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  1. No travel arrangements were not made in a hurry although I lost track of having so many travel insurances, Amex Travel insurance I specifically bought with all family detail so if any thing goes wrong I am protected.As i was dealing with a family emergency already so i did not want another one cropping up and me having to pay as health care in Pak is totally private. But I got surprise of my life that having 4 insurances and none would pay due to one excuse or other.
  2. I must admit I havent read them and believed what has been told on phone.
  3. Amex travel insurance said I m not covered for missed flight. Priority Pass has say because they did not recieve my form so my insurance was not activated and no certificate was sent out. I hope it helps to understand.
  4. This may sound like a story of unfortunate circumstances, But Here I go. Back in June my wife n kids went to visit my parents in Pakistan, I bought their ticket direct from Emirates and paid with Amex Gold Charge Card, I also bought Amex Prestige Travel Insurance, then I left UK on 2nd August and stayed in Pak for 1 week and 1 week in Dubai. On our departure from Pak we missed our flight to Dubai due to political unrest in country. I had to buy ticket from another airline to get to Dubai later that day and paid with my visa card Amex is no use in Pak. We got to Dubai and enjoyed
  5. I have my personal ccount being closed reason "Due to the conduct of the account". Nothing else. All i done was to get my wage paid into my account.Now I dont know what to do.I did not had very good credit history and spent my last year trying to build up my basic account with them and got this account end of Nov and now this.Any Advice plz.
  6. I m a business customer,and they have brought up an unpaid bill for the mobile from Feb 2009,and asking me to pay that.
  7. Hello Everybody, I am new to this forum and having a great deal of trouble from BT and want compensation for the time i am spending to get this corrected. But first of all my whole story, I run a small newsagent in Glasgow,and have BT phoneline with broadband and mobile contract.In the begining of 2009 bt offered me a new handset as they were about to cease phone service which i was sold prviously,with the hand set they provided a new simcard,and my HUGE MISTAKE i never bothered to use new sim card with new hand set,4 months down the line i noticed that i am paying for 2 mobile rather th
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