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  1. Bloody hell:o ! That's great news! Congratulations! :-D Another victory for the little guy!!8)
  2. That's good news! I did notice though on one of your earlier threads that your total claim was for £3200. Considering they won't include your recent charges I think they've got off lightly, saved themselves a few quid. However if your happy with that-Great and well done you've still won when you get the money!!
  3. ICY....The letter you got from ABBEY with our own comments added.... :D Pure Class:D :D gave me a real chuckle!!
  4. YAY:p Like someone else said it gives the rest of us motivation to carry on;) Well done you:D !!!
  5. Many thanks for your reply-just just phoned the court and I'll be picking one up tomorrow! Yep-I think maybe that my Adobe reader is not working properly:evil:
  6. I'm having problems downloading the N1 form. I've tried going to their site direct but no luck. I've already had a go at disabling my virus protection. Any ideas anyone????
  7. Hi there:grin: I opened up an account with the Yorkshire bank. Just a basic account with a dedit card. My credit score is colourful:rolleyes: but was able to get one with them..... Good luck
  8. Thanks Charley! I figured it was just the usual 'palm-off' letter that I'd received. Hence why I'm sending off the LBA tomorrow...looking forward to the next step!! (Sort of)
  9. Well their 14 days are up..... LBA prepared and ready to be sent off tomorrow-recorded.... Here goes, this is where it starts to get hairy:eek: :D
  10. The more poeple that claim back THEIR money the better, no matter how small amount. Once the banks realize that us people aren't going to put up with these charges then it might force them to change their ways. I'm glad you've decided to go for it..... Good luck..... Just keep reading and reading and slowly it all comes together and you pick-up some good knowledge along tthe way!
  11. I sent off my 1st request for payment on the 13th and a I've received what seems to be the usual palm-off letter....sorry your unhappy...blah blah....we need 4 weeks to say we're not interested! So I'm preparing my 2nd request to send off when the first 14 days are up:-D .......
  12. Well-sent off my request for payment today:D! Hopefully to the right address:confused:
  13. Well here goes! Have filled in the spreadsheet and the prelim letter and I'm sending it off tomorrow-recorded. As Abbey has only sent me a list for statements I've found it a bit tricky filling in the interest charged whilst overdrawn, because it doesn't show my balance. Can anyone confirm for me that I've got the right address:D PO Box 297 Bradford BD1 1BR I got this addy from the contact info! I'll be waiting now for my standard palm-off letter!
  14. Hi Eddy, It's the interest that confuses me too! I think that you don't add the 8% unless the court is involved. I'm sure one of the experts here will put you wise, they're really good. Anyhoo good luck with your claim!
  15. Thanks for your replies..... I've filled out the simple spreadsheet listing all my charges since 2000. A problem I've incurred is that when Abbey sent me my statements I can't see what my balance was at the time of interest charged thus not being able to calculate what proportion of the interest is due to the charges.....if you know what I mean:confused: . They sent me microfishe. So would I be able to continue with my claim leaving out the interest and ajusting the prelim letter accordingly? Any advice -I'd be most grateful:D
  16. I hope some one can advise me:D . I really need to know how to lay out my charges to send to the bank. I've had a look round the site but I can't find the spreadsheet:confused: . Any help? I'd be grateful. Many Thanks Claire
  17. Right....OK I think it's time to get me a little payback!! Having been introduced to this site by my sister (Sindy) and taking a good look around I know that trying to reclaim all the charges that the Abbey have taken off me for the last amont of x years isn't going to be easy. I went through my statements tonight which date back to Dec 03 and totted up to over £1300 and that's with just over 2yrs worth with about 5 statements missing. Apart from feeling stupid at allowing my account to incurr such costs but I'm also angry:mad: . I'm rarely out of my overdraft so when they increased it:o I was shocked but looking at the above figure I'm not so surprised now....I'm a dead cert for gaining charges and coupled with my bad management with money no wonder they increased it:-|! They were onto a right winner with me! However I don't think that it warrants them taking such a vast amount of cash off me!! So here goes. I'm sending off a letter to request all my statements for the last 6yrs and go from there! Great site by the way, really informative and gave me the motivation I needed! And of course Sindy (who's already a member and has really white teeth)!!
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