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  1. So are you saying that they are lawful in adding the fees? I am self-employed and the H.P agreement isn't even in my name so I am not simply trying to mislead the Bailiffs!! ? The Bailiffs in my opinion are ripping people off. Why is it necessary, since they drive company leased cars/vans for them to charge £125 for putting a letter through my door? I am at the moment tending to credit debts (via a debt management plan with CCCS), I am not trying to evade payment, I simply do not want to be ripped off, which is what I feel Collect Services are attempting to do. Thanks for the breakdown of the costs but I feel these Action Groups Discussions ought to be seeking to work in favour of consumers rather than 'rip of organisations' that take liberties with archaic legislation to benefit their own bank balances
  2. I intend to write/send this letter tomorrow, I will also fax it tonight. 18th October 2006 SENT VIA RECORDED DELIVERY Administration Manager Collect Services Limited 2 / 4 High Road Ickenham Middlesex UB10 8LJ Your Ref: XXXXX Dear Administration Manager / WAYNE DOYLE Re: penalty charge number: XXXXX 15/03/2006 I write with reference to the letter dated 17-10-2006; which states that I owe £327.99 for the above named ticket. Firstly, I have sent payments to your offices for the ticket; secondly which is much more disturbing is the amount the ticket has been raised to! How does a £138.16 mature to £327.99 in under 6 days. Your 1st letter was in fact dated Monday 11th October, which I received soon after. Your letter states that you intend to if necessary gain legal entry to my home even in my absence – there are no articles that state that you are allowed to do this as I have not given you permission to enter my home. So any such entry will be rendered as a theft and I will seek to instruct preceeding for trespassing, and if any goods are removed, theft. You have also stated that you intend to remove my vehicle, which is subject to a hire purchase agreement and is used for work (I am self – employed). As per my first paragraph the debt has been paid via payment arrangement and the fees you are now seeking are unjust and unreasonable. I intend to seek legal council to investigate the operations of you/your bailiffs as they are collecting money fraudulently. And, as you have a contract with the council I am sure you have a vulnerable debtors clause, which means that you must allow debtors to make affordable payments. I look forward to reviewing your comments. Your sincerely XXXXX Is it okay?
  3. Hello Hope someone can help! On Tuesday or Wednesday I received a letter from Collect services stating that I owe £138.16 for a parking fine; wrote a letter offering payment, which i sent at the weekend. Today I arrived home and found a hand delivered letter from a bailiff. On the front of the envelope was a typed note that read: PRE-REMOVAL NOTICE Unless paid in full or arranging with the Bailiff to collect the sum due by 6pm today, our removal Bailiff will return after that time to seize your vehicle or remove your household goods as an alternative. If necessary Legal Entry will be made even in your absence. To avoid this action: Wayne Doyle on 07920 221569 before 6pm today (17.10.06 - hand written) Inside the enevelpe was a letter with an amount due £183.99 on the back (typed) and on the front hand-written £327.99. How do they work this out? I do not have the money to pay an £190 odd; what can I do... i have called and left a very disgruntled message. What can I do if they turn up tomorrow morning? How can they gain Legal Entry if I don't let them in? Can i apply to the courts for them to look at the amount they are demanding? Please help!!!
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