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  1. ok then,do I need to tell dg I need the cash now or the bank,also I havent had my aq through the post yet and so dont know when the deadline is,how soon does the aq come through after the defence has benn filed? ( sorry for all the questions )
  2. Got back from work today and had a nice surprise from dg. HSBC is giving me my money back. Do i need to cross out the strictly confidential bit out before i send the signed form back? Thanks to everyone who guided me through this,its all been worthwhile.
  3. Thanks again Lateralus,I think I'll give DG a ring aswell to try speed things up.
  4. Thanks Lateralus, I take it i'm a step nearer to getting my money then? Also does the 14 days to send back my aq start from today?
  5. just found out from the missus that the letter is something completely unrelated,so thats good i suppose,thanks for your reply lisa
  6. I filed my mcol 28 days ago today and I've heard nothing from HSBC or DG, so I thought yipee I can press the judgement button on mcol but when I went to do it today its been halted. Also when I got home today I missed a letter that needs signing for, so I guess that may be from the court, bank or DG, so what do I need to do know? Please help me, starting to get nevous now:?
  7. I recieved a letter from HSBC today offering me a token sum to settle my claim.My claim is for £2894.27 plus the 8% charges plus court costs which takes my claim to £3636.08. ( i should say that i am at the mcol stage and the 19 dec is when hsbc's time is up) They offered me a grand total of £2150.00 in reply to my letter dated the 04 november,which they have chosen to ignore untill now!!! Do i need to write to them to say i wont accept or do i just ignore it and let the mcol take its course? If i do need to reply could some kind person tell me where to find the template, cos i cant find it.Many thaks
  8. posted my schedule of charges off today to DG, so hopefully that should speed things up
  9. Thanks, I'll do that right away.
  10. Has any one got a covering letter i could send to DG solicitors with a breakdown of charges? I thought if I sent one before they ask for it then it may speed the process up a tad,Thanks
  11. best of luck,you'll get all the help and advice you need from this site,everyones certainly helped me,I'm currently at the mcol stage at the moment,slightly nervous but at the same time confident.
  12. I filed with mcol on saturday and got the letter back today stating hsbc intend to defend,as per,so its a 28 day countdown as from the 21st. I'm a bit worried though as i heard nothing in responce to my prelim or lba as other people seemed to. I need that good ol' reassurance that every thing'll be dandy. I could really do with the money for christmas,oh i'm claiming for just short of £3500 by the way.Thanks to all for previous help and responses.
  13. Prelim letter sent recorded yesterday and ive just checked to find its been delivered today, so the countdown begins!!
  14. I have another question,feel a bit thick, when i'm doing my spread sheet do i need to add the interest that was taken out of my account as well as the 'total charges'. ie on my statement it is listed like this 24 oct00 DR INTEREST TO02oct2000 5.05 24 oct00 DR TOTAL CHARGES TOoct2000 27.50 so does the 5.05 go on the statement as well as the 27.50, then when it goes as far as court I add the 8% on top of this? Sorry for all the questions I dont want to make a mess of things,Thanks again:confused:
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