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  1. £20 for a direct debit to the Egg credit card that wasn't covered by my bank account held with another bank. I think it was for just under a fiver, as well. And they ended up paying me £52.02! SMASHED the Egg!
  2. They might not be in the folder, but it's not because there haven't been any. Mine (schnide vs Egg) as well as many others have had successful claims but in my case the request to amend the thread header wasn't done, and it hasn't been moved into the right folder other. But that's not to discredit the forum administrators because this site is a godsend, and long may it reign!
  3. The OFT have not given Egg special dispensation. This is from the OFT: "Dear Mr Hyde* (*that's me, stuff your confidentiality clause Egg!) Thank you for your e-mail regarding the charges imposed on you by Egg. You state that Egg are misinterpreting the statement made by this Office about the level of charges which we would consider acceptable. I should explain that the £12 threshold for intervention is not a price cap. We are not saying that default fees should be set at £12 or that a court will consider a default fee to be fair just because it is at or below £12. We expec
  4. schnide

    Benham vs. Egg

    Follow the appropriate process, and you WILL get your money. Don't be afraid of taking it as far as court or the fact that it's a relatively small amount of money - I took them to court over £20 and they ended up having to pay out £52.02 after court fees and interest. Go for it!
  5. schnide

    Schnide vs Egg

    I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without this forum, so thank you again to all those who offered very useful advice and also to those such as yourself Yasmin who opened the floodgates and inspired others. This is exactly the kind of grass roots action that I very much hope will only become more common. If consumers realised that the power lies with themselves in where they take their money, this country could change over night. Tell your friends to close their bank accounts and move to an ethical provider (I recommend the Co-Operative, who refunded my charges instantly).
  6. Add me to the list - won without confidentiality! Particular thanks to Mistermind, Angry Cat, Countrybake and Chris1978 for your help, and obviously to the owners of this site.
  7. schnide

    Schnide vs Egg

    Well needless to say, my friend referred to earlier was me. The reason I let the 14 day period expire wasn't because on purpose but because I forgot about it over Christmas Nevertheless, I wrote to Egg shortly after saying that I could not accept their unfair terms of confidentiality, but that I would be happy to accept the full amount by itself for £52.02 to settle the case. Last week, I received the separate cheque and letter and the case has been filed for dismissal. So.. It could have cost you £20 Egg but you had to fight it didn't you? Then I took you to court and yo
  8. schnide

    Schnide vs Egg

    My friend's case is almost at a close - I suggested to them that they allow the 14 day deadline of the payment and confidentiality clause expire, and then write to Egg after this date to say they are willing to accept payment without the clause. I assume it was safe for them to do this, rather than reject the offer within the 14 day period? Regardless of the outcome, I have already made a donation to this site, and long may it continue.
  9. schnide

    Schnide vs Egg

    Thanks for the advice - so what would my friend do, reject the offer? Is it likely they'll offer the amount again without the clause?
  10. schnide

    Schnide vs Egg

    Let's say that, as I predicted, a close friend has recently been offered full payment in return for dropping the case.. and a confidentiality clause. My friend is very happy with all of the above except the confidentiality clause - I feel that my friend should be able to acknowledge his/her case on this forum to encourage others against this particular organisation. How within their rights are Egg to request this clause - would it be worth my friend pushing harder, in whatever capacity? I of course expect a similar letter to arrive to my home in the coming days, if of course it
  11. Why haven't we heard about that then? My guess is that what's happening is the court dates come very near and Egg offer to settle with the full or very near full amount just before so that it would be unreasonable for the claimant to refuse. The trick is they probably include a confidentiality clause, which is why we aren't hearing of any victories. Could that be right?
  12. FIGHT IT. If there was a decent reason for Egg to have won any cases and actually push forward with this, the other (actually reputable) banks would be doing it too. The fact is that Egg would rather try to bully and intimidate people rather than pay up what they should. It's most likely that given they're such a dire company, they can't afford to pay back what they owe. Fight them and add to the numbers - they make offers before going to court anyway, so it's worth doing for that alone. There's a raft of court dates with Egg which will be reaching a head soon, so expect some
  13. Sod that, I'm taking them to court over £20. It's going to cost them that in travel alone if they want to take my case to court. The idiots have already offered to pay my £30 court fee in a sub-par settlement for no logical reason having previously refused to refund the £20, so I'm more than happy to cost them as much as I can.
  14. That's the attitude they want you to reach. But claims take a while to go through, and some of them are getting close now, particularly those that have a good chance (like mine and some others) and can set a precedent. You're right to say that if Egg were so smart then other banks would be doing the same - but Egg aren't smart, they're just unscrupulous, and are using bullying tactics because they're in a desperate situation.
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