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  1. Hi all thanks to everyone for the comments.. I try VERY sorry that thread has appeared to have come to a halt.. there is a conclusion, and I shall hopefully post it up in the next few weeks. I have not been able to post on the site for several months, partly because of my perennially poor Internet connection.. But mostly because the entirety of my energy has had to be directed in helping a very close friend of mine fight a Miscarriage of Justice. Unfortunately I'm not at liberty to say any more in that regard (due to a combination of issues of legalities and, more imp
  2. You'll be glad to know that I eventually regained diaphragm control, and picked myself up off of the floor (which I had been rolling on in fits of hysterics)... Somewhat unusually, I replied.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Defeated, I write with reference to your correspondence and my revised claims (as enclosed). I am somewhat disappointed (but nonetheless not in the least surprised) by your continuing attempts to circumvent your contractural and legal obligations; as such, I have taken further advice, and have both
  3. well, starting with the following, their replies start to get stroppy and, well, a tad desperate. Of course, by this point, I am beginning to actually look forward to the post, as I find their highly entertaining little replies more than a little amusing.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear damo1312 We write in response to your recent correspondence relating to the above (read: will you PLEASE just GO AWAY). The contents of your correspondence are duly noted and in reponse we would state that our offices have not debited any
  4. So, did I just let it go? Take an educated guess.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Clueless I write with reference to the above correspondence from you; as you had not replied by the date I had requested, ** January 2007 (i.e. 14 working days after you received my letter of ** December 2006), you will already be in receipt of my Letter Before Action (dated ** January 2007), which was sent prior to my receipt of your communication, as above. Firstly, your reference to removing any details of any telephone number that you may
  5. so, deciding that their offer (i.e. to take about half of the charges and Interest off) wasn't good enough when the fourteen days had passed (based upon the fact that their antics had made me think.. 'all or nothing'..).. off went my LBA. The letter in the previous thread (which had obviously crossed in the post) turned up a day later... last minute stalling on their part, perchance.. ? ;-) Anyhoo, assuming (correctly) that the letters had crossed, they responded the best part of a fortnight later: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear
  6. Hi winny thanks, it's honestly not a problem, just glad if it helps anyone.. especially with swines like this, the more humiliation that they have to suffer, the better.. if I've learnt anything with these Servers of Alcoholic Drinks (think about it.. ;-)) it's that if you keep pushing, they head back under their rock eventually...
  7. Hi spurious np, I try... it makes up for my computer-related gaps! Hopefuly it'll be of some use to somebody. Btw, you may have gathered that your Forum name is one of my favourite DCA-clobbering words... lol ;-)
  8. Hi Stans.. lol, yes I'm like a case of the verbal flu. I think I'll go to bed now before I start hallucinating... ;-)
  9. A MONTH later (how's about that for a nice prompt reply... ) I receive the following... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear damo1312 We (they are huddling together for safety's sake ;-)) write in reply to your correspondence of ** December 2006, the contents of which are noted (my guess is that they pulled someone in off of the street who could translate it for them ). We would firstly wish to apologise in respect of your correspondence of 88 October 2006 (the Postcard Letter) not being dealt with, it would appear that this has bee
  10. Shortly before Christmas (which only added to my ire) I sent out the following (not so much a shot across their bows, as a full-body broadside... lovely individuals... ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- NB * This Communication assumes that Asset Link Capital and Link Financial are in some manner interlinked, or indeed one and the same (as your Registered Office Address is identical) and that the use of two separate companies in your correspondence is an attempt to further intimidate and / or otherwise confuse and / or dissuade me from enforcing
  11. Being such happy, smiley and downright reasonable chappies, they didn't appreciate a mere (alleged) debtor mortal questioning them. In order to attempt to put me in my place (impudent upstart who dares to think that mere regulations and laws will protect him..lol) they sent the following about two weeks later: (they had since morphed from Link Financial to Asset Link Capital, which appears to be their Venom-esque alter ego..;-)) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear damo1312 We write in response to your recent correspondence relatin
  12. Now, what with me being bloody-minded (not to mention a little argumentative) I decide not to take these schmucks at their word as concerns the Deed. Besides, I know that other creditors don't have such issues with sending out Deeds of Assignment, as this one did in this old post of mine without querying it (funnily enough, another DCA who had poached my other GE Money Account on exactly the same day as this one... ;-)): http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legalities/34654-help-ge-money-ccj.html#post271126 (that turned out JUST fine, btw..) So off goes the following
  13. Literally the day after my Postcard Shouty Letter, I receive the CCA agreement, but with the following... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- We write further to your letter of ** October. As requested, please find enclosed a copy of the signed credit agreement together with a copy of the notice of assignment. We are unable to forward you the actual deed of assignment as this contains privilege information. A statement of account has been requested and will follow shortly under separate cover. Yours Faithfully Little Miss Blah
  14. Hi Rory.. yes, they really are Shower of Ships, aren't they... Chances are, that they obtained a receipt of yours whilst traipsing through a bin.. then took a random two digits from the number plate of a passing car.. timed that by the age of their gran (and popped down the pub, and added that to their darts score).. Then nicked your details off of the Electoral Roll.. and randomly generated a figure of £3.7k that way.. ;-) It's funny you should mention about them being (ahem) professional... I bring that up in what'll be a later post, but I'll spoil it if I go in
  15. Still hearing Sweet Football Association several weeks later, I decide that (whilst I'm waiting) I was going to pull them up on their dodgy postcard.. so I sent them the following: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir / Madam, I write with reference to the enclosed copy of the Postcard sent by your organisation. The postcard, by virtue of not clearly stating what it concerns (with only a very small, and easily overlooked, mention of Link Financial on the front) is both duplicitous and intimidatory. No mention is made of the
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