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  1. Thanx Deller,as always:) !!It's great to have you and J along the way for such great support!!It really is a shame that we are so far appart,or we could have got together to have a drink or two to celebrate our claims!! Speak soon... Tx
  2. Hey J!! Great to see your still with us..... Took a while to get around to the update,but got there in the end....lol. Really do hope it's for the full amount,but who knows with Nat West!!Let me know how u get on as soon as u have any news. All the best and thanx a bunch for your support!!! Tx
  3. Hi J and thanx!!! Nice to know that your on this one with us aswell!! Speak soon...... Tx
  4. Hi All Here we go again. Sent Prelim for our second account by recorded delivery yesterday!!! This time however it's a much smaller amount £471. So heres hoping that with this one they will not drag it out. All the best to all of you Trishx
  5. Right here a long overdue update.Claim was issued on 2.2.07.The court sent it to the defendant by first class on the 6.2.07 (backlog through strike action lol) and will be deemed served on 8.2.07.The defendant has untill 22Febuary 4pm to reply!! In the meantime,I have still been giving customer relations the odd call just to see what they say and was told that we should get a letter this week.What kind of a letter I said and the woman on the other end replied "an offer" letter. So this basically is it after several hiccups along the way...... But me think's we are back on track and it's just a matter of time now (patience time )!!Oh,and that supposed "offer" letter has yet to arrive!!! By the way a great BIG Thank you to Hagenuk,who has the patience of a saint and keeping his office open at all times,To Deller for always being there with a reasuring word or two !!
  6. Trish76

    Rosa v Abbey

    Hi Rosa!! Great to see you have started!! Will follow with great interest!! Many kind regards Trish
  7. Hi Petrafyde!! I wish you all the very best in getting back your money!!It is great to read your thread and see how much you have grown in confidence!!! I will continue following your thread with great interest as we too are claiming money back from Nasty west and have been in similar circumstances with overdrafts etc. Many kind regards Trish
  8. Hi, what a sad story!!I this were someone I knew,I would go around to her house,ring the DCA (Debt Collection Agency)Get her to talk to them saying that she is giving you Authority to speak to them on her behalf,and let them know the plan of action and what her situation is. Once she has received the statements,send them The LBA asap.I would then ring the DCA again and advise them that the acc is now in dispute!!! This is off course purely my opinion and what I would do. I do hope everything works out ok for her and think it is great of you to help her out!!! All the best and many kind regards Trish
  9. How Crazy to offer you 50% and then still carry on....And all that over an amount less than £200!!! I can just imagine a judge taking a look at it,raising an eyebrow and having a little smile to himself...lol!! I shall follow your progress with great interest!!! Kind regards Trish
  10. Hi Joneshousehold!!! What a super attitude you have towards the DCA'S!!! A friend of mine gets those calls most days as they made the mistake to go with a company called Baines & Ernst who are not doing what they are meant to i.e. debt management.I have tried telling them countless times to have a look on here,to get support and to see how others deal with them,yours being a perfect thread to follow for a confidence boost.Oh well,might have to print it off and show them,and hope that it helps!! Super thread!!! Many kind regards Trish
  11. Hi, It may all seem very stressful now,but once you are sorted with the CCCS, thing's will not look as bleak as they may do now.Getting into debt is sooo easy these days with credit cards,loans and whatever else.You are most deff not alone.So try and keep your chin up,stay with us here as there is always someone with great advice about.I'm sure you will soon feel much better after your app. with the CCCS!!! All the very best to you Trish
  12. Congratulations!!! cant wait till we have our thread changed to won...lol. Have fun spending that money. All the best Trish
  13. Hi J!! Here's wishing you all the very best with this claim!! Tx
  14. Hi Westy still following with great interest!!I too would be pulling my hair out by now,but you seem to be doing just fine. Considering how much they have already paid back to peeps it seems crazy how they still drag this out. Heres wishing you all the best Trishx
  15. Hi J! Congratulations!!!!Also well done on becoming sitehelper!! Aint been on for ages and didnt know.Hope all is well,speak soon,many kind regards Tx
  16. Hi Deller!! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Hope you had a good xmas!! Trishx
  17. CONGRATULATIONS DELLER!!!! So So happy for you & your family!! Hope you have a good time tonight and speak soon!! All the best Trishx
  18. Hi J ! Hope all is going well!! Kind regards Trishx
  19. Hi J, Wishing you good luck with your next two claims. Trish
  20. WOw they really are the nicest posts I have read in ages pmsl!!! Oh and Deller,welcome to the world of the CAG chatroom Junkies........lol J,what is a girl to do with all them beautiful shoes out there???? They make ya wanna spend,spend,spend.... Anyhow,thanx for checking in and be good.......lol See yah in the bear garden. Trishxx
  21. My thinking exactly deller!!!I will deff be donating too.I mean really where would we b without all these kind people helping us wink wink!!! Trishx
  22. Ha,found yah!!!!lol:D I wish you all the best of luck with this lot!!!! Take care for now and see you in the bear garden lol. Trishx
  23. Hi Sand!! Heres wishing you all the very very best!! I'm sure it'll all turn out fine!! Many kind regards Trish
  24. Hi Westy!!! I too wish you all the best of luck !!Your thread is an inspiration and very interesting!! All the best Trishx
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