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  1. Thanks fkofilee, sometimes going to the top is the only way to force a reply.
  2. They did a 'hard' credit check/score - an actual credit application. That does affect future credit scoring, even if it was not taken. I subsequently queried this with Experian after reading your reply telling me I was asking for things that are completely incorrect or gibberish.
  3. **2) who can I complain 'to' to ensure Virgin are exposed for this practice?
  4. Hi there, seeking advice of the legal variety... Over a month ago now, Virgin Mobile called me as an existing customer to try to upsell me a new phone and tariff. After discussion an offer was made that was too good to decline. A new S8 and suitable tariff for £29 per month over the period of 24 months. The offer was made of two parts, a loan for the device at £25 per month and the tariff of £4 per month. At the end of the 24 month period, I would just be paying the tariff of £4 per month. I was pleased with this offer and accepted. I confirmed the offer
  5. Hi there I recently took up Sky on an offer regarding SkyQ. This included a main 1TB box and a smaller mini box. In short: In the initial call making me the offer (retentions team) there was no mention of a fee for multi-room services. I raised a complaint about this to which I requested the call to be listened to. I was told subsequently that the call was listened to and the monthly fee was mentioned. I then made a SAR and got a copy of the call recording and system log notes. The call contains no mention of the multi-room fee. So in short I've bee
  6. I think a small sign on the fence advising not to park on the bit of land may be needed but I'm not sure how effective it would be. A suggestion that has been talked about between myself and another neighbour is to place some kind of raised object on the strip of land to prevent a car pulling onto it. Even one of those metal posts maybe that can be leaned down or locked vertically? Mr P
  7. If the drive is blocked, local authority do have the power to issue a PCN. They have advised this. If a car is not on the drive it makes no difference. What about access to it? When their wing mirrors are scarped across the fence it does both mark the fence and their mirrors. I would like them just not to do it!
  8. I've no issues with people parking on the road, as I mentioned. The obstruction of my drive and the damage to my fence is the issue. I've no interest is causing any arguments or conflict. I've not said it's my neighbours, they all park fine.
  9. Hello Michael, the road is owned and maintained by the local authority Mr P
  10. Hi HB , When I look at the map from the land registry, the property boundary goes to the road, there isn't any marking to show the strip in question as being separate. Mr P
  11. Hi CAGgers, Help & advise needed on a parking issue. It has two parts to it. Background: My property has a drive way to the rear which connects directly to local authority maintained road/cul-de-sac. The boundary of the drive and road is marked by what can only be described as stones in the ground. The drive, stones and road are all on the same level (so no dropped kerb access) just an easy roll across the boundary to access. At the same time, parallel to the drive is my rear garden which has a fence on 3 sides. So the fence separates my drive and garden, the r
  12. Just to update - it turns out my wife didn't change the V5 details when we moved so the original PCN went the old address. Ironically it was about 10 days after our mail redirect expired. The new occupants passed any mail to our old neighbors who passed it on to us after we checked. So considering they had the wrong address originally and subsequently had to send a 2nd notice after checking where we did live, it is considered reasonable diligence. Subsequently my wife has since attended a driving awareness course Thanks all for you input.
  13. Hi there, Looking for advice on how to handle & respond to the following: Received NIP today 10th March 2016, the NIP was dated 9th March 2016 with the alleged offence occurring on 13th December 2015. Offence was 41 in a 30 zone. The wife was driving at the time. The wife has been the registered owner/keeper for about 4 yrs. The vehicle and plate have been registered at the current address for over 12 months. I've seen comments and advice about NIPs needing to be served within 14 days of the offence, which this is clearly outside, but what I wanted to kno
  14. Just an update on this - it came to nothing in the end as hoped/expected...no further action....I did however make it known my feelings on the reasons for the allegations!
  15. Hi Stu007, yes they are listed but unfortunately CQC do not deal with complaints or these types of problems. They only look at issues that they find upon inspection. As an aside the items being thrown over made me take more notice in what was occurring at the property and as such I observed things which I would consider to be poor care & supervision. Just for example a lit BBQ being left with only the vulnerable adults in attendance, one of the adults trying to smash a window with his elbow for about 10 minutes and no one coming to stop him. These observations were shared with the
  16. I have some ongoing issues with a neighbor over things being thrown into my garden but not to muddy the waters that is in a separate thread. The same neighbor also has 4 trees in their garden which 'had' branches overhanging their boundary fence. I pruned the overhanging branches and returned the clippings. An allegation has been made to say that I have pruned parts of the trees that are beyond the boundary fence. I was invited by the police to come in for a chat and so I did that today. The short story is that I was presented with a picture taken in the month when I pru
  17. I've received information today confirming that the care company are managing the property. As previously I advised of trespass as the action which will change, I'm going to issue a letter advising of the nuisance and how I perceive their duty of care to be negligent. Can I retrospectively state that I have already allowed a reasonable time frame for them to address the issues and respond or do I need to set a new time frame as the action has changed?
  18. Many thanks again, Steampowered. I'll write an amended letter outlining the nuisance and duty of care points you have raised. In order to establish the land occupier, how can I do this or is it a question that can be put to the landlord/care company that they would be obligated to answer?
  19. Hi there, thanks for the recent inputs. The care providers website advertises the property in question as states the following: "[address]...is a supported living service, comprising of two houses, with accommodation available for [number] individuals under a private tenancy agreement." From this the rent is collected by the landlord and not the care provider, although the care provider it would seem are responsible for all aspects of care. So from what you have said, am I only able to direct a claim of trespass only against the residents and not those who are responsibl
  20. After a bit more investigation, the property is owned by a couple. The same couple (or at least one of them) runs the care company (they also both run a training firm which it seems actually recruits workers for the care facility). So the landlord and care provider are the same person/people - does it make a difference if they are not the same legal entity, i.e. the house registered to the owners as individuals or to the business they own? All in all, the relevant parties are entirely aware of the situation as care providers and also landlords. Should I therefore address the claim
  21. Hi there, Many thanks for the additional comments and feedback. I hand delivered the updated letter just the other day and received an acknowledgement letter back. Interestingly the acknowledgement stated that the residents were in domicile care, and after a little further research it seems all residents are renting a place in the property, with the organisation responsible for coming into the property to provide their care. Would this impact who I direct a claim to - the care provider or the property owner? The response also said that I would receive further communication in due
  22. Hello All, Please see below my draft notice/LBA to the management of the care facility - any comments, feedback etc all very welcome. From approximately the middle of 2012 (circa June) until the current date, the residents of [address] have been throwing various items into my property. These items include, but not limited to; Food Soiled medical dressings Clothing Bedding Plastic bags & sheeting Plastic straps, pipes & tubes Plastic bottles, cups & containers Metal clips & fastenings Metal bin lid Members of your staf
  23. I've set some time aside this Wednesday to draft a letter to send to them - a kind of LBA. I'll share it here for any feedback.
  24. It's not that there is any denial who is doing it or where the items are coming from, they just care about the impact it has
  25. Hi there, Thanks for the inputs. As is stands, x3 members of staff have been challenged about things coming over (no action taken), and there has been contact through x2 local authority groups (the learning disabilities team & ASB team) both who are, they say, unable to do anything. I have no doubt that any letter will be ignored, however if it is a requirement then I will send one. At least this way it will set out an uninterpreted chronology of events including the issues. I should try to avoid emotion in the letter I guess to avoid it becoming personal, but stay factual
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