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  1. Hi there, Is anyone able to advise or help with drafting the P.O.C for this problem? Not really sure where to start...
  2. Hi there, Yes things are being thrown from ground level. In communications via a learning disabilities team at the local authority there was suggestion in a letter I receive to say the facility owners were considering raising the fence height but that was a year ago... I'm looking to draw up my P.O.C but not sure where to start. Is there anyone that could help with this? Mr P
  3. Many thanks for the advice - greatly appreciated. Do I inform the facility owners of my intended actions by way of a LBA citing their responsibilities and the element of trespass to see if they will do something now knowing what is in the pipeline, or just proceed without any further notice? Thanks again!
  4. Not sure where to go with this one… Some advice or guidance required please as to my rights / neighbours obligations regarding things being thrown in to my garden. I live in the centre of a mid terrace with the rear garden of my property accessed via an alley way. The alley acts a point of access for x3 other properties with mine being the last. There is no through way. Running along one side of the alley way are the boundary fences for the other x3 properties in my terrace row. On the other side is a boundary fence for another property which pretty much runs the length of the
  5. Thanks - pictures taken I have another issue with the same neighbor which I'm starting a new thread on - this one is a little tricky though!
  6. Many thanks all for your posts. I have informed the property owner that there is a danger of tripping on the gravel boards but no response. I'll give it another week then contact the council. Thanks again
  7. Hi there! Some advice or guidance required please as to my rights / neighbours obligations regarding their perimeter fencing: I live in the center of a mid terrace with the rear garden of my property accessed via an alley way. The alley acts a point of access for x3 other properties with mine being the last. there is no through way. Running along one side of the alley way are the boundary fences for the other x3 properties in my terrace row. On the other side is a boundary fence for another property which has no access to the alley way. The problem I have is that at pres
  8. Thanks for the reply, the underlying reason appears to be for efficiency purposes in as far as removal of duplication throughout the business, however, no other team performs the same function as my team which doesn't make sense in terms of reducing headcount. The counter proposal highlights the need for the full compliment and so I guess I;ll just have to wait and see (fingers crossed).
  9. Hi All, I've got a question on redundancy and wanted to get an understanding on the level of detail or justification I'm entitled to which was used in determining if a role is redundant - hope someone can help. I've been placed in 'pool' for selection for a reduction in headcount, no change to role. The question as to why head count is being reduced (seeking justification) has been asked and the response has been that this information is not being provided. I've been invited to submit a counter proposal to the reduction via the collective consultation process, which I will do r
  10. Hi Gaggers, I have an issue I need to post regarding damage to a wheel as a result of a pothole in the road. Can anyone tell me which forum or subforum I need to post this in. A letter of complaint has already been sent to the Highways Agency via the local authority. thanks Mr Penguin
  11. Bit of an update: I've asked the business to provide me with the logic they used to map people to the new orgi structure. So far I had had a few convoluted answers but wanted to know if they are obliged to provide me with this? The main reasoning is I think the logic used is inconsistent and I’ve been missed off the process due to my Fixed Term contract status and that I am also seconded to another department (I was employed by one area to do a job and based within another area to execute it). Another issue: Part of he role I currently do involves two main tasks (although the basic
  12. No I agree but to me that is the way it feels and from speaking to other employees at my site they are of the same opinion.our contracts are different to that of other sites as we were legacy staff from a buyout. If our contracts were the same in terms of hours then this would not be an issue really. The company have come back to me and told me I am in the 90 day consultation.
  13. Thanks SarEl, what you have said makes it clearer for me - so it should be that they increae salary for the equivialnt hours? But by not doing so, could this be a way if discouraging me form applying other roles? thanks again.
  14. Even if my contract states that I will go into a consultation? A another question if you can help: I've been told in the mean time that I can apply for any new roles that have been created and are currently vacant, however when askimg about the salary banding for some of the roles I was told they wont have any and that succesful candidates will remain in the same terms with any exceptions being address in the annual pay reviews expected to take place once the dust settles. This sounds logical, however, I am a bit of an anomily in that my salary is based on fewer contracted hours and
  15. I'm not concerned about the outcome of any mapping or pooling process but more to do with which consulatation period I should be covered by as 90 day one would gurantee me longer stay and therefore extended wages.
  16. Hi SarEl, the answer is yes - I have rasied this to them and pointed out that my expected position had the newer consultation not occured and the confusion now that it has. As yet, all they have told me is that my current role will not be continued. The matter has been referred from the director of the division to a HR business partner, who then passed in on to another HR business partner and now on to another!
  17. Hey all, Need some guidance or advice please. Last year I was involved in a consultation process and placed at risk. At the end of the consultation process I was due to be made redundant but was offered a retained/seconded role. The seconded role had a start date and an end date one year later with the stipulation that 30 days before the end I would re-enter consultation with a view to discussing redeployment or redundancy. The role would also be considered as continous employment with all other contractual benfits in place as before. Some 8/9 months later the company announc
  18. If it were.me then I would argue the point that as the item is faulty you are entitled to a new one. If they no longer stock the item you want then a refund in full is the only reasonable conclusion. Some would argue that the company may have stated in advance in their t&c's that you would can have an alternative item or even a credit note but if its not what you want, you should not accept it. Look up sales and goods and see what the act says. I often find that a company's policy is not always technically fair and so if pushed they may come round. Good luck.
  19. Last update (unless something really odd happend): Cash banked and cleared. Yey!
  20. I queried that with the MCOL helpdesk and they advised the following: "You will need to inform us of the date payment was received so the judgment can be marked accordingly, this is to be done by the claimant we cannot accept this from the defendant." MrP
  21. I'd agree with MaxxPower. You dont have to accept a credit note surely as the item you wanted is no longer available its not fair to expect you to by another item from that store. I would ask for the shipping cost back - also did they make you pay for the return or was it free post/collected? In the past I have had several simialr situations with buying goods from eBuyer - each time the full amount was refunded including shipping.
  22. So this company has taken an additional number of unauthorised payments? Surely there is some form of legal recourse - In my eyes, if someone takes my money without my permission that is theft! The facilities do exist to reclaim your money but any other costs incurred as a result of the unauthorised taking of funds I would claim back from the retailer - plus interest!
  23. Well, after a couple of emails back and forth to the contact I was dealing with who was questioning the judgement amount plus also stating that he had not received a copy of the judgement yet... I received in the post this morning, by special delivery no less, a cheque for the full amount. I shall be banking the cheque today but wanted to know once it has cleared, do I need to inform anyone the judgement has been satisifed in full or is that down to the defendant? Thanks Mr P
  24. I did think that may try to say that but they did file an acknowledgment so they need to think of somethign else! The missed call I had was from the contact on the acknowledgemtn they filed. They left a voice message but never actually said what they wanted me to do, i.e. "I am X calling about your email. My number is X. the date is X and the time is X" lol - I guess he wants me to call him back?! I'm at work at present so verbal comms is a problem but email is ok so I've emailed him again to ask him to convey any messages that way - plus form my point of view I have an audit trai
  25. Hi slick132, I received a note from the court (Friday just gone) advising that the judgement has been issued. I was still unclear as to what this meant, either that the judgment was needed further review by the courts or if that was simply it, I'd won, been ruled in my favour? I called the MCOL helpline this morning and after a lengthy wait the agent I spoke to advised me that yes, the claim has been judged in my favour (by default) and that I can request a warrant if needed. Now that I have received my note from the court it is safe to assume that the defendant has too, adv
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