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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi all, Hoping for a bit of advice here, I'm relative consumer savvy but working on behalf of my mother in law. Mother in law took out an esporta 12 month membership last year and 6 months into it she was diagnosed with relatively serious cancer. A couple of months after her diagnosis she rang the club to ask her what to do if she wanted to cancel. They told her under the circumstances that she should wait until her 12 months was up (cheeky S*ds!) after 12 months of her contract and two visits to hospital and all her payments up to date like an honest citizen, she ra
  3. It was at a south Eastern Railway Station so I guess Central Parking systems just manage the fines. Is that any help? I'm guessing it's not council operated at all
  4. Hi all, I recently got a ticket for parking in a Season Ticket holders only car park before 9.30 am. At the time when I got to the car park I had parked in one area, saw the signs and parked at the other end of the car park thinking I was safe, apparently the non-season ticket holders car park was down the road and completely seperate! It could have been me being flustered first thing in the morning, and I don't want to go all out and take photos etc, does anyone have a general "nope, not paying, just take me to court and be done with it or go away" letter that I can fire o
  5. Excellent - pleased to have helped! I think out of the lot of them, Next tend to be the good guys once you talk to the right people
  6. Definitely. I had a similar problem with next a while back when they processed an order that never turned up. 6 weeks down the line in the dispute they switched off my account and sent it to a debt collector. I sent a very strongly worded e-mail to the following address Directory_CollAdmin@next.co.uk 2 days later I had a person on the case. Within a week my account was re-instated and the default removed. Give it a try, explain all the circumstances and see what they say. They were in the end very good with me
  7. I'd write to them recorded delivery and tell them that the debt is formally in dispute now and you refuse to make any payment until they provide you with the info you requested. Also quote that you are aware that is against OFT regulations for a debt collector to chase a debt that is in dispute. Any attempt to collect on their part will be reported to the OFT as a breach of the debt collection guidelines. Will either shut them up or ensure they send the relevant info through.
  8. Got my agreement yesterday from Cap one to pay me £500 on an old card. Checked my current card balance today and it's gone £3 over the limit and surprise, surprise there is a £20 fee on there. Phoned to complain and got the standard response him: "well madam, I can see from the screen that you always make payments on time and therefore I am willing to reduce this charge to £10 for you" Me: £10? No! That charge is illegal and I'm not paying it" him: "Well madam, I am going to have to ask you for a payment of £23 to bring your account back into it's balance, how w
  9. Just checked my balance on the new card. I've gone £2 over my limit and they've slapped on a £20 charge. Here we go again!
  10. Ignore me, I've found an e-mail address, e-mailed the contact on my letter and they've agreed to full settlement and voiding the balance on the default. Yay! Can the mods please change my title as I don't know how to do it! Cheque will be with me in ten days and 5% will be donated to the site straight away. Many thanks to all for your help
  11. Hi Thanks for this, I wasn't disputing the default at all, just the fact that I had knocked down my original cash claim with them to ensure that they knocked off the rogue balance. I e-mailed the contact earlier today (I just guessed the e-mail address) and they've come back to me and admitted the error so they will be coughing up
  12. Hi All, I hope you can help me. I placed this thread under the original bank thread but it's got a bit complicated now. BAsically I had a balance agreed in F&F with Cap one last year then commenced action against them this year. I had a balance of £316 written off as part of the settlement. When I commenced my claim I had £700 odd quid owing, Cap one refused to recognise that £316 of this should have been written off their end and said they were still pursuing me for it so I wrote to them with the written proof from the debt collector and reduced the amount of my cl
  13. Hi, I got my response from Cap one on Friday night offering to cough up the whole lot (I had filed my MCOL so this is their response) however, they are offering to refund the £521 minus £316 that they say is still outstanding on the account!! Now as I had a letter of full and final settlement which I had copied to them, I reduced my claim from the original £600 odd to take into account the balance which they refuse to recognise as being paid. I have already threatened to report them to the OFT and the IC for not recognising a cleared balance, do I fax them today explaining t
  14. Interesting - I put my money claim in on or around that date too, they wrote to me saying they intend to defend and I've heard nothing since. Huge congrats on your result!!
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