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  1. sorry to be a pain, but the Template link doens't link to a specific letter - was it supposed to?
  2. Hi all, A few months ago my friend purchased a Sony as100v sports camera to bring on our summer holiday. These are similar to a Go-Pro and come with a waterproof case so the unit can be used to film underwater. Day 1 of using the camera in the water resulted in the waterproof case failing and water getting into the camera itself, causing obvious damage. We are familiar with these types of cameras as we already have an Sony HDRAS15 which is a slightly older model. The unit has been usedcorrectly, and at depths well within the limitation of the unit. We actually took the camera o
  3. Have just spoken to a nice chap at Croydon Council. They have on their system written notice from myself and from my ex landlord that I left the propery in April 2004. They carried the account on until August 2004. He could not tell me why this has happened. He has gone off to do what he needs to do and will call me back this morning. Croydon Council are totally useless.
  4. Thanks for the advice I just had a look through some old paperwork and found copies of my tenancy agreement from when I moved from Croydon to Bristol dated March 2004. I also found my employment contract, medial card and signed recipts for the deposit on my flat all dated March 2004. PHEW!!!! Will speak to Croydon Council tomorrow and see if I can get an end to this asap. Is it worth speaking to Newlyn to advise them I have spoken to the council and can prove I do not owe this debt?
  5. Hey PT Thanks for the quick response. My ex partner was in the place a few months longer than me. I was under the impression that the council was advised we had left the property. The only thing I have to prove I had moved out is a copy of my employment contract. This is addressed to my new address in a new city 200 miles away from croydon and dated may 2004. I moved out of that propery in 2007 so never kept copies of utility bills. I only recently binned copies of the tenancy agreement. Can they chase this debt after all this time? Its has been 7 years since I moved out?
  6. Hey All. Its been a long time since I posted here, but recieved a letter today from Newlyns regarding unpaid c/tax from 2004. I had no idea what this was about so I gave them a call. The chap I spoke to was actually very pleasent, although he did seem very sketchy. Apparently I own £600 for unpaid c/tax. This is for a rented property I moved out of in march 2004. Newlyns sent this letter to my parents address. I have no idea how they got the address. I have advised them that this is my parents address. They did ask for my new address and number. I didn't give it to them.
  7. Hi , Just thought I would mention in addition... I viewed a thread on moneysavingexpert.com, and someone received same sort of letter x 2 from this debt recovery plus agent. They ignored and then received some sort of claim form from their local county court? not sure what that would be.....
  8. Hi All again, Well....it went all quiet for a month. I thought that may be the end of this, then I received this yesterday from a " Debt Recovery" bailiff company. Now I dont know what to do, if I should respond in a certain way or just ignore. Do you think they can take me to court?? Any suggestions or advice much appreciated on to my next step.... Many thanks to those already responded earlier on this thread!!!! I have attached the letter I received yesterday. Debt Letter.pdf
  9. thanks guy's for all your advice, much appreciated, it's quite amusing now reading all the responses and I will post further communication from them.. To Bubblecat, do you have the link for the DCA thread, as I cannot find it!? Many thanks again, I am doing nothing as suggested yet again!!!!!!
  10. Hello All again, I received this yesterday, this is now the 3rd letter from them.. its is similiar to the 2nd one. Any views on this, I live with my Dad and he is getting a bit worried now that the bailiff's are going to knock !! many thanks for all your comments 3rd parking Ticket.pdf
  11. well, i just ignored the 1st ticket...and now received this letter, what do you think? should i still ignore? it does worry me a tad ... 2nd parking letter.pdf
  12. Hi, I have been looking at the forum on here and thought I would post this as I believe I do not have to pay the Fixed Penalty Notice. I parked in a well known local shopping centre carpark, I purchased a pay and display ticket, and on return to my car, had been issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice ticket from National Clamps. This is because I parked in error in a Parent & Child space.........I did not realise this was the case and feel that the ticket cost(£80) is somewhat extortionate and unfair... I have attached the ticket for anyone to have a look at....... Does any
  13. It was basically refused on a "first come first served" basis, despite the fact that all the paperwork was signed, and I even had a end date agreed. There was small print which allowed them to retract the offer, which they did, when they realised they had overdone their allocation.
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