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  1. Hi


    raised summary cause for £1450 plus small claims for £350. With interest etc total amount comes to over £2,000.


    Today checked my bank account and £750 ex gratia has been paid in.


    What should I do. I want to accept but only as part payment. any advice on how to deal with this. My court date is set for 20th April



  2. Quick Update


    Got standard reply from Lloyds on 2nd February saying not refunding charges, blah blah.


    Sent off second letter on 5th February stating shall move to legal action after 14 days.


    Am expecting same standard reply back and am now preparing myself for legal action.


    As I am in Scotland I understand the whole small claims thing being a maxiumum of £750 but I think my plan is going to be to raise my claim under English Law using their Head Office address. That way I can claim back full amount of over £2700 in one go. Appreciate that I may need to go to a court in England if I need to appear but dont think it will get that far (probably live to regret saying that !!):rolleyes:

  3. Received copy statement from Lloyds and have worked out that they have taken £2750 from me in charges over the last 6 years. Made me feel sick, especially when I noted that the charges they took off me resulted in me going overdrawn the next month and incurring more charges and so on and so on, such a vicious circle.


    Anyway, sent my first letter off on 23rd January demanding full refund........................

  4. Hi


    Been reading this forum for ages and in December finally decided to act to get charges back which have been accrued over last 6 years. Not sure what the total amount is yet, but pretty sure it is going to run into at least £2,000.


    Wrote to Lloyds TSB Head Office on 5th December and so far no reply. Gave them a "courtesy call" today to check if they were processing my request. Told that I had written to the wrong place and therefore statements would not be forthcoming. I told them I felt this was unacceptable, I have written to organisation's Head Office, and have proof that letter was delivered (sent Special Delivery). Therefore, I feel that the 40 days still started on 5th December.


    Any useful advice would be welcome.

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