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  1. Well the bank are only too aware of the timescales as you've stated the deadlines for response in both your Prelim Letter and your L.B.A. so the next stage is to file your claim through the courts. It is at this stage that you are permitted to claim back the 8% interest under Section 69 of the County Courts Act so this will increase your figure by even more.

  2. The next step for you is to draw up your shedule of charges and send them along with your Preliminary Letter, you will find these in the Templates Library.


    This link will give you a step by step guide for your claim so it might be worth printing off a copy or adding the link location to your favourites for future references.



  3. Even if this doesn't get stopped immediately you are a long way off going to court as of yet. If you're having trouble cancelling the claim through MCOL just wait until your claim is transferred to a local court (this will happen after the 28 days have passed and the defence is submitted), then you'll be able to phone the County Court directly and withdraw your claim.

  4. Hi and welcome to the site,



    You've definately taken the first step into claiming back what's rightfully yours.


    Spend time reading the FAQ's and the Step by Step guide as this will stop you making mistakes along the way. Use the letters and spreadsheets in the Templates Library as these have all been tried and tested in successful claims. Read as many threads as you can especially ones that relate to your bank. This is a SELF HELP site and won’t do the work involved for you. However, everything you need is on here somewhere.


    Don't be afraid to ask any questions, no matter how stupid they may seem, but please remember that any advice that you receive is normally based on experience only and that you should seek expert advice if required.


    Once you start the process of your claim remember to open a thread in the relative bank forum, this will enable you, and others helping you, to keep track of your claim.


    All the best in your claim!!






    Useful links to help with your claim






  5. From here you can expect to wait around 33 days for YB to submit their defence.


    The court allows 5 days for your claim to be deemed served, then the defendant is given 14 days to acknowledge the claim. Once acknowledged they will then receive a further 14 days to submit their defence ( this is usually done right at the last minute).


    The allocation Questionaire (if you get one) will be sent to you after this period is over.

  6. Well,I was not in the country when all that stuff kicked off,so I wont get roped in to any discussions about it.Yes I have been told more than enough about it all from various diff peeps and being an adult made up my own mind about what may or may not have taken place.The question was will the chatroom re-open or not??As we can see it will take a while yet if it ever does.So wait and see I guess.However I do think that the discussion about whatever happened has no place on this thread and enough time has gone by to leave it be now,as it caused enough unrest in enough places for enough peeps ,dont you think?

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  7. Bona, you may be interested to know that out of the 15 or so people that left 'never to darken these doors again' (or similar words) - about 10-12 are regular 'viewers' of the forum once again - including a few that after asking for their users to be removed, have now asked for reinstatement.


    Don't be fooled into thinking that people left here in their droves.


    We've all got a lot on our plate at the moment due to the mess that some of these other sites get peoples claims into - and ultimately they come here to have it sorted out properly - as stated every time that this question has been asked: the chatroom and bear garden will be reopened when it is deemed safe to do so and without arguments from the persistent trouble makers.


    And I would like to add to that ,that the grass aint always greener on the other side.........

  8. Please excuse me, if i sound thick


    In what scenario would you claim the overdraft interest, i just want to get everything 100% right at this stage.


    You are actually entitled to claim a proportion of the Overdraft Interest which is deemed to be in direct relation to the charge applied on the account. If you enter the figures into this spreadsheet it will calculate this for you. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/Spreadsheets/England/Complex-bank-charges-calc.xls It doesn't always equate to very much so a lot of people leave this part out to keep the whole claim a little simpler.

  9. Hi Sorry to butt in on someone else's thread but I was reading th figures you say to put in and I have inserted them just the same as Pops was going to do. Will my claim be thrown out? I issued the claim on the 14/05/07 and am waiting for a defence.


    If you've done it as above then you really need to make an official amendment, this will involve completing an N244 for and resubmitting your claim through the courts. This will come at a cost I'm afraid, £35 which is not reclaimable.


    See here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/41901-form-n244-application-notice.html

  10. If the bank fails to supply you with your data then you should complain to the bank. Give them 7 days to comply and tell them that you will begin a complaint to the Information Commissioner and also that you will begin a County Court action under the Data Protection Act.


    If the bank does not respond to your 7 day warning then begin your complaint and start your action.

  11. Well if you've sent the preliminary letter and the 14 days have passed the yes you now need to send the L.B.A., ignore the fact that the bank is requesting 4 weeks, this is your claim so you set the deadlines.


    As for the 8%, you can only claim this upon submitting your claim through the courts, so not this stage yet!!

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