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  1. Thanks for that. I am really fed up with the whole situation. What do I do with regard to the electrics as one of the appliances they have supplied is tripping out the circuit - which means that something is wrong somewhere. Now I know that they do not legally have to provide an electrial testing cert, but is there anything about having to ensure that electrical installation and appliances being safe as there is also a broken isolation switch on the cooker.
  2. Please can anyone offer advice. We took a tenancy agreement through a letting agency on wednesday 18th february and now have several problems. Went into the property on Thursday to find that the property has not been cleaned, carpets are very dirty and marked. cobwebs in every room. walls badly marked and paintwork dirty / dusty. Cooker is filthy and the isolation switch is broken. Cooker also trips out the electrics. Unable to get dishwasher to work and there is no instruction book. Curtains are mildewy and badly creased. Windows dirty with mildew. Was given a copy of a check out agreement dated 16th february - appears to be from the previous tenant - we have been charged £144 for legal documentation and inventory - is this acceptable ?? Inventory did not reflect the cleanliness of property and many things not on it Called the letting agent to the property on Thursday pm to see the state of property. They noted my issues and advised that they would speak to the landlord. Phoned them on Friday to be told that, the landlord had been to the property on the Wednesday and was happy with the condition apart from a couple of shrubs in the garden which needed cutting back and because of this they would not agree to pay for cleaners to come in and sort it out and would have to get the previous tenants to agree for this to come out of thier deposit which could take a couple of weeks and even then may not be agreed. Phoned them again on Friday and told them that this was unacceptable as these issues were not our problem and that the landlord must sort it out as we are unable to move our belongings into the property. They also made out that we had pushed to get keys which meant that they did not have time to check the property properly - we advised them in the first week of january that we wanted to take the tenancy from 15 Feb and we called a couple of weeks before that date to ask if we could change to 16th of Feb as 15th fell on the weekend !!!! So Phoned them again this morning to be told that they were still waiting for a response - advised them that I wanted a response by close of business today. I advised them that I would arrange the cleaning myself, but would be billing them for time at current rates and any equipment and materials required to do this. Also advised that I would expect a rebate for rental for all the days that we have been unable to use the property. Guess what .... still no further forward. Does anyone have any ideas where we go from here ? Now have no choice but to make an office visit tomorrow and would really appreciate some ammo to take with me. Thanks Pink X
  3. hi, no, I work for local authority. They seem to be trying to sort things out, interviews of everyone are currently being carried out, so, will wait and see how this first stage pans out. I am prepared to go all the way if I dont get adequate results. I have had to increase my medication due to the stress this is causing. Thank you all for your comments / information, it has been really helpful
  4. Thank you Lula & Robin9342 You understand where I am coming from on this. Pink X
  5. I did go straight back into the store to tell them what had happened, they did not seem the slighted bit bothered, I then phoned again once I got home, so I spoke to the store twice in less than 20 minutes regarding the incident. The Trolleys (plural) hit my sons arm with force above the cast approx 1 cm from the wound which is still healing from the surgery he had to undergo to mend a broken radius and ulna less than 2 weeks ago. He has a below elbow cast so this did not protect him in anyway. If my trolley had not been on the right hand side of him, the force would have knocked him off his feet. It may well have been an unfortunate accident, but the member of staff concerned should have more spatial awareness and know his own strength. I know that I am not happy with their "speaking to the member of staff" policy. I would recognise 2 of the witnessess - also members of the trolley collecting staff. My concern is, the trolleys were outside the trolley barrier on the only area of "pavement" so you cannot avoid this exiting the store. We did nothing wrong, but I have been left with a 6 year old, who is now scared to go out in public without wearing a sling !!!! I do not want anything monetary for me, but you would think that they might offer my son a voucher / small toy or DVD as a goodwill gesture.
  6. No They did not record anything, they did not even take my details despite my discussing the situation with them twice. I am really really angry, they just did not seem to care that a 6 year old was distressed and frightened. I thought they had some responsibility for their customers Health & safety whilst on site !! Does anyone know what their likely response is going to be ??? Ta
  7. Thanks I'll type it up and get it posted recorded delivery on Monday Any ideas what course I should expect their response to take ??? Thanks
  8. Last week went shopping in my local T***o's, has my 2 kids with me, when we were leaving the store, a member of staff was stacking trolleys and shoved some really hard causing the other end of the line to flick out and slam into my sons arm (which he broke 2 weeks ago and needed surgery to mend). Causing him distress and leaving a reddened area less than 1 cm from the surgery site. The line of trolleys were outside the barriered trolley bay. I got the employees name from 4 other members of staff who witnessed the incident and immediately reported to customer services. They were not all that interested saying that they would speak to the member of staff concerned. When I got home, i was still angry at their response so I phoned the store and spoke to a duty manager, his response was the same as the customber service dept. I have now resorted to writing a letter which I hand delivered to the store this morning. Is there anything else I should be doing ?? Thanks Elaine
  9. Hi Can anyone help me. I was longterm sick with depression from May 07 - with a phased return to work in November 2007. Upon my return I was told that I had 7 weeks holiday to take before the end of march. Due to xmas and other staffing problems, i requested some of my A/L at I time when I thought it would cause less problems. 4 dates were refused bu line manager no 1 which I initally thought ok no problem, until I arrived at work, where a really reliable collegue said "what are you doing here, I would have covered if they had asked me". Spoke to my line manager no 2 ( a different person than the one who oks holiday requests). She could not understand why I was refused the time off and managed to get cover for the other three dates that I was initially refused. At the end of the week ( 3 weeks after returning to work), I arrived at work to be verbally attacked by Line manager no 1 infront of 2 of my colleagues, because she was not happy that the A/L she had refused had been authorised. I sent a written complaint to line manager no 1's manager who was initally very supportive and apologetic etc etc etc..... Initially I was offered a meeting with line manager no 1 and her manager to resolve issues, I refused this option explaining that it would not be beneficial. I am now in the process of starting formal grievance process with support of line manager no2. It has come to light, that my A/L was refused as it was managments preference I worked from 2200h - 0000h. The management involved appears to have concocted a whole catalogue of reasons, excuses and have even in writing blamed one of my collegues for being unable to cover ( I have a writted statement from this colleague saying that she was not asked to cover, she was told that I had requested holiday and that managment prefered me to work, therefore not giving her an opportunity to say that she would be only to happy to cover.) To complicate matters more, it has not been escalated by 2nd level managment after not being able to resolve the informal route. The alleged bully has been told all about my complaints and has even been forwarded a personal email from me to her manager explaining my feelings on the situation. A breech of confidentiality ??? However, her manager has told me that she is not able to discuss the outcome of her meetings with the alleged bully as she is not able to disclose it to a 3rd party ???? I have not been protected from this person and am having to take annual leave so that I do not work with them - is this right ??? I have had to increase my medication due to the additional stress and upset. Can anyone explain to me, because I cannot find a definative answer in out employees handbook : - 1) what happens if a grievance is upheld ? 2) Do I have any course for constructive dismissal if the company do not uphold the grievance ?? 3) Should I be expected to take A/L so that I am protected from the alleged bully ? 4) how come she has been informed of all my comments / thoughts, but her comments have not been disclosed to me? 5) How quickly can i expect this to be dealt with, this has been ongoing for 6 weeks due to the way it has been mismanaged so far. 6) Should I also take out a grievance against line manager no1's manager as it is due to her incompetance that we are no further forward. Thanks
  10. Hi Have already sent that letter off to them. But its time for court and I want to get the papers filed this weekend on line. Do I used the whole amount of the claim in the figures or do I subtract the amount they have creditited my account ? Thanks Elaine
  11. Hi Can anyone offer some advice please. I have started to fill out the paperwork on MCOL for a large claim against Lloyds They sent a letter saying that they would refund £750 as a goodwill gesture, which I have refused. They have since credited £365 into my account. When it comes to the MCOL figures, do I remove this amount from the total claim, and what do I do about the interest calculations ?? Many Thanks Pinkpetal
  12. Hi Family friend has a washing machine purchased from currys. It is 3 years old and has broken down, she took out extended warranty from mastercare. 4 weeks on machine is not fixed and probably wont be for another week. Any ideas, everytime she phones, she gets told the parts are in then when she chases again is told that they are still waiting for the parts. What is the best way to play this THanks
  13. pmsl I surely will. Gonna ring on Monday, will let you know how I get on !!! Cheers for your help Pink X
  14. Yea its for the one for April 2006 There were 3 staff, It says the fine is 100 per month or part month for upto 50 staff !! Business has ceased trading now, so cant wait to do this years - and it will be the last !!! and yes I will copy it this time.!!
  15. Had a letter yesterday saying that they did not appear to have the information regarding one of the staff and could we please fill in the attached form and then receive the fine today ! notice is from IR - has 2 copies of it today ! Payments have all been made so nothing to worry about there. I'll ring them on monday and see what they say. Will have to take a trip to the accountants to get all the gumph.
  16. No all manual, use the workings off the sheets provided by IR. Nope stupidly did not copy them !! Done it the same way for the last 3 years without problem... any ideas what to do ??
  17. Dont know what its called, its the one detailing what you have paid the staff etc..... I know I deffo did it and sent it off, not recorded tho !!! Help
  18. Help have just received at fine for £900 for not submitting Employers Annual return in 2006. Thing is - I did return them when they were due, I have received nothing from HM customs and Excise to say they have not received them and they have left it for almost a year - racking up this huge fine. I can only assume they either got lost in the post or lost at HM customs and Excise. What do I do ??
  19. Hi I think that the seller has a duty to describe the product acurately. You appear to have all the evidence to start a court claim to get your money back. Not sure if Ebay / Paypal can be of assistance, try posting on the quick answer part of the community, there are some really wise peeps on there.
  20. Can I just ask, You mention that it is a 32 week scan which is not a "normal" scan time and usually indicates that the hospital are monitoring the baby - is that the case ?? Did they not phone the hospital to let them know they would not be able to attend ? Hosptial's are going to be cautious and refer cases if there is cause for concern, now if there a probelms with the unborn and parents do not attend for appointments, that is just cause for concern. Please remember that social services deal with other issues apart from child abuse, so a referal from the hospital may or may not be beneficial in some cases. Have they checked their eligebility for other benefits ?? and is there not a community car service in their area?? Just a thought.... Anyway... hope all goes well and that the little one arrives safely X
  21. Hi Thinking of changing to the above. Does anybody have any experience, advice ? Thanks
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