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  1. so what now - what does that mean for all the claims? Are they all lost because of the supreme court ruling? I knew this would happen.... just becasue the banks have lost loads of money recently (which was entirely their own fault)...
  2. Sure thats good news. But as I disputed the balance back in 06, regardless of the outcome of the supreme court decision, they still have acted against rules and guidlines by placing a default on my credit file, without notification, and over an amount which is totally made up of charges, which are in dispute! Can i claim compensation for their actions? - Having a default on my credit file is causing me problems. !!!
  3. Just a quick update on this one... as I've not posted for ages.... Case still stayed due to the test case being appealed by the banks... been stayed for ages now!! However, I checked my credit file recently, and Lloyds bank have put a default against my name for my overdraft. (which I left when I started the claim against lloyds, as it was dwarfed by the amount I was claiming) Surely as this amount was (and is) in dispute awaiting the outcome of the test case appeals, Lloyds have broken the rules here? How do I go about getting this removed? help!!!!
  4. Letter Arrived this morning. (missed morning off work - more expense!) Righto, where do I find a suitable letter to request the stay to be put aside. And how would I prove financial hardship?
  5. District Judge Rhodes has ordered all Bank Charge Claims in Watford County Court now be Stayed until 31t March 2007 (ie, after the OFT Case) Gutted. That's the second stay my claim has recieved. I reckon the banks are gonna do a deal and shaft us all... you wait and see..
  6. As it says I was supposed to have a "Case Conference" tomorrow morning. Phoned up the Court. (SCM haven't even submitted an AQ!, and have already had one stay granted for a month during the summer) The DJ has ordered a stay on all claims until the OFT case is concluded. I can see a right royal shafting coming our way....
  7. Hi, Just spoken to Watford County Court District Judge Rhodes has ordered a stay on all of these Bank Claims until 31st March 2008 (ie, after the OFT Case) Devastated. Deflated. What now?
  8. Thanks GuidoT The Stay has been and gone! See Post #36 (early summer - I tried to open dialogue with SCM on numberous occasions to settle out of court, as thats what the "Standard Stay" was for! - they declined to discuss anything with me) Can they apply for a second stay with regards to the OFT Test Case? Even though I filed last feb?
  9. In court tomorrow for this "Case Conference". Any advice, ideas? Whats going to happen? I'm bringing all my paperwork and files, but what is really going to happen? Lloyds have already had a stay awarded.... and nothing.... this claim was served last Feburary!! HELP!! Watford Court. 10.30am 19th September.
  10. Hi Wouldn't give me his name, but called from 01273 743 574 Said my overdraft is over limit, and it's not because of charges, and he's shutting my account down and it's going to ruin my credit rating for 8 years! What a Piers Morgan! My OD is 3k, I'm following lloyds for over 11.5k in the courts. Piers Morgan said he's aware of this, and the two balences aren't connected. MAkes me mad! - Can he actually do anything?
  11. first time for me, but I've only been with them since Jan this year, as I started litigation against my previous bank since 1995 - LloydsTSB Still mega disruptive to my weekend though.
  12. they've just right royally f*cked me too. Paid my rent on thursday, and they took it twice - almost £2000!!!! Needed money for tomorrow, and can't get a bean from the hole in the wall as I'm now overdrawn (in an overdraft I don't have!)! Bastards!! NOw I'm gonna lose the deposit's for tomorrows races!!! They didn't even contact their customers to let them know of the balls up!!!
  13. Rhodes is my Judge too! - Does that bode well?
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