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  1. Right here we go again,only this time it's capital 1's turn!! Statements received yesterday,wrote Prelim last night,and will be sending it tomorrow!!Amount to be claimed £914 that is incl. interest. So,Nat west on the go,Capital 1,and after Christmas the Halifax.Not bad me think's!! All the best to everybody Trishx
  2. Hi Deller , J, Westy!!! Thank's for your help,encouragement and being there as soon as something new happens!!!Also to paulshieber for trusting me with his number,and the help that was offered!!!You guys are great and I want to say thanx so so much for guiding me trough all this!!! THANK YOU!!! Its funny really cos I post something and within a few mins one of the 3 of you replies and it's so cool to know that your there. Anyway I hope your all well and speak s:) n!! Trishx
  3. Hi Deller!! The plan is to send a reject letter tomorrow that we will only accept this as an interim payment give them a further 2 weeks,making it totally clear that if they do not settle within the given time we will file our N1 with no futher debate!!!What do you think????
  4. Here we go then.First offer from Nat West!! Dear Mrs.xxx Thank you for your letter and I apologise for any dissatisfaction caused by the application of the charges to your account. We believe that our charges are fair,reasonable and transparent.We consider that the amounts debited to your account have been applied strictly in accordance wih your agreement with us and our published tariffs,which we are satisfied,complies with all applicable laws and regulations.We are also committed to ensuring the transparency of the information that we give our customers about the operation of our products. We have considered and responded to the OFT's statement of 5April2006.We don not accept the OFT'S findings in relation to credit cardfees.We are concerned that the OFT has publicly called into question the setting of charges applied to other products,including current account.The OFT has restricted its investigation to Credit cards and made no attempt to consult with RBS or the industry in relation to other,entirely different products. Consequently,against that background,we must differ withe the views expressed in your letter.Despite this,we have taken the oppotunity to review the charges that have been applied to your acc. and as an excetional matter we have agreed to refund £771.00 as a gesture of goodwill!!!!!! Acceptance by you of this payment will be in full and final settlement of all claims you may have relating to our charges.However,our terms and conditions will continue to apply and any charges that accrue in the future must stand!!! Again thank you for taking the time and trouble to write and I hope that your complaint is now resolved to your satisfaction. Erm.....NO IT's NOT!!!!:grin:
  5. Hi J No nothing yet.They have till thursday then it's off to file the court papers!!! Heres wishing u all the best of luck with MBNA!!! Tx
  6. yes all is well thanx!!! and so is the cat!!!lol b good x
  7. HI J!! Lol bit of a clever mut now r we?? Btw hows the catfur spitting going?? Tx
  8. Westy,good luck with this one ! Cant wait to see what the outcome is!! Again thanx for letting me know!! Trishx
  9. Yeah i know what you mean about waiting..... I hate nothing more than people having me wait around for stuff!!!The posty,well thats a thing!!I bet he thinks we have lost the plot by now lol!! Have never b4 waited so eagerly for the posty to turn up!!! So strange that they have not asked me to hand cheque books and cards in then.Dont get that one. Not that im complaining of course..
  10. How funny are you!!?? Not so sure about the cat eating thing......What have they ever done to you??
  11. Thanx for that!!!I wont ,and they only have 8 days and thats it!!!Want my money and if I can get it through b4 x-mas all the better!! Hows your coming along westy??
  12. They can try..... But they aint gonna get anywhere with this stubborn woman lol
  13. Hi deller1 and J!! Thanx for your replies!! Deller,why is it that they think they can take more time than I have given them??They must have a reading problem or cant count on 14 days and that working in a bank!!!! If they truly believe that I will be intimidated by THEM they should think again!!! J,as for you waiting and spitting cat fur....... what a predicament to be in!!All i can say is keep your cool,dont choke on it and be patient!! In the end you will get what is rightly yours!! All the best to both of you Trishx
  14. Had a reply from Nat west today !! It reads Dear Mrs ..... Thank you for your letter of 3rd November 2006 requesting a refund of charges over the last six years. I am already looking into your concern, ( MY concern lol ) and I will contact you again within 10 days,either with a full response,or to let you know what progress I have made.I shall do my utmost ( I hope so,get a move on!!) to resolve your complaint quickly and to your satisfaction,but so that you are aware of all the options available to you,I have enclosed a leaflet that explains how we handle customer complaints!! (Yeah,thanx for that) 10 days???Dont think so as MY timescale says 8 days!!!So she better get a Big move on!!! Trish
  15. Hi Fi30!! Many many congratulations to you !!! It must feel like Christmas has come early!! Hope you get the newly applied charges too! All the best Trish
  16. Thats right J......they have noooooo idea!!! Nat west be scared!!!!! lol:p Be good. Tx
  17. Hi Westy!! Nice to hear from you again, knowing I'm not the only one with them......!!! Anyway,let's just carry on as we discussed the other day and you never know Christmas could still come early!! It's just so frustrating when they try to fob you off like that!!!Keep in touch and let me know how you get on!! All the best Trish
  18. Well,we had a nice letter from Nat West today. They decided to return our Prelim to us , saying it was sent to the wrong address.How funny,as we sent it to our branch and it took them from the 7th of November till today to reply and also seeing by how many diff. departments it was stamped off by.After taking advice from a few people,we sent off the LBA today so in two weeks time we will see what their next tac is!!! Think they are scaring me off??Well think again!!! All the best to all you all!! Trish
  19. Hi J ! Have you heard anything yet???Let us know how you get on!! All the best and kind regards Tx
  20. Hi...no they have to re-send them as there were god knows how many doubles & missing ones etc. Take care & good luck!
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