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  1. Hi Rosie, yes I got my bank charges back minus the interest I had added on but I was happy with this. I did post somewhere on here that I had been successful but Im not sure where it went! Thanks for your interest and good luck with your claim.
  2. Thank you, I'm chuffed to bits! Yes completed survey as soon as I heard. I sent my schedule of charges with the letter requesting repayment within 14 days on 1st February and received the letter from them today offering me 'without prejudice/goodwill' etc today.
  3. Hi everyone, just wanted to say a thank you to the people who helped me with this, I have today received a letter from Stuart Higley giving me a full and final settlement of £832.00, this was the amount I had claimed back minus interest and I am more than happy with this as I really didnt think I had a chance of getting anything back. As soon as the money is in my account I will be donating towards this site and have already told many of my friends/colleagues to claim back their money. Thanks again and good luck to everyone with their claims, if I can do it believe me anyone can. X
  4. Hi, thanks for your time x Not been here cos of xmas and all that!! Anyway, with regard to the Advantage Gold Fee, i will defo look at getting that changed, i didnt really know what the £12 a month was for to be honest. The bank charges baffle me, I have an overdraft facility of £3,500 and i am charged interest on this, but if i go over this i get charged more interest, this is why i am abit bamboozled with the spread sheet, for every month i am over my overdraft limit i am charged extra, but i dont know how to equate that to the spreadsheet. I know i probably appear really thick but would re
  5. Hi everyone, fairly new to all this. Sent SAR with £10 and received my 6 yrs worth of bank statements (terribly packaged but thats another story!). Have worked out that £857 is owed to me in unfair charges and have tried to do the spreadsheet to calculate any interest due. Unfortunately I cannot get my head around this so wanted to know if it is ok to go ahead and just request the charges to be refunded to me? Would this make me look like a complete doofus who hasnt a clue (yep thats me ) thus hampering my chances of getting the charges back? I have an Advantage Gold NatWest Account.
  6. I too have received all my bank statements, but finding it difficult to work out the interest charges, is it ok to send a request for my charges to be returned without asking for the interest? I have a authorised borrowing fee of 14.99 and I am finding it too complicated to differentiate the different interest rates applied for when i am over my limit and how to work out if im over my limit because of penalties or not.
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