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  1. If it is the McD's at the Tesco on High Rd Leytonstone, are you really gonna tell the court you didn't see any right turn prohibitions ? And yes, the van in the picture is preparing to turn right. If you look closely his right indicator bulb is lit.
  2. Less than 30 seconds on their website leads you to this page: https://www.espares.co.uk/aboutdelivery Dont always trust the delivery options given at checkout, always look at the bottom of the homepage for a 'delivery' link and read it!
  3. There aren't 30 working days in a month. Should have divided by 4.3333 to get weeks then divided by 5 (or the number of days normally worked in a week) to get a daily rate.
  4. PayPal will most likely refund the buyers, as buyers have more protection through PayPal, hence your negative balance. If the buyers are refunded then they wouldn't have a reason or standing to take you to court as they would have no loss. My case involved just over £2k and I've heard nothing for the last 4 years.
  5. You can remove the Direct Debit from your bank account.Do it NOW before PayPal take the money. If you have online banking it is very easy to cancel a DD. If you have linked your PayPal account to a bank card, get in touch with your bank and TELL them to revoke the CPA, and record the call (very important) as they may try to wriggle out of it. To answer your question, no, PayPal don't do court. You will get 6 or so DCA letters, which you can safely ignore. I speak from experience.
  6. Actually, yes, that is exactly what you should have done. Along with calculating your ACTUAL usage and paying that amount to them yourself, either on the phone or through their website. As they haven't taken a payment for ~4 months, you should have that money to pay them. Then, no debt = no DD increase! The poor level of service isn't exclusive to nPower, they are all the same.
  7. His contract won't use the words 'lay off', as that is synonymous with 'termination'. He hasn't been 'laid off', his contract has been 'terminated'. As per his contract he is be entitled to 1 weeks notice of termination, or pay in lieu of that notice period. If he was first notified on the 8th of the intention to terminate his contract, he should be paid until the 15th, whether he was required to actually attend the workplace or not during that notice period. His 'last day of work' will be classed as the 15th. This is an important date as if he applies for benefits, etc, he won't be entitled until after that date, as until that date he is still being paid so is technically 'employed'. His P45 should be issued no later than the next payroll processing date. If he doesn't receive this PILON (pay in lieu of notice) he needs to approach the hr/personnel/payroll dept to enquire why he hasn't received his PILON, and he can also confirm the dates they hold on file. If he is monthly paid, and there is more than 2 weeks to pay date, he may want to pre-empitvely enquire to find out if he will be paid or not, which will save a lot of 'wait and see' time.
  8. Looking at the diagram, as you had to cross two lanes of traffic to get infront of the officer, depending on your speed, it could be likely that if you crossed the line on amber, his lights would be showing green by the time you appeared infront of him. In other words, did the officer take into account the distance and travel time between the lights?
  9. As you have your money and haven't suffered a loss, you can't really do anything about people like that. That is why you ALWAYS withdraw your paypal money before sending goods. Unfortunately, the police are right. The signature is your protection if a buyer decides to sue you, claiming that they didn't receive their goods. Mobile phones are a prime target for dodgy buyers. I would never post a phone, always have the buyer collect. Just put it down to experience and move on.
  10. Do you really need the PayPal account ? If not, just forget about it and ignore any letters/emails. PayPal will persist for a while, but they don't do court. Don't forget to de-approve your paypal direct debit with your bank. If you really need another PayPal account, just use a different card/bank account, a slightly different name and a different address. You can add your current name/address as a delivery address, which after a successful delivery will be 'confirmed'.
  11. You could drive your car to and from it's MOT, but couldn't drive it 10 yards onto your own driveway! You knew the rules, as evidenced by you SORN'ing and insuring the vehicle.
  12. An Average Speed Check is just that, you must maintain an average speed not above the posted limit until you are told otherwise, i.e: by a NSL sign or other speed limit sign. You are within your rights to travel at upto 70mph, not withstanding other speed limits or cameras in force, but you must ensure your average over the measured distance is not above the posted average limit.
  13. Even GM requires a fair disciplinary procedure should be followed (suspension/investigation/disciplinary meeting). There are very few exceptions to this rule, usually involving a threat to people/property, and even then the ET may not find it automatically a fair dismissal.
  14. If the OP has been employed for 3 years, their employer shouldn't instantly dismiss for any reason, they should use the procedures laid down in the ACAS code of practice on Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures, or they may find that an Employment Tribunal will deem the dismissal as unfair. Even paying PILON doesn't excuse the employer from following the 'ACAS code', they should follow a proper disciplinary procedure. If the OP wants to take this further, they may need proper legal advice on their options.
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