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  1. can some one guide me as what to do re court details i can't seem to find it
  2. What do i do about the court details?? i guess i have to read the faqs
  3. I finally got my money in the bank yesterday:D . What a nice feeling. I received all plus court fees. there was some reduction on the amount claimed due to two of the charges claimed were refunded but i am happy! Now i can donate to the site. thanks to everyone for the help received Bong Gary H Lats etc thank you
  4. thanks for that lateralus
  5. Hi everyone, update, i have been busy recieved from hsbc for original offer except court fees on the 9th january. was concerned as what to do so I called the bank, spoke to Mr Pretty who said they would pay all my court fees plus the original sum. he suggested i made a note of this on the acceptance form. I decided that i would accept this offer once my court fees was paid . I sent off the letter that same day. IN the letter suggested allow 7 days for account to be credited. these seven days would be up on thursday . additionally I withdraw my N244 as i accepted hsbc offer. Did I d
  6. I am so nervous as to what will happened now that I have send off my amendment etc. I have done so much mistakes with my MCOL. I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop!
  7. HA! send a cheque and all:(
  8. lateralus all sorted just about to pop down to the post office with my amendment form and N1 together with my schedule.
  9. my this replies are really quick. a big thank u and i will keep u all posted. i will tipp gary's scale and bong if it will let me;)
  10. called the consumer help desk re my POC. advised that i sent an amendment to my original POC to Northhamton courts where my MCOL was sent to via the post. I was requested to send 1 copy of the N1 form, and 1 copy of the N224 amendment form. then i was informed that the form will go before a judge in which a seal will be put on it and it will then be posted back to me and get this i have to serve it to HSBC bank themselves:( . I did ask if i can serve hand the POC to my local court and the answer was NO i have to send it to them. A bit confusing as to the amount of copies i have to send tho
  11. hey can some one direct me to The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 so i can quote it correctly:confused: as i need to put it in my POC
  12. Hey, thank you very much. i was getting really dispondent and was wishing i had settle for the first amount that Mr Collin Langdale had offered. However Lats thanks for the support and encouragement. Gary H you are wonderful for the link about amending my particulars. Will do it sometime in the early hours of the morning. when I am rested and less prone to make mistakes and baby is asleep;) . Lats i will take you up on your offer to pm you on Sunday to check it out the particulars of my claim before I send it if that is ok???
  13. thanks i will try all of the advice given and hope my stupidity does not make e muck it all up. Thanks a lot lats and bong
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