sent of the revised POC to the courts and also NAtionwide - I feared my claim had been stayed.... After calling the court last week to query the progress they advised that they would pick the case file up and progress it as it appears to have just been left... Hopefully a judge will now review the file and set a court date...let's see if Nationwide cough up the rest of my claim after that!
  19. Supurb - most helpful and greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!
  20. OK, I'll hang fire before sending it but will get the papers ready in the mean time. I've completed the substituted particulars of claim (thansk for the template) and have also completed the covering letter (again thanks for the info). I am confused however about the N215 Cert of Service...am I to complete this form to show that I have sent a copy of my substituted POC to the defendant?
  21. Thanks HSBCrusher & Zooman - very helpful! I'll do as suggested and send service letter along with copy of N1 and completed N215. I'll post an update once heard back - thanks again
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