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  1. Hi just to update everyone. We handed car back (it had to go to a transport company 5 mins from us) where it went straight to Shoreham auctions. We then had a letter from advantage this week saying there was nothing left to pay. Happy days
  2. sorry.. me again! is this ok in your opinion? i will add that we owe £212 which will be paid on 27th February Dear Sir / Madam, TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT PURSUANT TO S.99 OF THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 Agreement number: Registration: I am writing to notify you that I wish to invoke my statutory right under section 99 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and hereby give you notice that the agreement is terminated effective immediately from the date of this letter. Please confirm by return acknowledgement of this letter and to make arrangements for collection of the vehicle. The condition of the car is noted as being in a reasonable condition for its age and photographic evidence has been taken in the event of any future dispute as to the condition of the vehicle. You will be aware that the Consumer Credit Act limits my liability to half of the total amount payable under the agreement but excludes any sum payable as a penalty, compensation or damages for a breach of the terms of the agreement. Such terms imposed are inconsistent with my rights under the Act and are therefore deemed void and unenforceable. The vehicle is now available for collection and I would be grateful if you could contact me on [NUMBER] to arrange a suitable time within the next 14 days. Yours faithfully, [NAME]
  3. when my husband phoned about vt this is what they emailed.. I am worried they will try and charge us for whatever it fails on at mot We've never had the car properly serviced and, it has high mileage (it did when we brought it but weve done loads in it). email from advantage: Voluntary Termination - You would need to write in to us and request to Voluntary Terminate your agreement. We will then send out a pack which will contain all the information you will require including any amounts needed to be paid. Under a Voluntary Termination you are required to pay up to 50% of your agreement, any arrears or charges outstanding and any repairs that need to be done to the vehicle will be added to this amount.
  4. Thanks again. Advantage confirmed today that on 27th Feb when our payment goes through we have paid half so im going to get the letter sent this week and hope they act fast!
  5. Thanks. Im a bit worried as it does have scratches (tho some were there when we brought it) and is likely to fail an mot. when ive handed cars back in the past (2 i think) weve been lucky and had no issues but they were different companies.
  6. Hello We have a car on finance with Advantage and the half way point is next month. Due to a change in circumstances we no longer need the car so want to give it back. Weve done it before so i know the letter template to use but I have a couple of questions: 1 - does the car have to have a valid MOT when it goes back? (it runs out around 6th March!). 2 - if we havent quite made the 50% (we may be one payment too early) can we just pay whats owing?
  7. I'm happy to go through with the threat as they've had four attempts to fix the car and this time they've had it 18 days! Thanks x
  8. I wrote to them requesting a refund saying I wanted to reject the car under the cra but he begged for another chance which I gave them but it's been over two weeks and they've been telling me lies. Ive written and emailed giving them until cob tues to get the car fixed and back to me but I don't know what I need to do if they don't do it by then? Do I need to see if they have a mediator or just issue court forms?
  9. I've just looked and I took it back on 30th Jan. I purchased it on 13th so just over two weeks.
  10. I told them within 14 days and then it went back to them but that might have been after 14 days but Def within 30.
  11. Hello I am after some advice please. Quick version of a long story. I brought a car from a garage in January and within a few days I realised it doesn't like cold starts and it would jump and cut out. I took it back twice and they couldn't find a fault. Then the engine light came on so it went back again and they changed the lambda sensors. Got it back and within a few days the light was back on.. This time I wrote requesting a refund as the car is clearly faulty. They asked for another chance to fix it which I said they could have if they collected the car (so they did). That was over two weeks ago! They diagnosed a faulty catalytic converter so ordered a second hand one then when that was done they took it to a main dealer to have an ecu update. I then assumed it was fixed and asked to collect it but they said they wanted to drive it round for a couple of days to check its OK (they had it fixed on Fri and I phoned mon so in my opinion, they had already had a couple of days). They then said that when someone was driving it, it jumped (this never happened to me, it only jumped when cold) so they've taken it back to main dealer who can't give a timeframe on when it will be looked at. I emailed them Fri saying they have until cob tues to fix it and give it back or to refund me.. . My questions; If they say they need more time, what can I do as they will have had it almost three weeks by Tuesday!
  12. Hi all I am writing on behalf of a family member. Here is what I know.. She works in a shop and they get a pass to park in the local Asda carpark without paying / having time restrictions. She parked up as usual and went to work but it seems like her pass had slipped down the dashboard out of view and so she was given a ticket. She sent an appeal thinking she would surely win as she had a pass and parks there regularly. Also Asda said appeal it and it will be ok.. Today she had a letter back Advising the appeal was unsuccessful as there were machines available for her yo pay at!! Its clearly a standard letter and they haven't read the appeal letter she sent correctly.. What should she do now?? Thanks
  13. I assume I should just ignore anything from anyone or is there a letter I should reply with?
  14. Hello Still nothing from the parking people and it's been 56 days on wednesday... C
  15. Hi. No I didn't buy a ticket, I completely forgot on arrival and as soon as I realised I ran back but I already had a ticket on my windscreen so never bothered!
  16. Hi.I will have a look, have been manic last few days and haven't had a chance. Thank you
  17. It scared me because on the letter I would have to send to appeal, I have no grounds other than that I feel the amount is unfair. I literally went to one shop, realised I hadn't got a ticket and ran back to get one but it was too late, the ticket was on my windscreen. There was no point paying for a ticket then and the man agreed so I left the car and came back about an hour later. I haven't paid.... Will keep ticket and a note of 28-56 days and see what happens.
  18. Sorry that's me, I can't see it says 'fine' anywhere but it does mention that they will get details from dvla
  19. Maybe I should send them a postal order with my parking fine number on for the total of 2.40 or something it would have cost if I hadn't forgot a ticket.. Obviously I won't put my address on the letter haha
  20. No, my 14 days to pay the 50 is up in 45 minutes then it goes up to 100! The car is actually in my husbands name but obviously we live together so il see anything that comes through
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