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  1. Hiya everybody out there taking these scheming & profit-conscious bankers on ! I'm managing OK - with the sites help - with taking on my bank regarding refund of last 6 years charges etc ( on various accounts ) BUT .. I note .. in the meantime, my Bank continues to apply the very same sort of punitive charges. In short, I will always be ' playing catch-up ' at this rate with re-claiming these charges ! Is there any way of getting my bank to cease applying these charges to begin with and given the basis of all our refund applications is that they are punitive & illegal anyway ? Obviously I am trying my best to avoid situations where they are able to apply the charges by better monitoring & management of my accounts. However, as a busy self-employed person this is not always easy to do and given I have 6 accounts to keep track of at any given time. Any advice in this arena would be most appreciated. Other than this .. rock on the site, all of you ' Samsons ' out there taking on the greedy ' Goliaths ' ( remember the bigger they come ... etc ) and a special thanks to Martyn Lewis - Financial Guru - who led me to this site, has saved me about £ 1000 pounds in other ways in less than one year and who galvanised me to fight my corner against the greed-oriented banks. May we all ' win ' and the banks have their obscene Yearly Profits shaved !!
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