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    Rasta vs HSBC

    hi 1. you are right to deal with them seperately. when you have to claim in court you can add the chages together. hsbc has never given an offer at the prelims for that matter i don't think any bank has. 2. wait 14 calender days for respose if not go on to next stage. 3. questio and answers this will help u even more 4 be prepared to take thebank to court, it is your money.
  2. lisa i am so excited at the prospect of reclaiming the money. ta. who to send the claim to? is it the court or dg solicitors?
  3. thank you for that lisa. a mr. collin langdale from senior service quality officer responded.(sorry for no capital letters, only typing with one finger as baby in the other
  4. Hi I have been busy over the christmas season, hence have not been online. Any way an update on what is happening with HSBC prelim letter 05/11/06 -requesting £1,425.50 no response lba letter - 14/12/06 - thought no response i proceeded to send off my MCOL on the 2/1/07 including the 8 % interest and low and behold received a letter from HSBC stating that they are willing to give me £1,245.00 in full and final settlement. Also stated that this is not an admission of liability.the letter is asking me to sign but I am not willing to do this . I am holding out for my full payment. I wonder if i should let the court claim go through, or should i accept th offer stating that i await the remainding amount???? Need some advice please especially as I have send off the mcol already.
  5. I hope i am looking at the right one. i found it at www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library or vampariess chambers. I was attempting to use the advanced excel spreadsheet.
  6. Hi, i have printed off my statements off of the internet. I am attempting to complete the advanced spreadsheet to calculate the interest and it is asking me to put in the overdraft amount as a plus. However I can't remember my overdraft from 2001 and it changed over the past six years. Help anyone:confused: ?
  7. big thank u for supplying useful links to follow.
  8. I am new to this and i look forward to reclaiming all bank charges
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