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  1. i have a ccj though for that debt, stating i pay it at a set amount per month, can they go against that?
  2. It is made out to me but after my name says into a/c no.*******. Fab that they are settling (doantion to follow), but the thing is, i don't have that account - it had a debt that they passed on to Westcot credit, and i pay them each month. I phoned Cobbetts, and the woman i spoke to said that the a/c no wa for their reference only, and i should be able to cash it at my bank. Anyone tried doing this?
  3. I have already paid my fee to mcol, but now have had the defence from cobbetts and have to fill in an allocation questionnaire - this also says i need to pay a fee of £100 - do i have to pay this even though i have paid the mcol 120, and can i claim it back from RBS?
  4. i thought it was 28 days from date of service, which if it was 10th of jan would be tomorrow, i think
  5. Hi, i submitted my moneyclaim 0n 5th Jan, and it was deemed served on 10th jan - i had an acknowledgment stating intent to defend on 16th jan. Since then i have heard absolutely nothing - am i right in thinking that tomorrow i can apply for default judgment? And that they are likely to get their defemce in at literally the last minute? Is this standard RBS stuff?
  6. The head office for RBS is in Edinburgh, but the service address needs to be England - i know someone has probably covered this, but which address do i use?
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