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  1. Hi J nice to see you about.....lol knowing my luck tho they'll drag their heels..... If it does happen however,drinks on me Tx
  2. Hi Nattie, well heres hoping,and driving my posty mad on a daily basis lol.I am hoping, that they will see that we are serious as they have acknowledged the claim for our Advantage Gold account.So,lets see what happens. Take care & speak soon Trishx
  3. Hi Deller !! Thanx for the encouraging words,but I aint holding my breath!!! If they do happen to feel like paying out b4 hand then hey great but u never know!!!! But yeah as you said it would come in very handy for the trip!!! Speak soon Trishx:p
  4. Hi Petra!!! Wow,well done and congrats on your well deserved win!!!! Heres wishing you all the very best on your future venture...lol Many kind regards Trishx
  5. Hi Allyxia well at least the mood has lightened up!!! So plz stay!!!!!!lolololol
  6. Hi Happy!! Here is wishing you all the best of luck with this!!! Trishx
  7. Hi Sally, I do agree with Allyxia,as you know,but I also agree that yes it is now enough.You have said sorry to Deller,in public which u did not have to do,and I think it was a great thing to do.But plz guys & girls lets get back to normal plz!!!!! I had the first letter from Cobbetts today defending and now have the jitters....So if you do wanna post on my thread,then support would be welcome Trishx
  8. Hi Guys had our first letter from Cobbetts today...... of course defending all of the claim. By the way,thanx to Allyxia for popping in! Hope your all well Trishx:-)
  9. Hi Sally Firstly,I have no personal problem with you!!! I just thought that we are all here to try and help each other to get our money back and was just so surprised how you reacted to Deller or anybody to using your letter!! So firstly well done for composing it,and well done for posting this!!! I have pm'ed you and hope that you and Deller can sort this out !! Oh,and plz carry on helping others as you both have lots of knowledge to share!!
  10. Anyway,lets get back to normal ,calm down and hope that we all get our money back soon and that Ollie continues to get better as that is the most important thing!!! In future,we shall ask Hagenuk if we may use letters composed by him,so as not to upset people that have nothing better to do than fight out gripes in public.
  11. Deller,that would be a great pity if you didnt help anymore,as you have nothing but helped me ,and I thank you soooo much for it!!!
  12. Hi SallyI would really be very greatful,if you would speak to Deller in private about this and not discuss some gripe you may have with him on my thread.He copied this letter to help out and in no way did he mention that it was him who composed it!!!If you did not want other people to use it then u should have stated this.Many kind regards Trish
  13. Hi Westy!! Thanx for popping in Guess I was hoping this would be over soon,thats all!! Anyway,they have till the 22 Feb to acknowledge,so see what happens. speak soon Trishx
  14. Hi hta80!! You will be just fine I'm sure,as there are lot's of nice people to help you along the way,as you will have noticed already!! Here's wishing you all the best on your way:) Trish
  15. Lol...Mystic Meg...lol Well,even if they settle this one first at least that would be something.A little sense of achievement at last....lol
  16. Prelim letter was delivered today.Checked online as it was sent recorded delivery!! So,waiting again.... Trish
  17. Hi Petra Thats the same problem I have.....the waiting!!! It's driving me mad!!! I got told by them that an "offer" letter was on it's way,that was last tuesday.Still nothing in the post,so I rang them and was told it can take two weeks to get to me..:o Snail Mail me thinks!! Hope you wont have to wait too much longer!! Kind regards Trish x
  18. wow well done!!! Wish I could be there to see it all happening!!!
  19. Not a happy bunny today... As mentioned b4,Nat West told me last week that an offer letter was on it's way to us.....surprise surprise,nothing in the post yet again:x .So i took it upon myself and rang them again. The reply was"it can take up to 2 weeks to get to you..:o " So someone tell me plz,do they use SNAIL MAIL????
  20. Lol..... I'm sure he will be about soon.Could be with little Ollie.But yeah,if you and Your OH are up for it,it could be a good night!!!
  21. Well,if your up for it,then lets try and sort something with Deller and try and meet in the middle or something??
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