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  1. I am on my second claim - first one settled in full before court hearing. I have sent the letter before action but have been offered nothing as they say they have already settled with me once and this covers all other cases (!). I am happy to go ahead but obviously the next step is going to cost me money. If I haven't actually got a court case going at the moment, then surely nothing will be done until after the test case? If the case ends in our favour but gives a figure for charges at about £12, surely I'm gaining nothing by paying extra for court as they will only pay back the charges? Sorry if this doesn't make much sense but I'm not keen to pay out any more if there's a chance I wont get it back. Any advice gratefully received!
  2. Hi, my first claim was settled in full in May. I have now started a new claim for charges since October 2006 which were not included in my first claim. At first Barclays offered the full amount but when I sent the acceptance letter back, they withdrew the offer, saying that they now realised that I had received a settlement from them which was a 'full and final settlement' and therefore they were not going to pay any more. I replied saying that the settlement was for charges up to October and therefore the new claim was completely separate. They replied back again saying that no further credits will be made with regard to bank charges. I am now at the stage of making a court claim - should I still go ahead? Has anyone else had this response but still been successful?
  3. Well - its finally happened - letter from barclays yesterday, full amount in the account today! Just to update everybody, I had a preliminary hearing arranged for 25 May. I phoned barclays 2 weeks ago and they said there was no way they would settle. I wrote to the court asking that my case was left on the small claims track and not used as a test case. I copied this letter to barclays. Then yesterday I received a letter (same format as other people's) offering the full amount. I phoned and adjusted the amount to account for interest up to date which she (Kate Ashton) agreed. I also said that I wouldn't write to the court until the money was in the bank. I faxed the letter back at lunchtime and the money went into my account this afternoon. Still trying to get over the shock! They seem to be waiting until about 2 weeks before the court case to settle. I really was starting to think that it wouldn't happen to me (I started this in October of last year). Will certainly donate and fill in questionnaire. Please could someone change my thread to WON!
  4. Good luck Richard - don't forget to start your own thread so that people can follow your progress!
  5. smokeyspot


    well done Paula. I haven't heard anything from the norwich court but my claim is with barclays so maybe I'll have to go ahead with the prelim hearing - hope not!
  6. Did you have a court date? Did you contact them, or did they contact you? Any details would help, but well done!
  7. Are you going to try and get the hearing sooner? Did you send the new order with your allocation questionnaire? I didn't but thought I would send it now to try and get things speeded up.
  8. smokeyspot


    Paula, like you I've done nothing so far. I am going to send the new order because that has definite time scales. I don't want to send it without reading everything about it and I just haven't had time in the last few weeks. I will try and get more info this week and let you know what I intend to do!
  9. smokeyspot


    Sent AQ on 11 Jan (had to be in by 21st). Their letter re prelim hearing dated 26 Jan (although it wasn't posted till 6 Feb!)
  10. I have now received a date for a preliminary hearing - 25 May! Is there anything I should do to bring the date forward. The letter is the same as some I have seen on the site saying that at the hearing the court will conisder whether to stay the claim pending the decision of a test case or to give directions for this claim to be heard as a test case (and if necessary to reallocate the claim to the multi track for that purpose). Should I write to the court? Any help gratefully received.
  11. smokeyspot


    Paula - have you written to the court? I have just received my prelim hearing date for 25 may (also norwich) and am not sure what to do.
  12. Replied to your question in my thread - but it looks like you've sent the letter already - good luck!
  13. hi lucky, I sent the first letter to my local branch but it does seem that eventually all the letters come from the head office in London so a good place to start would be - Head Office Customer Relations Barclays Bank plc London E14 5HP (Later on you'll be getting letters from the litigation department - but its at the same address). Good luck!
  14. Hi Jo No I haven't heard any more - will probably chase the court next week. I got the same letter as you from Barclays but stuck to the original time scales - good luck!
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