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  1. In the challenge rejection letter from the LA it advised if we send in a copy of the valid ticket we had they may reconsider. I have sent this in with a letter stating a few other points and am hoping they will waiver the charge.
  2. Hi All, Some help required please: My wife received a PCN whilst parked in a local council car park for allegedly not displaying a valid P&D ticket. We contested this informally using their website (North Herts Council) as she was in possesion of a valid ticket, which we were sure was visible. The informal challenge was rejected and two photos were sent showing a windscreen with the corner of what appears to be the P&D ticket showing in one of them. I've put the point forward in a response that these pictures are subjective as the position of the person taking the p
  3. I've decided to accept the offer - it is quite funny that the way the company worded their letter to me makes it sound like a commercial decision rather than any other reason. I am 100% confident that if this had gone to court I would have got the same result but to avoid all the hassle, this is probably the best end result. Thanks to all for any advice contributed.
  4. It looks like the PILON will be taxable as it does state in the staff handbook that the company does reserve the right to pay in lieu of notice in the event of contract termination. I'm due to have a second consultation meeting soon and I'm told they will have for a provisional figure for my redundancy plus the PILON payment. In order to know I'm getting what I'm entitled to, what kind of benefits will make up the PILON? I understnad it may consist of any outstanding holidays or holiday that would have been acrued during the notice period, any pension contributions and also medica
  5. thanks honeybee - I thought this may be the case and will put it to HR who have already advised that they are....I'll let you know what they say
  6. Thanks again BRB, it seems that they aren't willing to budge on the relocation package deal and so that may be a dead end. I've also jsut discovered that I'm going to be paid in lieu of notice which doesn't sound to bad initially but means I'm going to lose out on the accumulation of benefits during my notice period i.e. holiday entitlement, pension, medical cover etc. Is there anythign that can be done about this? I've also heard, not sure if its true, that if a company does not allow you to work notice, it coulod be deemed as breach on contract and therefore I could receive the paym
  7. The company have since written to me to advise that they will replace the phone with a new handset up to the value of the phone I had & also a credit to cover the cost of submitting the MCOL. I'm considering the offer and will probably accept it.
  8. thanks Bigredbus, I guess I'm just trying to understand if by way of not offering a relocation package that I am being dis-advantaged and therefore I don't have any other option but to go with redundancy. There are other employees who are in the same situation as me in. It just feels unfair that those who are already based at the site where the roles will be are alomost a 'shoe in' as there is no way I can relocate as things are.
  9. Thanks again Buzby - can you advise on how I go about amending my POC? My costs of £25 was covered under point 6. of my POC but not itemised as £25. Thanks again
  10. Thanks for the response Buzby. I admit there was a delay in initially contacting the company but this was due to the fact that I had no no real cause for concern until after repeated issues with the handset. At this point I did reject the handset. I would gladly accept a new phone but seeing as the company wont provide one, nor do they offer the handset locked to their network as 'buy on its own' I am left with no alternative than to seek a the replacement from a 3rd party (the origional manufacturer). My issue is not with the company's ait-time service or contact itself, just th
  11. Hi, Recently I was put 'at rsik' of redundancy and as of today I am on my 30 days individual consultation notice. It is anticipated I will be served my notice shortly after the 30 days expires. The driver for the 'at risk' warning and potential redundancy is a restructure taking palce within the business. My role is proposed to be located at another office which is not within a commuatable distance. I have a question regarding this situation in that no offer of relocation incentive or package of relocation assistnace has been made should I want to relocate. I'm pretty sure th
  12. Hi, As part of a contract renewal and upgrade received a new Nokia 5800. When I got the phone I noticed that the box had 2 security labels on it. At the time I didn't do anything about it but over the following weeks the phone was troublesome and kept freezing and shutting down leading me to beleive it was not in fact 'new'. I did call the company and tried to address the issue but they were less than helpful over the phone and declined to replace the phone. After leaving it a while have become evermore frustrated with the phone and wrote to the company to ask them to address my l
  13. Thanks again - I think we'll just go ahead and submit the formal request and see where things go from them.
  14. Many thanks mariefab - this pretty much covers it I think. The current owner has pretty much already verbally said they would change her hours (probably thinking that they would sound more sympathetic and not realising that they will need to deal with request and not the any new owners). According to the procedure for requesting flexible working, the current employer will need to consider any officially submitted request and meet within 28 days. What recourse is available if they decline the official request although they verbally agreed more or less that they would accommodate it? :-|
  15. Hello All, Some much needed advise please on behalf of my wife who is currently on Maternity leave and taking 39 weeks entitlement due to return to work in June. She has engaged with her employer (small but well established business) about returning to work and has requested a part time role. The owner of the business has advised her that this isn't for necessarily a problem for him; however has announced he is going to sell his business. No-one has actually bought the business yet but it is expected to go on sale shortly and sell in maybe 4 months or sooner. My questions/c
  16. I received my charges back from Nationwide (over 2 years ago now) but in the process they closed the account! All this time it has been bugging me that they did that and I am wondering if a complaint to them is required as they appeared to do this in retaliation to my claim? Am I able to seek some form of recompense for their unfair and retaliatory actions?
  17. The problem was only brought to light after 11 months from sale following an anomily with the paper work in that the DVLA queried that I had two different VIN numbers on my doucmentation. I rasied this with the dealer the moment this became clear but they have been dodging the issue ever since... If a HPI check shows that the vehicle was CAT C or CAT D, should the dealer not have disclosed this? I brought the car on the basis it was not CAT D or CAT C and therefore would not have paid what I beleive to be the market value had I known this. Any other thoughts?
  18. Sounds like they failed to action your cancellation before the new account/service went live. If they did then that is the only reason you would get penalty charges. If you genuinely do not owe any money (i.e. you did not use the service at the new address) then you will be able to succesfully dispute it. Did Tiscali provide you a new phone line so that you could get broadband? If they did, the charges may be for that cost, especially if that line is still live?
  19. I bought a car in July last year (2008) which now transpires to have been stolen & recovered. The car was purchased from a dealer and the sale was a part-ex on my existing car and the remainder on HP. The status of the vehicle came to light when I registered it and got a letter from the DVLA asking me to confirm the VIN. I'm at odds as to how the dealer MOT'd it in the first place, but I digress... The police came to view the car and advised that all that needs to be done to it is restore its origional identity. Not being happy with the situation I contacted the dealer to re
  20. Thanks all for your wise words. The police have confirmed that my care is Stolen and recovered. They have left me with the car but removed the VIN plate from inside the car. They have reported their findings back to the DVLA who in turn are contacting the dealership Bearing in mind i part x my old car and have the rest on finance, I'm unsure what my options are. Obviously I no longer want the car, but i don't know where I stand
  21. I bought a car in July which now transpires to be stolen! The car was purchased from a dealer and the sale was a part-ex on my existing car and the remainder on HP. The status of the vehicle came to light when I registered it and got a letter from the DVLA asking me to confirm the VIN. The police are coming tomorrow to view the car and may take it away! Where do I stand? What can I do with regards to the dealer and also what are my rights with the HP company?
  22. The reason why I'm so very keen to contest this is beacuse in the 20-25 years my wife and her family have lived in the cul-de-sac which she parked just outside of, there has been no parking restriction before, and no for warning of one being applied. Just find it all very annoying!
  23. What is a TRO and where could I get this? Also I wanted to query the signage as there is no sign on the area of land parked on which advises against the parking restriction? Thanks
  24. The photos of the area are on a camera I can't get hold of right now so I've recreated the scene using Word & Visio ) - URL below: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/mrpenguin/File/Parking diagram.doc
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