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  1. Hi Supasnooper, I'll have to look for the DN, it was a long time ago. Basically, about two years ago, I had an agreement through Blair Scott to pay £1 a month until my position improves. They froze the interest and charges on the account. Then about a year later, Bank of Scotland said to me that the agreement had ended and that I would need to make normal payments, and if I didn't, they will let the arrears build up and pass the account to a DCA. They defaulted me and passed it on to Blair Scott again and after their threats for payment, I CCA'd them and said no action should be taken
  2. Thanks Supasnooper I did receive a default notice. I'll send in a income/expenditure sheet together with a proposal of £1 per month and hope for the best.
  3. Hi, I would be grateful if someone could look at the attached agreement to see if it is unenforceable, before I send in a propasal for payment. The AA visa card number is totally different to the reference number or the number at the top of the agreement. Blair Scott took this over and after my letter asking for evidence of my liabilty for the debt, they passed it back to Bank of Scotland. After CCA to BOS, they supplied me with this together with seperate 2-page printed information sheets (similar to the back of the agreement). Just received a summons from MCOL, issu
  4. Hi, I was also wondering - If a CCA has an agreement number or reference number which does not match an account number or a credit card number, is it still enforceable?
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